Rattan Garden Furniture Ideas – Make Your Balcony Or Garden With Designer Furniture

Bonacina Pierantonio outdoor modular furniture idea white

Rattan garden furniture ideas – make your balcony or garden with designer furniture

The Italian company Bonacina Pierantonio has designed this modern modular outdoor furniture and the modular sofa collections talented and loving. The ellipses seating area, the line by Giuseppe Vigano, is notable for its elliptical motif with a painted metal frame. The Tambo sofa by Fabiano Trabucchi designed, shows a tubular profile in stainless steel. This garden module system is available in black, white or honey yellow and has removable polyethylene foam seat cushion. The modular system offers a fully customized seating. Check the seating area of the ellipse and the Tambo Bonacina Pierantonio sofa.

Hanging Chair rattan – original garden furniture for every garden or balcony

rattan garden furniture ideas garden hanging Chair rattan figures

White and colorful throw pillows on the designer sofa

Bonacina Pierantonio outdoor modular furniture seat cushion rattan furniture

Rattan balcony furniture idea – original and functional

Bonacinapierantonio garden furniture rattan lounge

Modern, monochromatic bed – rattan furniture for balcony or garden

rattan garden furniture ideas modular furniture idea black

Simple, but ergometrische rattan sun lounger

Bonacinapierantonio deck rattan light unique

Bonacina Pierantonio gives us this incredibly versatile collection of weatherproof outdoor furniture. The furniture is made of poly core resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. The beautiful ergonomic Lounger sees quite clearly as well in it in the House as outside. The reserved egg-seat is a cozy hideaway for each season and the beautiful beach cottage is a cozy place where you could hide with a book.

Design and collection by the Designer Studio – garden furniture

rattan garden furniture ideas outdoor furniture swing design

Designer deck made of rattan with soft pads

Schoenhuberfranchi deck pool outside

Swing from rattan poolside placed

Schoenhuberfranchi swing balcony design garden furniture

Modern garden furniture by Schoenhuber-Franchi: you will love this new embrace furniture piece. The outdoor furniture is colourful – the grey Pearl seems almost obvious. Choose under chairs, benches, chairs and tables to create a cool seating area by the pool. The designer Simone Micheli designed these pieces of furniture, so that they are comfortable and elegant… a children’s swing completes the elegant woven inserts. Bring the different woven garden furniture by Schoenhuber-Franchi home so you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

Hanging chairs covered in rattan and black editions

rattan garden furniture ideas bamboo cane rattan garden furniture

The best Italian garden furniture made from bamboo cane – eternal classic

Vittorio Bonacina Orange pillow design rattan garden furniture balcony

Playful, colourful low-lying stool

rattan garden furniture ideas Tomoko Mizu garden furniture balcony design

Striking, white painted Bank – white toppers and pillows on it

Vittorio Bonacina Orlando sofa white garden furniture red pillow balcony design

Designer lamps for outdoor use

Vittorio Bonacina lamps Tomoko Mizu balcony garden design

Incredible, iconic… this popular garden furniture by Vittorio Bonacina designed will never grow old. You see always as fresh as more than sixty years ago. This design is the best of the Italian garden furniture. The lace-like binding of the bamboo tube is designed by Franco Albini in 1950 for the Mageritha Chair. His arts and crafts are still popular today. The Eureka hanging Chair is also a fantastic selection of bamboo cane from India with a leather strap. It is a design icon of 1957, which appears similar to the minimalist style. The Primavera is Chair of franca Helg designed later in 1967. This collection is most notable for its stunning paint colors and verflochteten forms. A popular article is already launched, the sofa by Orlando in 2008 with great success. Designed by Stefano Gaggero offered the highly supported structure with comfortable throw pillows. Finally, two designs by Tomoko Mizu – the Orbita are lamps and seat cushions of Taiko.

A showcase for modern garden furniture – the OUTentico exhibition in Milan late April 2009 was a great success.

rattan garden furniture ideas unique furniture design outdoor

Outentico deck White Sun outdoor garden furniture rattan garden furniture ideasOutentico modular wooden outdoor garden furniture

A showcase for modern garden furniture, the OUTentico exhibition in Milan late April 2009 was a great success. Where is there rather than in the fashionable Milan, where you can enjoy unique designs of outdoor furniture? The Italian Sun polished on the fabulous pieces, signed by talented names from the fashion world… Patricia Urquiola, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Denis Santachiara, Massimo IOSA Ghini, Angelo Micheli, Antonio Bullo, Michela Baldessari and Paul Metalmobile, Caimi, t!  Shown here are some pieces picked up. Basic design with sleek, curved corners dominate the exclusive selection of this year. Have fun watching!

Cielo, Nido, and the bed-banana

Rattania wicker furniture Sun pool white EditionRattania sofa Cielo design original German Studio rattan garden furniture ideasRattania Cielo sofa dark brown wicker furniture outdoor garden

The garden furniture made of rattan from Rattania are the following major new pieces: Cielo, Nido, and the bed-banana! These imaginative set pieces with deep cushions create a relaxing atmosphere. The new generation of wicker furniture is weather resistant and UV resistant. Cielo furniture have a strange shape, which looks like a winding cloud. Nido-, garden furniture is ideal for those who want to hide from the Sun. This huge half circular baskets are comfortable seating areas to throw up in it. The striking bed-banana is a convinced, even speaking for themselves. Rattania – a German company that specializes in wicker furniture.

