Terrace Of The Week: Bargain Finds Can You A Great Outdoor Room Design

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terrace of the week at a glance

Terrace of the week: bargain finds to create a great outdoor space

See how a design-smart home owner sets discount furniture and big-box accessories together for a polished terraces look!

“I’m just a DIY guy, but my husband is not a type of renovation”, San Diego says photographer Christine Blackburn. It’s all good, because he leaves the design decisions to her.

She knew that she had the creative skills to create a terrace in the courtyard of their house without much help from her husband. She got some help from friends and family when it comes to equip the terrace. A money gift to Christmas was intended for garden furniture and a bargain umbrella.

Blackburn terrace is a great example of how we decorated a matching set, to create a stylish and friendly room outdoors.

Location: San Diego size: 6.10 m x 6.10 m budget: over 995 euros

French doors from the dining room (pictured here) and from the living room lead to this page of the terrace to the courtyard. The concrete slab and some of the plantations were already in place, but it was otherwise empty.

Pure summer mood

terrace of the week French doors candles lanterns

Like most people, Blackburn and her husband after their house had not much more money. So for Christmas, her husband’s parents gave them money that was intended for garden furniture. She used it for this Wicker set that was for sale in the patio furniture plus for 765 euro.

The set includes two chairs, a sofa, stool, table, pillow blue pillow. Blackburn was determined to get immediately set up the terrace, and the design has beaten adrenaline. She watched everything in her car, dragged it home, set it up alone.

“This is the area of the farm, which gets the most Sun, so the sofa is my private lawn,” she says. The cushions and cushion covers are removable, so it can be washed with ease. Blackburn bought the Orange cushions for 11.50 euros at Home Depot.

Heavenly blue and coral ornaments by Simply Tangerine Blog

terrace of the week rattan sofa Cerulean pillow

The terrace is a natural outdoor extension of the living room. A Pergola directly behind the terrace will help to define the space and add a classic element.

Cosy interior terrace

terrace of the week comfortably protected with umbrella

Blackburn bought this metal lanterns for 11.50 euros each at big lots, endowing it with tea lights and hung them with fishing wire to the Pergola.

Fine reticular lanterns

terrace of the week floating candle lanterns from metal

The tea lights create a beautiful glow in the lanterns at night.

terrace of weekly romantic with tealight candles

Lights from bed, bath and beyond complete Café on the nocturnal ambience.

terrace of the week with small light bulbs and lamp on the table

In the course of the day, the large parasol provides shade. Blackburn bought it brand new from a friend of the parents for 38 euros.

The umbrella stand was 22 euros at bed, bath and beyond.

terrace of the week runner with ancient Greek ornaments

Blackburn loves to garden and to shop at a large discount in nursery nearby, Altman specialty plants, mother-in-law. Your own yard has already been completed, so she’s happy to create pots of plants for the family.

“I love the color of the flowers of my mother-in-law and put the pots on the terrace,” Blackburn says.

terrace of the week of delicate flowers

An another great bargain was this outdoor carpet. She found it on sale for 26 euros in Home Depot at the end of the season.

Tip: If you have the patience, wait until the shops for outdoor furniture have some good deals. This happens usually, at any time, as she with back-to-school goods meet, end of July and beginning of August.

Rattan seating – great midsummer atmosphere

terrace of the week coffee table with glass surface

The sofa, two chairs and stools around the coffee table are just the place for discussions, time with the family and women’s Margarita nights.

While the family has other terrace at the back of the House, which is equipped with a grill, fireplace and dining set, they enjoy meals at the farm page. “It’s an intimate space,” says Blackburn.

The Pergola casts an interesting shadow on this side of the House. The Sun on the wall was a housewarming gift from Blackburn’s sister a few years ago.

Overall the Blackburn’s with much imagination and patience have turned the furniture and accessories from many big-box store bargain in great stylish elements on your terrace.

Let yourself fall in the afternoon

terrace of the week in the afternoon sun

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