Autumn In The Garden – Beauty In Nature Does Not Want To End

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We assume that today’s article title might sound very promising to many readers. If you look out of the window and see the cloudy, cloudy sky, you will certainly feel a bit depressed. Since the first days of September it has been raining almost all over Germany and the sun is only rarely getting through. That’s right, but we can hope for better weather by the end of the month. Although we are not right Indian Summer In this country, we can maintain our garden with a bit more sunshine and admire beautiful flowers outside. Of the H heir in the garden can be really colorful, full of strong colors and unique shapes. Autumn is now the perfect time to discover the beauty of the little things, to prepare the outdoor area for the cold season, to continue the colorful autumn flowers and to plant new spring bloomers.

Autumn in the garden – now harvest time is announced!

Autumn in the garden. Colorful autumn flowers

Many people think that if it gets cooler they would not have much work in the garden. That’s not true, because much more Gardening in the autumn has to be done. Just roll up your sleeves again and be ready for new tasks. This season is still no rest for your garden flowers, shrubs and trees.

They need your care and know best how to thank them next year. Especially the most beautiful garden flowers are our focus today. In this article we want to throw the colorful veil on the garden and show its best sides. You will surely be pleasantly surprised where you can always find a lot of natural charm outside. Yes, autumn in the garden keeps so much natural beauty hidden!

Now peace and serenity reign outside in the garden.

Garden in the fall

  • The autumn shines in warm colors in the garden

After the end of the summer, it should not be cold and boring outside. But on the contrary! The autumn in the garden makes for a true color spectacle. That’s the time of autumn flowers , Some are now starting to bloom and last until the first frost. They have different shapes and colors, but always captivate us with their natural beauty. Gladioli compete with the dahlias and fight each other for our attention. Their beautiful flowers are colored in very different shades – from white to yellow and orange to red and purple and draw everyone’s attention. In addition, asters and chrysanthemums compete for the bet. Their color palette is broad and contains very gentle nuances of blue, violet and pink. And the Tagetes are like the icing on the cake in the autumn, because their bright yellows bring a lot of cheerful mood and joy of life in the autumn garden.

Autumn-colored grasses are the best backdrop for the beauty of autumn flowers

garden in autumn floral plant design

We hope you also have some species of grasses in your outdoor area, as these are the best backdrop for the garden flowers and bring the warm rich colors of the garden beauties to their best advantage. American dune grass, prairie grass and diamond grass are now stealing the show outside. Can you imagine something more beautiful in the autumn garden?

If you want to have a nice garden next spring, bring the flower tubers and bulbs into the soil in autumn

garden decoration in autumn

  • The autumn in the garden is the best time to put new tubers and flower bulbs

The clever hobby gardeners are constantly striving to make their gardens look beautiful, inviting and enticing throughout the seasons. In autumn, they are thinking about the coming spring and are planning ahead. Now is the best time to plant bulbous and bulbous flowers. Choose only dry, undamaged tubers and place them in nutrient rich and well drained soil. Add fertilizer and mark with chopsticks where you can expect the first flowers in spring. Of course, you have to water them in autumn, but avoid possible waterlogging, because they could lead to rot. And no hobby gardener wants that, right? The planting depth and the distance between the flower bulbs depend on the type of flower. You’ll need to check this again before you start planting tubers and flower bulbs.

Only put healthy and dry flower bulbs

Autumn in the garden tubers flower bulbs

In general, you can plant the early-flowering plants in the garden in the fall, for example, delicate snowdrops, colorful hyacinths, yellow and white daffodils, colorful tulips and shrub peonies. These can not be deterred by the cold winter and show us their beautiful shapes and colors even at the beginning of spring. Do not forget to put new rose bushes in this autumn time, then you will have a new rose bush in spring. The beautiful roses bring more color and aroma to the garden and make it a wellness oasis. If you want to enjoy the flowers of the garden flowers in a few months, you have to act now. Or do you want to see the results of your gardening right now? Then we advise that you plant autumn crocuses now, then they bloom in October in the garden and are a treat for the eyes. Its rich yellows and lilacs introduce a colorful dash into the outdoors just before winter sets in.

The pruning in autumn promotes the growth of garden plants

Autumn in the garden - beauty in nature does not want to end

  • In autumn in the garden you also reach for the scissors

Autumn in the garden is not just about the unique flowers and eye-catching colors of the garden flowers. That still means a lot of gardening until the weather outside is still pleasantly cool. Autumn is the perfect time to cut back hedges, roses and lavender. So grab the scissors bravely and get to work. Very suitable for this purpose would be a sunny and lukewarm day. First of all, working in the sunshine is more fun for you, and secondly, pruning at low temperatures could be detrimental to the plants. Experienced gardeners know, the garden plants need this pruning, so they get new powers and next year strong shoots. The hedge has to be artistically cut back and sculpted to make a good figure in the garden. When shrubs and flowers cut thin branches near the trunk. In autumn you also remove dead and sick branches and branches.

The pruning in autumn helps the garden plants to get new strength for the coming year

Autumn in the garden pruning garden plants

Now you can also cut back your climbing roses and tie the shoots, so they are not damaged in the wind and storm. The lavender is cut down to the new shoots. The perennials should also be cut back immediately after blooming, for example, you do that with the magnificent candles. So next year they will have more power and will delight us with new flowers.

As you can see, in the autumn you have your hands full in the garden. But if you follow our tips, you can prepare your garden properly for the coming spring. Your current job will surely pay off in a few months.

The flowers in spring will have to be prepared this autumn in the garden

Decoration ideas from the garden in autumn

Enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn flowers in the garden!

Autumn in the garden. Autumn flowers

Let yourself be surprised by the shapes and colors of autumn flowers!

Autumn in the garden great autumn flowers

Autumn can be so colorful and beautiful in the garden!

Autumn in the garden full of flower basket

Chrysanthemums and pumpkins are an inseparable part of the autumn decoration

Garden autumn decoration chrysanthemums

The autumn crocus with its great colors is a real eye-catcher in the garden

Autumn in the garden. Autumn crocuses

The magnificent candles you have to cut back in the fall

Autumn in the garden showcases

Tagetes are special highlights in the autumn garden

autumn garden

… the autumn crocuses too

Garden autumn crocuses

Now you have to prepare your garden for the upcoming colder season

Autumn in the garden clean

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