The Japanese Garden – Original Ideas For Outdoor Decorating

Steingrte rocks plants bridge

Do you like the Japanese garden? Have you ever dreamed of, to create your own? Then they got quite right here. We will give you some great tips on how you can decorate your patio in the Japanese style. In this article we will introduce interesting ideas and examples, that very helpful garden will be the Zen for the perfect design.

The Japanese garden is known as a rock garden. He is in the 14th century as a dedication to the Zen Buddhism philosophy emerged. The absence of water is characteristic of this type of the exterior design.

The perfect Japanese garden is by careful arrangement of stones, expertly trimmed trees, MOSS and of course white pebbles from representing the flowing water. The rock garden should be not necessarily large. The important thing here is that he is well accessible from the place where you meditate.

A characteristic feature is the rock orientation. A strict classification of stone, you should know well is important here – the low vertical stones are called soul stones, the high vertical rocks are the arched the body stones that shallow heart stones – – branch stone and the supporting stones are known as ox rocks. The stones are used for landscaping. For the frame of the “Ocean” circle especially small, round stones are used for the “mountains” – rough and sharp-edged. The rocks are placed usually three – a high in the middle and two smaller ones on both sides, which symbolize the family members–man, woman and child.

The use of the sand is not recommended, because it can quickly be destroyed as opposed to the Pebble. With the small ornamental stones, you can shape waves representing the restless surface of water. The Japanese garden can have also animal figurines made of stone, carrying various metaphorical messages in themselves.

The Japanese garden is characterised by attractive stone decoration

attractive rock garden Japanese styleFlow from pebbles and a stone bridge

the Japanese Garden River pebbles

Original circle decoration around the treethe Japanese garden circle stones tree the rocks are established in strict waythe Japanese garden stones symbols garden path from flat stones and interesting plantinginteresting design garden Japanese touch

Text by Katja