Umbrellas For Summer Vacation: Properly Select A Beach Umbrella

Correctly choose a beach umbrella

The parasol is a necessary accessory if you want to stay healthy and still take the best of this season in the summer. The selection of umbrellas is huge at the moment, of course. Thanks to sufficient information not stand but before the spoilt for choice!

Looking for beach umbrellas and beach furniture

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Choose a matching umbrella

So that you make the right choice when the umbrellas, you should keep their main functions in the sense. Of course, he must protect you from the Sun. But not only: In many regions there are summer sudden rains.

When it happens to someone like the good parasol in the position should be to protect against the torrential downpour.

On the beach, you need sun protection

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The parasol is still an accessory which is used occasionally and always needs to be transported. He can be folded. That sounds about right now of course. However, it is the selection of mechanisms that may not break when folding, of fundamental importance.

Chic beach accessories – umbrellas with fresh colors and motifs

umbrellas of different colors and patterns

Spotted or striped like?

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Materials for the frame

The handle and the staff of the umbrellas should be made from steel or titanium. The umbrella must continue with a material be covered, to touch and wear is more pleasant. The last also ensures the appealing outward appearance.

Enjoy the summer time in the shade

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The screen cloth – what type of material does fit in?

The best materials for the umbrella cloth are satin or waterproof cotton. Polyester is a synthetic material and it is basically not very healthy relating to bright sun. On the other hand, these substances for occasional use can be very suitable. This material is stronger and more aesthetically appealing.

How do you recognize a quality umbrella?

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How great shall be your umbrella?

Here, above all the question is important, as many people will use the umbrella. In one or two individuals range 1.8 to 2 meters. If you expect that more people among them will sit, 3 or 4, for example, then choose rather the umbrellas, which are about 3 metres wide.

Convenient to the beach

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Irregular shapes

The usual form, which we know in the umbrellas, is round. But that’s not the only way. There are variants where you have irregular, fold-out elements. You can be close or spread out. These umbrellas so adapt to your own situation. Traffic light screens are also very popular.

Umbrellas times differently

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Flexible handle

The last item, what we want to do, is the flexibility of the handle. This is very important if you are longer on the beach. You can tilt the screen so that it blocks the Sun perfectly. In this way you ensure comfort time.

Sensible, enjoy your summer holidays!

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Avoid a sunburn!

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Create a shady oasis of well-being on your terrace

umbrellas garden lounge furniture umbrella on the terrace

Garden furniture for more comfort in the outdoor

umbrellas rattan furniture garden lounge furniture poolumbrellas rattan furniture garden lounge furniture awning

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Enjoy your summer holidays!

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