Spring Announces Itself: Find The Perfect Garden Accessory!

Spring at last! The new gardening season starts again. We spend more and more time outdoors in the fresh air and enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine to the fullest. Garden owners slowly begin again to renew their green oases and beautify. New garden furniture be purchased, replaced garden accessories, the lighting must be redesigned again and all garden decor looks pretty worn out. Whether it’s a large garden or just to a small garden plot, you should be there just probably feel. Therefore, not only the latest trends of importance, but especially also the own taste and lifestyle are at the garden design. Before you want to spice up your garden, or reshape, get a more accurate picture ahead of them in the head. Actually, how should your garden look like? Would you follow what style? What activities are priority for you and your loved ones?

Garden accessories garden plants Primrose daffodils bummistiefel green

Choose the right garden furniture

If you set to comfort and relaxation in the garden, garden furniture is simply irreplaceable. An elegant table and chairs in subtle colors, comfortable Sun Island, or double sun lounger with roof and perhaps also a swinging swing with reclining function to: The choice is completely up to you! The most important thing is of course to put on good quality and to ensure optimum functionality. Particularly smaller gardens need multifunctional, space-saving furniture, which does not stand in the way and still fulfill her role perfectly.

Outdoor furniture should be also be weather-resistant and easy to clean so you can enjoy them even more with little time and money. There are materials and of fundamental importance. Synthetic mesh and poly rattan are two of the most popular classic when it comes to garden furniture. These materials can be easily maintained and easily and above all very long can withstand wind and weather. Can you leave them even throughout the winter out there.

If you prefer natural materials, then you can decide for types of wood such as teak, bamboo, Eukaliyptus, or black locust. These woods are naturally produced quite weatherproof and well protected by their essential oils and relatively durable. For more information about the care and the search of your garden furniture can be read here.

Garden furniture from rattan table and chairs on the terrace

Must have garden utensils – the checklist

The list of necessary garden accessories is long and diverse. Depending on the type of garden and personal preferences, each of us needs different utensils in the own garden world. Therefore, we have created a clear checklist, rather to serve as a little assistance. It is particularly useful for you even if you have a green thumb or rather are beginners in terms of gardening and design.

Basic equipment for the Garden:

(Called also pokes fun at) – scoop up important grave tool for larger Earth
Spade – a smaller Tomb tool that for example when the furrows is used
Hackers and sow tooth – necessary tools to the loosening of the soil
Rake (called also computing) – useful for collecting leaves, branches and parts of plants
Saws and motor scythes
Hedge and grass shear
lots of buckets and flower pots in various sizes

Gardening spring herbs garden utensils

man with lawn mower in the summer

That certain something in the garden

Of course, other elements for a successful garden design are recommended and even required, such as, for example, Earth Auger, BBQ Grill, rose arch and rank AIDS and also garden pond or fountain. But nothing can compare with the appropriate lighting on balmy summer evenings. Here, solar lights, ground Recessed spotlights, metal garden lamps, lanterns and even torches create a magical, romantic atmosphere and invite you to linger and relax.

creating a garden pond and maintain

Pink water lily in the garden pond

Choosing the right garden accessories, set always on high-quality products and expert advice. Fortunately, there are many, trust garden experts and dealers not only before, but also online, which will help you.

Start now in the new gardening season and celebrate life in the open air!

Summer flowers in the own garden plant

Image source: Pixabay, CCO public domain