Great lines and shapes, and fabulous functionality – designer Sun

rattan garden furniture ideas swing swing wheels rolling rattan

Designed the deck of Star furniture and swing called has all this: great lines and shapes, and fabulous functionality – swing is perfect for your garden or terrace. Made with a strong aluminum frame that features Mocha rattan texture a smart, natural-looking attractive. The proper umbrella and comfortable mattress come together with the Sun. The swing is so cheap – it’s on wheels, so you can move it around. What could be better than on a comfortable bed friendly to rock himself, by you can enjoy the sunset? Find more Designer project, contact the German company!

Delightfully odd these moon-shaped chairs are an accent to your patio or garden add – moon-shaped deck chairs

life shop bright moon shaped rattan pad whitelife shop Moon deck perfect white pillow rattan garden furniture ideas

Wonderfully distinctive chaise lounge chairs are two great models of the life shop collection. Delightfully odd, these moon-shaped chairs will add an accent to your patio or garden. Their bright, plastic braided shapes are perfectly balanced on modern metal legs. The upright Chair of Cheshire or the relaxing Chair of Cheshire are ideal for star-gazing. And like every chair this is equipped with a luxurious, thick mattress.

Rustic wicker furniture, which on warm days and the outdoor life recall

Gervasoni rattan deck garden pool Mocha colorGervasoni Rattan seating corner table stool garden figures balcony furniture

Rustic wicker furniture, which are reminiscent of warm days and the outdoor life, designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni. Made by the crocodile rattan is the collection called the appropriately named Croco. The Croco 95 is an attractive wide hanging lamp, the the Croco 82 Sun combined with the Croco 13 chairs. And the Croco 13 chairs are large enough to collect guests at the table for an informal meal.

A clever combination between a garden gazebo and a covered seating area are gazebos by Pircher

Tete A Tete private airy Gardinene white Baldaching deck rattan garden furniture ideas

rattan garden furniture ideas pillow wood deck seaTete A Tete private retreat place relaxing outdoor seaTete A Tete private airy Gardinene white beach

The ‘ fall in love ‘Tête-a-tête’ arcades of Pircher is a clever combination between a garden gazebo and a covered seating area. As the name implies, is completely “Fall in love” for lovers. Two adjustable Saigon lounge chairs are next to each other in the fascinating circular portico. The PVC canopy and the four airy curtains offer protection from the Sun and lots of Gemütlichkeit.

Pleasant, warm bath take shower – Designer

Extspa shower original wood wall covering bathroom rattan garden furniture ideasExtspa red white cedar Jacuzzi outdoor range

Designer Jacuzzi under a wood or fabric roof rattan garden furniture ideas wood House rattan Jacuzzi design garden

For those who are lucky enough to live in temperate areas, a good reason to expand the House to the garden can an outdoor spa collection by Exteta TH. The Jacuzzi is still open to the elements that provide great opportunity for star-gazing under a wood or fabric roof!

Fascinating new characters and ideasFREELINE braided furniture garden rattan Beach

Playful, happy garden furniture for children – interesting shapes and bright colours

FREELINE playful shapes children cheerful garden balcony design furniture rattanrattan garden furniture ideas Orange seat furniture outdoor rattan garden balcony

The free line of woven furniture adds fascinating new characters and ideas for the garden furniture. We get a whole new perspective on the possibilities of weatherproof rattan furniture – this delightful collection has something for everyone.

Designer chairs for two Flash pads with black cushion

Pointatmosphera sofa outdoor pool garden rattan black pillowPointatmosphera sofa pool garden coffee table blue edition

This sensational Lounger sofa by point is the new Atmosphera. Relax in the garden or by the pool was never been so elegant like with this collection of fabulous Mediterranean sofas. Produced by the Spanish Studio the new Atmosphera defined their vision for authentic paradise.

The beautiful Vanessa lounge is designed by Neiman Marcus

Vanessadaybed deck rattan furniture garden balcony

Spoil yourself with the luxurious garden furniture – the beautiful Vanessa deck is designed by Neiman Marcus. Outside the home can be just as comfortable as interior in combination with other furniture, providing the perfect seating for daydreaming. Sit back and collect rays of the Sun by the pool or in the garden…  Lounge Chair Vanessa is the designer on wheels to move easily.

Drink bar design suitable for outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, where you welcome your guests in the summer days

rattan garden furniture ideas bar figures balcony garden rattan

Bar made of stainless steel, which is perfect for outdoor areas such as gardens and balcony, was the beverage of Alpina grills designed. By the mobile wine bar fresh drinks can be served at any time. The two oval trolleys have four rotating wheels, which move easily. The bright mobile cocktail bar and wine bar offer a clean modern aesthetic Sheen for indoor as well as for garden design.

rattan garden furniture ideas mobile bar wine cocktail balcony garden