5 Garden Flowers, Which Continue To Blossom In The Autumn

Autumn is approaching, the sun is no longer unbearably strong, the night temperatures are falling. But thousands of people do not want to say goodbye to the summer and try to keep the summer charm in the garden. Because even with less sun and damp weather, nature once again attracts her beautiful robe. Now the color palette in the garden is dominated by warm tones. The dominant color is orange, strong red, sunny yellow, still green, but this time mixed with more brown. Splendid garden flowers also show us their blossoming splendor in autumn and charm by their natural beauty. The list of garden flowers blooming after the summer is rather long, but we have just picked out five of them and would like to present them to you. These beautiful garden flowers bring more color into your outdoor area and help you enjoy the summer flair there longer.

You can experience a true color spectacle in autumn in the garden

Garden flowers also blooming in the autumn the dahlia

Here we list such garden flowers, which will delight your eyes and soul in the autumn. These provide for a real color spectacle in the outdoor area and impress us with their beautiful flowers. They could be combined with grasses and other autumn blossoms and still retain the colorful look outside.

In addition, these flowers still have an important plus: they are all easy to care for. These are usually winter hardy perennials that can overwinter outside. Their flowering season begins in the summer, but in September and October they show us their colorful splendor and fill the garden with its warm and bright colors. So the outdoor area remains beautiful even in cool and cold weather, until the first frost. That is why they are hard to imagine our gardens.

Indian summer in the garden

Dahlia (Dahlia)

The beautiful dahlia comes originally from Mexico and is one of the best permanent blossoms. It blooms from July to October and surprises us with its different flower forms and saturated colors. The petals of the dahlia can be white, yellow, orange, red, but also pink and violet colored. They can not be left alone in the garden, because their colorful flowers always attract the attention.

Enjoy the great flowers of the dahlias, which can decorate your garden until the first frost

Garden flowers dahlia in beautiful color

The dahlias are not demanding garden plants. They thrive well without much care. Choose a sunny, wind-protected location in the garden. It is recommended that the soil is loose and slightly moist, also permeable and nutritious. These garden flowers must be regularly poured in dry soil. Loamy earth is not good for them.

Also in the vase, dahlias look beautiful

Hydrangea (hydrangea)

Hydrangeas fall through their large flowers. These are magnificent shrubs that decorate the garden in summer and autumn. In pot they also make a good figure, are also popular as cut flowers. One can appreciate the splendor of hydrangeas. The magnificent flowers are colored in white, pink and blue. The color depends on the pH of the earth. If it has a pH value between 3.5 and 4.5, the flowers are blue, which have become very popular in recent years. But also in the other colors the hydrangeas are just as elegant and striking.

The hydrangea can be used for many years

Garden flower blue hydrangeas are used to the exterior

Hydrangeas are also nurtured garden flowers. They prefer a humus rich soil and a sheltered place. These gardens thrive in sun and shade, depending on the variety. All types of hydrangea must be poured abundantly, so that their flowering splendor is preserved. The bale must always be slightly damp. You can also use a fertilizer for flowering plants and fertilize the hydrangeas from June onwards.

Hydrangea flowers have a wide color palette

Garden flowers hortensien are a nice choice for the summer garden


You can also enjoy a lot of colorful flower colors in the autumn with the asters. Their delicate flowers are colored from white and yellow over pink and red to violet. Very often they are seen in orange, which is the typical color for these autumn flowers. The asters come originally from North America, but they are at home in Europe for a long time. Their care is quite simple, they need to be poured abundantly. So they bloom until the end of November. The asters are winterhart and can winter in the garden.

Asters are excellent eye-catchers in every garden

Garden flowers cute asters beautify the garden in summer and autumn


Chrysanthemums are the classics among late flowering garden flowers. They come from East Asia, but thrive with us also wonderful. Their white, yellow, red or violet colored flowers bring a fresh, colorful touch into the autumn garden. The chrysanthemums like a sunny location and damp soil. These beautiful garden flowers need regular watering and fertilizing so that they bloom splendidly in September. They are winterhart and survive the cold winter temperatures outside well.

Yellow chrysanthemums refresh the garden in summer and autumn

Garden flowers yellow chrysanthemums

Autumn anemones (Anemone hupehensis)

If you want to have delicate, small flowers in white, pink or pink in your garden, then choose the real long-term blowers, the autumn anemones! These perennials surprise us with their beautiful flowers and are a real sight in the autumn garden. The autumn anemones must be planted in the spring by selecting a sunny to half-shaded spot for them. The delicate autumn beauty may be a nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. This must be constantly moist. The autumn anemones are poured and fertilized regularly. There are early and late flowering varieties. Choose the anemone varieties according to your taste and enjoy their true blossoms from June until late autumn.

Autumn anemones have a unique charm

Garden flowers white autumn anemones spice up the garden

Which of the autumn blossoms presented here is your favorite?

Garden flowers autumn anemones in crimson colors look great in the modern garden
Garden flowers autumn anemones in gentle shades
Garden flowers hydrangeas in soft shades
Garden flowers many dahlias captivate the view
Garden flowers bright blue astern are beautiful hingucker in the garden
Garden flowers beautiful dahlia brings a fresh flair to the outside
Garden flowers beautiful chrysanthemums in red draw attention to themselves