55 Balcony Planting Ideas – Flowers For Balcony Select And Arrange

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balcony planting flower box wood panels

55 balcony planting ideas

We all love the nature and the plants, but not all of us have a garden where we can build our favorite flowers and plants. For this reason, the balcony proves to an alternative solution. There is the place where you drink your morning coffee and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Many neglect this outdoor area and pay him no attention at all.

Terrace planting can give a different look this outdoor space. Everyone can arrange him alone to his own liking. Convenience and comfort are most important.

Unfortunately, the glass-enclosed balcony in most apartment is too small and allows us to undertake any major changes. To achieve the target, we should not overdo it with the number of the flower, which we want to pot. Some large flower pots are quite enough.

You can add still hanging baskets or thematic accessories save space to act. Best, you can put a table and two chairs to make a seating area.

Balcony planting ideas

balcony planting planter flower pot metal

At the larger balconies you can delimit even separate zones and fashion – a barbecue, a children’s corner, or a recreation area with a hammock are some of our proposals.

Apart from that, how big is your outdoor area, you should arrange the flowers and the details in such a way, so that everything looks stylish and beautiful. All flower pots should be solid and uniform, so that they are asymmetrically arranged.

Depend on the position of your balcony. It depends on whether the flowers will bloom in a long time. The direction North is not particularly apt, because you must choose plants that require little light. Regular watering and care need all balcony plants, do not forget it.

Small, thematic decorative items

planting balcony flower box decor

The geranium is suitable for every balcony — she bloom until late summer. Install a canopy that will protect from the strong sun balcony plants

A variety of potted plants thrive on each balcony which has a view to the East. The plants would flourish there happy and easy.

Avoid to mention the indoor plants on balconies goldbergturm in winter. You can not stand the cold and do not hibernate.

Colorful textures and fabrics

balcony planting flower boxes dining table

Embellish even the balcony with extra jewellery to your liking, such as for example a decorative Bird House or a souvenir from clay. Leave this room simple and elegant look.

The most important thing in balcony planting is our satisfaction and pleasure. Spend pleasant moments with friends and relatives there. Much fun!

Hanging planters

balcony planting balcony railing planter

Lush flowers as privacy here traditional planting balcony flower box stained

Rural atmosphere on the balcony

planting balcony flower box colorful easy-care

A typical urban balcony

balcony planting flower box roof

Periodically douse the balcony plants

balcony planting flower box decorationbalcony planting impressive planter

Cosy, compact recreation corner

planting balcony flower box recreation corner

planting balcony flower box fresh fresh, blooming balcony plants

White painted Garden Bench as a stand for the flower pots

balcony planting planter Garden Bench

Bang of colors and joy

balcony sunny planting planter yellow color

Green as the accent color here

planting balcony flower box green accents

Touch variety of flowers of romance – Herzenförmige

balcony garden design planting planter Herzenförmig flowers

Standard wooden box as a flower pot

flowers species planting balcony flower box wood purple

Folding furniture for the balcony

solid wood balcony planting planter wooden furniture

Reading area in the open air fashion

planting balcony flower box Kissenbequem

Classic Bay window with built-in ornaments

balcony planting planter classic Bay

Cute, feminine colours

balcony planting planter small

Old use as flower stands planting balcony flower box head

Oriental motifs

planting balcony flower box mattress

Apply paint cans as flower pots

balcony planting flower container metal

Plant Succulents in a bird cage

balcony succulent planting flower box nice

Simple and elegant in White

balcony planting planter retro

Romantic note with a bouquet of roses

balcony planting planter roses

Shiny, red flower boxes

planting balcony flower box red box

Variety of flowers as a privacy screen

balcony planting flower box umbrella

Architectural innovation

balcony planting planter chairs yellow

Hanging flowers

balcony planting lush planter

Balcony furnishings in white – rattan armchairs

balcony white rattan chair planting planter white decoration

Old, worn out drawers as flower boxes

balcony planting ideas old drawers

Strikingly patterned flower pots

balcony planting ideas painted flower pots

Flower colors in pale pink

balcony planting ideas pale pink

Saturated, bright colours

balcony planting ideas flower box Orange

Rustic arrangement

worn rural balcony planting ideas design

Exotic flowers balcony planting ideas exotic flowers

Small balcony

balcony planting ideas hanging balcony railing

Folding furniture – dining area on the balcony

balcony planting ideas folding table

Attractively designed facade

balcony planting ideas bright pop colors

Purple and pink as the main color

balcony planting French style ideas purple flowers

Fun craft idea with old jeans

balcony planting ideas fun craft idea of jeans

Rural institution on the porch

balcony planting ideas nature

Nicely painted and resemble spotted balcony furniture

balcony planting ideas cute

Stacked flower stand

balcony planting ideas, snow-white

Sofa with wood frame with comfortable pillows

balcony planting privacy wall white ideas seating

Thematically and practically designed

balcony planting plants ideas stand

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