5 Popular Flowers That Will Radiate Your Garden

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The private garden is more than just an outdoor area. Here you can relax from stressful everyday life and spend pleasant hours with friends and family. So that the feel-good factor is not neglected, a creative and loving design is the essence. In addition to beautiful garden furniture and a pleasing floor, it is above all flowers that bring some color into the game. The following five plants will delight not only you but also your guests.

  1. hyacinths

The perennial hyacinth with its juicy green leaves and small flowers growing in groups, captivates with its color splendor between March and May. Both white as well as pink and blue varieties are placed in the garden in such a way that a varied yet harmonious overall picture results. As an onion plant, the hyacinth should be set already in autumn. Take a look at a place where there is sun or light shade, because this flower feels particularly comfortable here.

Popular flowers for the garden hyacinths

In addition to its pretty appearance, the hyacinth knows how to convince with its bewitching fragrance. Because fragrances According to ratgeber-haus-garten.com An essential component of the garden design, hyacinths create pleasant experiences not only for the eye, but also for the nose. Hyacinths in front of the front door in tubs welcome their guests with their colorful and well-scented variety.

  1. Clematis

It is also referred to as a forest vine and is suitable for the places where the flowers are desired. Clematis grows both on walls or along trellises and tendrils to unimagined heights. This flower particularly appreciates sunny locations where it gets warm early. So that nothing is wrong with the planting, follow the advice of this plant Clematis Planting and Care Instructions , If everything goes well, the clematis forms large flowers, which are mainly found in the handsome lilac and pink tones. They are therefore particularly suitable for the romantic garden design with loving and rural details.

Popular flowers for the beautiful garden Clematis

  1. gladioli

Gladioles delight their viewers with their blossoming splendor all summer long. Here as well, groups of individual flowers are a real eyecatcher, because gladioles are available in many colors. With them, a colorful bed can also be planted. It is best to plant gladioli in May or June. If you want to enjoy the flower for a very long time, place individual flowers at a distance of about two weeks. Then fresh blossoms dissolve their already fading relatives.

Popular flowers in the garden gladioles breed

  1. asters

Asters bloom between May and October. These flowers are very easy to care for and offer an unimagined variety. Colorfully you can really get on with asters and choose variants that are perfect for your Gartendeko fit. It is worthwhile to plant different astern varieties since the individual plants differ in their growth height as well as in their flower size. Asters love the sun and remember visually daisies. However, they overwhelm their forest and meadows colleagues in terms of color and variety by far.

Popular flowers for the garden astern

  1. Lily

Lilies give your garden a truly regal appearance. There are numerous varieties and around 110 different species, with the Madonnas lily, the Turkic lily and the fire lily one of the most popular varieties. With lilies you work wherever color is desired. This does not always have to be a bed, because in lilies, lilies also look very beautiful. These plants should not be planted in large groups with other flowers, as they are particularly beautiful on their own. Place lilies wherever only green perennials or ivy grow. As a result, the rather simple spots in the garden also receive a stylish color. You can also let your creativity flow freely with lilies. From white to orange to red, there are all kinds of sounds (except blue).


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