Sunshades For The Summer Holiday: To Choose A Sunshade Properly

The sunshade is a necessary accessory if you want to stay healthy in the summer and still want to take the best of this season. The choice of umbrellas is, of course, huge at the moment. Thanks to enough information you will not be spoiled for choice!

Umbrellas and beach furniture

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Choose a suitable sunshade

To make the right choice for you parasols You should keep their main functions in mind. He must protect you from the sun. But not only: in many regions there are sudden rains in summer. If this is the case, the good sunshade should be able to protect you from the rain.

On the beach you need sun protection

Sunshades beach sun protection summer vacation accessories

The parasol is also an accessory, which is occasionally used and has to be transported again and again. It should be collapsed. All this sounds self-evident at the moment. However, the selection of the mechanisms which must not break when folded is of fundamental importance.

Chic beach accessories – sunshades with fresh colors and motifs

Sunshades different colors and patterns

Spotted or rather striped?

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Materials for the frame

The handle and rod of the sunshades should have been made of steel or titanium. The sunshade must still be covered with a material that is more comfortable to touch and touch. The latter also provides for the more appealing outward appearance.

Enjoy the summer time in the shade

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The screencloth – which material fits?

The best fabrics for the sunshade cloth are satin or waterproof cotton. Polyester is a plastic and this is basically not related to radiant sun very healthy. On the other hand, these substances can be very suitable for occasional use. This material is stronger and more aesthetically pleasing.

How do you recognize a quality sunshade?

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How big should your sunshade be?

Here, the important question is how many people will use the sunshade. For one to two persons range 1.8 to 2 meters. If you are expecting more people to be seated, 3 or 4, for example, choose the sunshades, which are about 3 meters wide.

Comfortable on the beach

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Irregular shapes

The usual shape, which we know about the sunshades, is round. But this is not the only way. There are variants in which you have irregular, foldable elements. They can be narrower or spread out. Such sunshades therefore adapt to your own situation. Traffic lights are also very popular.

Umbrellas differently

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Flexible handle

The last element to which we want to go is the flexibility of the handle. This is very important if you lie longer on the beach. You can tilt the screen so that it blocks the sun perfectly. In this way, you can ensure comfort for a longer period of time.

Enjoy your summer holiday!

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Avoid a sunglasses!

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Design a shaded wellness oasis on your terrace

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Garden furniture for more outdoor comfort

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Sunshades Rattan furniture Garden lounge furniture Sun sail

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Sunshades beach sun protection summer vacation accessories

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Have fun in the summer!

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