Rattan: A Raw Material With Lots Of Charm And Great Features For Furniture

Who once possessed a piece of furniture made of rattan, will sooner or later return to this natural product in the design of the housing or garden furniture. Rattan has been one of the most popular materials for interior and exterior furniture for many decades. Especially in gardens and on terraces, this furniture is always found.

Whether garden chairs, tables, sofas or even occasional tables, beds, night tables and shelves. Rattan is extremely sturdy, easy to clean and pure nature. In addition, rattan furniture is a special and unique charm. No matter where the furniture is placed, they always bring a touch of holiday mood, Caribbean or tropical jungle feeling. Particularly in areas of pool facilities, saunas, fitness and wellness oases, there are repeatedly different furniture from the natural product Rattan.

Rattan furniture for more exoticism, as in the exterior as in the interior

Rattan furniture for outdoor use

Thanks to the Rotangpalmen, there is always rattan furniture

The beautiful rattan palm called Rotangpalme likes a humid and tropical climate. This is mainly found in South India and Africa. There it grows and thrives palm very well and luxuriantly. Whole woodstains are of the large-leaved palm trees, which belong to the genus Calamus

N, littered. If she has enough space, she can grow very high and even get a few meters to her feet. What makes these palm trees so special are their robust and robust lianas, which can be up to 200 meters long with a diameter of up to five centimeters, and can make their way through the thickets of the jungle.

Rattan is a natural product And is also harvested and processed as such. As a rule, the particular furniture made from this material will hardly be treated at all. And that is why Rattan is present in damp rooms such as swimming pools, saunas, pollutants, wellness oases, baths, bathrooms and all other sanitary facilities. Because Rattan has a very special and completely natural property. It can expand with moisture and can sometimes tolerate a lot of moisture. As soon as the moisture diminishes, the material minimizes to a minimum and completely dries out.

Many pieces of furniture would be much too wet and damp in some sauna or in some swimming pools in the long run. They would start to rot, and change in their nature and robustness to the negative. From the outside as well as from the inside, the persistent moisture would definitely gnaw at the base substance of the respective material. Not so rattan furniture. They simply put away moisture and moisture like hardly any other material, thus preserving an ever-lasting look. What Rattan does, however, basically take evils is when there is always continuous rain and can not dry. Then gray the material and looks not so nice. It is better to be safe then treat the product with a suitable glaze.

Rattan furniture is extremely durable and flexible

Rattan bench for living room

Advantages are obvious

The particular advantages and positive properties of rattan furniture, as they are about Presented here , Are obvious. They are initially substantially lighter than all other furniture from a natural product. For example, furniture made of wood, leather or even bamboo is still heavier in its own weight. This means that these furniture can be transported, transferred and moved particularly well. In gardens and on terraces they are not only welcome guests. Rattan is at least as stable as wood and Co., because rattan is pre-treated, it can absorb moisture like wood and release it again and is absolutely breathing-active. This makes Rattan extremely elastic and flexible, which is just not wood. And whoever chooses furniture from the rattan material is extremely sustainable and environmentally conscious. Because it grows quickly compared to wood and can be harvested very quickly.

However, until a tree has reached the necessary size to be felled and processed, it may take several years and even decades. The rattan plant grows completely after five to seven years after its clearing. Rattan belongs To the recyclable raw materials And basically every single rattan product is unique, as it is still handmade. The durability of rattan furniture is the same for both indoor and outdoor use. With good care and a comfortable attitude, Rattan can last forever. In the outdoor area, you have to make sure that the furniture is not exposed to a continuous rain and that you leave it unattended. Inside, there is nothing that could harm Rattan. Rattan beds, for example, and other pieces of furniture made from rattan, actually last forever and do not change in any way in their shape. If the furniture always stands in the sunlight, it may be that they become somewhat brighter and brittle due to the drying out. However, they do not lose track of stability and robustness.

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