And Create A Natural And Attractive Garden Design

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The proximity to nature is a leading aspect in garden design, which is becoming increasingly popular. This explains the popularity of modern stoneware, which must be designed as naturally as possible and attractive at the same time. The first documented Steingarten is located in London and was created 1773. Today, the entire complex at the Chelsea Physic Garden is under monument protection. With the development of gardening, ever since the time, the interest in stone gardens grew constantly and now such a garde design is highly in the course. But what is characteristic of such a garden, you would certainly ask yourself, is it true? As the name Steingarten already indicates, one uses large stones, gravel pitches and drought-resistant plant species, in order to create a steingarten. Because of its just mentioned typical elements, it is enormously easy to maintain. You just have to be patient with the design, until you get a harmonious overall picture.

The modern style of stone requires your imagination in its design

Gardenide with stones the garden path

Usually you start with a small steing, because in the mini-format falling and planting much easier. The best place for a steer would be a sunny appendix in your garden landscape, which is oriented to the south or southwest. The floor must be well-ventilated, in principle there should be no stunts.

When planting, you can put your creativity into play. There are many design possibilities to choose from, as every kind of plant variety brings its own charm and blossom. If we have aroused your interest in the area, then stay tuned and learn more useful information and practical tips for such a natural and eye-catching garden!

Choose a sunny place for your steing!

To create stylish gardenides with lots of green

For gypsies, careful planning is a must

Take a brave stroll into the adventure”Steingarten”! But first, plan your plan carefully. If the place is sunbathing, then you should have no more doubts – this is the perfect place for your steing. Just roll up your sleeves and get to work! It would be useful if you have a clearly defined design project. First of all, determine the size of the area of ​​the garden from the entire garden landscape. Or maybe you just want to limit yourself to a flowerbed with succulents? In this planning phase, it also helps to look at online instructions and to get more detailed information on the individual stages of the realization of the project. Some amateur gardeners can simply be lucky if they have a place in the garden that is covered with lush grass. There you could then place stones of different sizes and with different texture so that you already create the foundation of a stone garden. Otherwise, there are some places in any garden that look totally neglected. These urgently need a new design.

Stones of various sizes, gravel and gravel are the most important design elements

To decorate decides and matching plants

Stones and matching plants make the steing

Proceed step by step with the stying design. First you have to put the stones, then the planting comes. The choice of stones is great, but we advise you to choose those that do not weather fast. Take hard rock like granite and combine with soft as limestone, slate and sandstone. So you get a mix of rocks that have different texture and texture and give the whole plant a very natural look. Try to use the rocks terraced, which reinforces only the natural appearance. Of course, you have to put in layers of gravel and gravel, which guarantee the good drainage in the steing. Your work must then be framed, perhaps by a dry wall or gabs? You can decide for yourself! The next step in designing a stoneware is the most pleasant and most creative – the right one Rock garden plants And plant the area. You can read more about this in our next article.

You can put your idea wealth into play when creating and designing steely!

Gardenide with stones and flowers

Deko in the steingarten – must that be?

Yes, the style of the steed must also be decorated, as small or larger decoration elements give the plant the finishing touch and make it appear extraordinary. The decoration in the garden must be kept in moderation. The customary, of course, includes interestingly arranged stones. Steingruppen with gravel borders always look very eyecatching and can leave no one at the sight of them indifferent. Very popular are also small stone figures, which also serve as a view. If you have planted your garden on a wider area, you can also consider a small pond garden. Each water element has a soothing and relaxing effect. In this case, the suitable water plants will be the icing on the cake, which completes the natural look of the stoneware. We wish you a good success in the gardening, decorating and cultivation. Enjoy the daily contact with nature!

Interestingly arranged stones or stone groups definitely attract all eyes

Garden types create unusual recreation corners in the backyard

Drought-resistant plants decorate the steing

Garden types create beautiful garden path and unusual decors with stones

Do you want to create a clean garden?

Gardenide with stones modern and chic garden path

Then choose a steal!

Gardenide with stones japanese garden design

The Steingarten brings a Far Eastern charm into your garden landscape

Gardenide with stones and gravel

Making a steak is a real challenge for any hobby gardener

Gardening plants flowerbeds beautiful flowers

The modern Steingarten is a place of absolute calmness and perfect serenity

Gardenide special design with stones

With a correctly styled garden you get a natural and attractive garden design

Gardening create japanese garden with stones and plants

Nature is the greatest artist!

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