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playground garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest toy safety

You in buying and using a trampoline to consider test – what’s Garden trampoline?

In the summer to spend as much time outdoors and fully enjoy it. Isn’t that right? So man made his outdoor and turns him into a small oasis of well-being, where you’ll find relaxation, tranquillity and fun. Of course, we have all different needs. Some of us dream of peace and comfort on the balcony, others by loud summer parties with friends in the garden. This also depends on the age group. Clear find children and adult pleasure activities. And if you have children, you know that from my own experience.

Anyone who has a garden, can delight your child with a garden trampoline. This is a fascinating idea. And also your little slip will mean. What should you keep in mind but this and how should you opt for a brand. Like we want to help with these issues.

Garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest – safety is paramount

garden trampoline with net safety inspection

Summer fun for kids and parents – Yes, but yet risk-free

garden trampoline test garden furniture kid-friendly toys

We found no brand comparison page by Stiftung Warentest, but leads to some information about the risks, the trampoline. As first of all remember that the trampoline should be used only by one person – first jumps the a child, and then the other and not both at the same time. Also, let the kids never unattended.

Have a trampoline with net, then check its tensile strength. It is recommended to switch the network, such as all worn parts each season.

Fun with kids, but sure

toys garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest

Please try not at home!

garden furniture and accessories garden trampoline test

The also not

garden ideas garden furniture garden trampoline test kids summer fun

Proper installation is important for the stability of the trampoline

garden ideas garden furniture garden trampolines test children games

Always supervise the child while jumping

garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest child-friendly toys

Garden trampolines – a lot of fun for toddlers

garden trampoline test garden furniture kid-friendly toys of summer fun

A sports activity with fun effect

child-friendly toys of summer fun garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest

The network has a protection function

toys garden trampolines Stiftung Warentest test security

Find a nice place in the shade for your garden trampoline

garden trampoline with net toys garden furniture ideas

HUDORA and ultra sport are the top brands under the garden trampolines trampoline. Check the leaderboard 2014 garden trampoline test toys test security

Garden trampoline by price and quality comparison test-

garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest test toy safety

The trampoline without power are relatively unsafe and not for toddlers

toys garden trampoline Stiftung Warentest garden furniture summer fun

Stability, resilience, mounting, and weather resistance and durability of materials are crucial for the safety of your garden trampoline. Take care and give yourself and your children unforgettable moments full of fun and exercise in your own garden!

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