10 Medicinal Herbs That Can Drive Many Annoying Pests Out Of The Garden

A few weeks ago we discussed in detail the natural control of aphids reported. Today we would like to expand the topic and look at other natural solutions. With their ethereal aromas, the garden plants promise that vermin and pests stay away from our house or garden. We introduce you to 10 known and effective medicinal herbs which, of course, and without endangering us, drive away all uninvited insects from our territory.

Certain medicinal herbs in your garden can keep pests away while strengthening the garden

pests of spawning lavender against flying

These 10 medicinal herbs distribute pests

Often when one thinks of pests, one gets a clear picture in front of the eyes – the image of small creepy-crawlies that appear uninvited and numerous every summer. snails However, they are also among the animals that no gardener would like to discover in the garden. They destroy the young shoots of the plants and inflict further damage.

It is always worthwhile to learn more about the effect of medicinal plants

verdant spawn clove lemon against flies and mosquitoes

In the household you can meet cockroaches in the hot months. Bugs and wine flies are not uncommon in old farmhouses. Therefore, we thought to write again a practical article for you and to offer you our summary below.

Kitchen herbs enliven the room and are always at hand for various purposes

pestles herbaceous peppermint

1.White fir

Although it is increasingly common to read that coniferous forests are dying, most conifers are immune to the known pests in the garden. Firs and jaws suffer from other diseases that are not mentioned today. With their strong fragrance they keep out dangerous insects and snails.

If you are already looking forward to the fresh peas or salads in the garden and then discover with horror nudibranchs or caterpillars, the resin or even the oil of the well-known conifers effectively helps. Various types of aphids, mites and anything else you would not want to see in the garden can be fought by the essential oil of the fir during regular use and be expelled from the garden.

The fir oil is an effective remedy against aphids and nudibranchs

shootings of medicinal herbs white fir

shoots medicinal herbs white fir all natural aetheric oils


Again a plant with a strong aroma, which can be used well in the fight against pests. Again, it is essential oils that have a strong impact on the unwanted insects or garden snails. With the pure oil of the plant or treatment by the fragrant leaves, you can chase any kind of aphids, flies and also the dangerous nudibranchs from the garden.

Basil on the windowsill in the kitchen keeps away flies

Spawns of the Basilica
shootings of medicinal herbs basil flying

Basil in the pot beautifies and animates the kitchen

spawning of a medicinal herb basil against vermin

Nudibranchs do not like gardeners

pests of medicinal herbs peppermint snail


The wonderful scent of mint not only affects our taste and smell nerves. The peppermint oil contained in the mint leaves is unpleasant for small creepy-crawlies such as ants, caterpillars, fleas, moths, spiders and even flies and keeps them permanently away from your house and garden. The easiest way is to distribute mint leaves in places where you see, for example, ants. Peppermint in a pot you can have at the kitchen window and thus limit the flight of flies into the house. For fleas or moths, the pure peppermint oil is much better. Here, entire surfaces are to be sprayed (diluted) and then all rooms will smell good for a long time.

schuttlings heilkraeuter peppermint leaf louse
shootings of a herbalist basil against flying
Blighted spawning traces of a caterpillar


Except that sandalwood is a very preferred perfume ingredient, the exotic medicinal plant has become even more popular with even more beneficial properties. This includes the distribution of aphids, which is a real challenge for many gardeners. You may also be amazed how quickly your garden will recover through the aromatic plant. You too can now feel the balance and balance that enters our lives through the sandalwood scent alone.

schadenlings heilkraeuter sandalwood oil loose
shoots of medicinal herbs sandalwood oil
schaedlinge heilkraeuter beetle


About the clove Now we have really written many exciting articles. The aromatic bud is one of the well-known Christmas spices in the kitchen. Those who are convinced of their characteristics can try to fight lice with it. The drugs in the pharmacy are effective and you get rid of the lice. However, with the scent of clove oil, every treatment will be much more pleasant and gentle.

verdant herbaceous clove against lice
spawning blessing clove spray
verdant spawn clove lemon against flies and mosquitoes


The lavender is a good and, above all, natural Remedy for mosquitoes and moths. What you can do with it very well are the flies that do not miss a single summer. You can also use the lavender plant or that lavender oil good for bugs use. Even ticks would make a bow around you when you go through the lavender scent are protected.

schadenlings heilkraeuter lavender against moths
spawning blessing lavender against vermin
spawning remedies lavender against vermin 1
Blighting herbs white lemongrass against floehe medium


There are actually flavors that you either love or you leave them. The fragrance of patchouli is also part of this series. If you happen to have the oil or plant with you, do not be surprised that you do not see any flies or spiders in the house.

shootings of a herbal patchouli against insects
Schuttlings heilkraeuter Patschuli


We have presented the wonder plant thyme in several contributions. Today, we add to the many positive properties of thyme that the wonderful scent of the plant can save us from ticks. Many stinging insects avoid the scent of thyme. In addition, it is good to use the plant as a natural disinfectant.

spawning remedies thyme
Blighting herbs white lemongrass against scabies
spawning remedies thyme basket
shootings of medicinal herbs white lemongrass against ticks prevention


A plant that comes from the far south and also has wonderful aromas and essential oils, is the eucalyptus. The eucalyptus oil works well against coughing, everyone knows that. But what you might know in summer is the cockroaches’ aversion to this plant. The strong scent leaves your home free from unwanted crawlies.

shootings of the herbalist eukaliyptus
shootings of herbal eucalyptus against ticks


The lemongrass is also easy to get in any Asian shop. By the fragrance of the plant or if you prefer the pure ethereal form, you can be sure that neither mosquitoes, nor ticks will bother you this summer.

Blighting herbs white lemongrass against ticks and mosquitoes
schaedlinge heilkraeuter beetle

With natural remedies you can expel the pests from the garden

It is always advisable to resort to natural home remedies, although combating or repelling some garden visitors may be delayed. The reasons for that are many. The most important of these are that neither the affected plants suffer, nor can there be any further danger to humans or animals.

While many of the purchased supplements are very effective and effective immediately, they are also very aggressive and can cause further damage to the already weakened plant. In addition, treatment with chemicals is not always the best for gardening children or their parents.

We hope to have enriched you again with our contribution and wish you a nice summer!

Schuttlings heilkraeuter snail naked
schaedlinge heilkraeuter caterpillars moegen juenge pflanzen
schadenlings heilkraeuter lavender muecken
shootings of the herbivore caterpillar
saplings healing herbs sandalwood