33 Ideas For The Garden With Curtains – The Summer Recreation Area Must Have All The Extras

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There is no suitable time for pleasant hours in the garden than the summer time. You can go outside for lunch or organize beautiful garden parties. Even the warm summer nights are more enjoyable outside. But you want to have your own privacy, and protect the most beautiful moments from strange glances. Therefore, a functional gardening protection is considered. And not just the whole plot, but only individual garden areas. If you want to create a quiet and relaxed recreation area, you should also think about their privacy. Then curtains could provide a great remedy.

Curtains provide more comfort in the modern garden

Gardenide modern pergola with curtains for more comfort

If there are no hedges and bushes to protect the Privatzone from strange glances, then you are looking for other solutions that will trigger even greater fascination. So a beautifying role could also take over the gardening protection. The fence is not the only visibility to be used outdoors.

In many cases, a decorative border is also desirable in the garden: for example, when you design the recreation corner. A pergola could be made more functional by curtains, for example.

Pergola with curtains

The pergola occupies an esteemed place in the modern garden. These plants are cultivated or transformed into a unique outdoor meeting place. But also with curtains one could design these to create a wonderful well-being oasis.

The pergola is not only a decorative element in the garden but also a functional one

Gardenide pergola with curtains for a fresh garden design

Functional gardening

The sun is too hot on most summers. Curtains then make the stay in the garden more pleasant. This is why you can rely on functional gardening, which can also be supplemented by curtains. This creates more comfort and protects against the hot sun.

On the hot summer break in the shade under the garden leave

Gardening gardening functional

Use the canopy in the garden

How do you like heavenly beds with canopy? Do you find this adorable and attractive? Then add this element to your garden! A garden bed with canopy will make your outdoor area irresistible and transform it into a favorite place! The garden ideals in this respect are numerous, so that everyone can benefit from it.

Garden bed with canopy – the dream of every garden owner

Ideas for the garden unusual ideas for the privatzone

Modern garden design with canopy makes all envious of your modern garden design!

Ideas for the garden cool recreation corner with baldachin

Garden swing with canopy provides more luxury outside

Ideas for the garden garden bed with baldachin

Curtains for the (roof) terrace and the porch

If one has no garden, one could have a highly functional roof terrace. In most cases you need a reliable sun protection. The possibilities for this are numerous. In addition to the sunshade and terrace roofing, airy curtains create a very welcoming atmosphere on your terrace. If you want to read a book in peace on the roof terrace or sunbathe, then it is simply not to be exposed directly to the bright sun! Curtains also come into play!

Achieve airiness through curtains

Ideas for the garden bright airy curtains create a fresh atmosphere

Create a unique dining room with curtains

Gardenide with gardinen for a fresh terrace design

The veranda also looks wonderful with curtains!

Gardenide terrace with gardinen for more privacy

The summer is already here and it is getting hotter! Enjoy the summer freshness in a pleasant outdoor ambience, by considering curtains for your modern outdoor area!

Different patterns are possible

Gardenide unusual idea for more privacy and sun protection

Choose drapes in fresh colors

Gardenide fresh yellow garages ensure sun protection and mood

Combine with sun screens for more comfort in the hot summer days

Gardenide fresh terraces with gardinen and sun protection
Gardenide with garde airy and fresh modern garden design
Gardenide pergola with yellow curtains
Ideas for the garden baldachin on the terrace provides for more privacy
Ideas for the garden the terrace with stylish curtains from the sun
Ideas for the garden garden bed with baldachin
Gardenide the terrace by gardinen from the sun
Gardenide furnishing ideas for the modern veranda sun protection by curtains
Gardenide fresh design ideas with curtains
Gardenide with curtains fresh streifenmuster
Gardenideen with gardinen in beige beautiful sitting corner with many flower heads
Gardenideen with curtains in white and purple dekokissen
Gardenide with curtains provide air and freshness
Gardenide modern veranda with white curtains and red accents
Gardenide patio with gardines protect from the sun and heat
Gardenide patio with beautiful curtains in black
Ideas for the garden with curtains bring more freshness
Ideas for the garden functional gardine for the privatzone around the swimming pool
Ideas for the garden white curtains give the outside area more privacy
Ideas for the garden with baldachin the swimming pool
Ideas for the garden with curtains create sun protection
Ideas for the garden terrace with white curtains

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