Chokeberry Is A Natural Source Of Health

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Aronia: Nature and health in your garden

Actually, you have everything, to maintain healthy most likely in nature. If we add even positive thinking and environmentally friendly setting, this is but all the more obvious.

We are guided by these beliefs and think that such a setting can bring only benefits. We cannot afford that large research and evidence within our Web site.

Aronia plants

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But again and again we can add the one or the other new evidence in the form of small article. These are small examples of how you can significantly improve your own health through herbal products from nature.

Health from nature

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What represents the chokeberry?

Before explaining in detail how to install Aronia and health actually under a common denominator, we want to comment briefly on the term itself. It’s a rose of kind of. She’s got herself to the 15 different subspecies.

It’s a rose of kind of

Apple berry fruit and vegetables healthy eating spring

The chokeberry is originally from South America. You reminiscent of currants, but should be so not to be confused.

The chokeberry is originally from South America

Apple Berry effect Bush fruit healthy eating

The chokeberry grows as a shrub

She is highly valued not only because of the great properties of the fruit. The chokeberry is very useful with regard to the landscaping. It grows up to 2 metres high and can be used in green fences. In the winter, it can survive at a temperature of minus 30 degrees.

A Bush that easily withstand the winter temperatures

Apple Berry Bush fruit and vegetables healthy eating spring

The beauty of the Aroniapflanze in the spring

Apple Berry Bush In spring fruit healthy eating

How healthy are the fruit of the chokeberry?

It has been proven that the fruits have a very beneficial healing effects. They are very suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Because the fruits are sweet, but harmless to people with these symptoms.

The fruits for diabetics

Apple berry fruits fruits and vegetables food

Aronia and health come together here, so that you can get many different sources of vitamins, organic acids through the chokeberry, that healing effect in a series of complaints.

Sources of vitamins

Apple Berry effect fruits fruits and vegetables healthy eating

You can actually maintain the Aronia at home and how does it work exactly?

Yes, as you have just noted, the chokeberry in pretty harsh conditions can overwinter. It can turn out very well in our climate. The transplanting is done through seeds and saplings, which have been cut off. You could go to as well as for the strawberries.

For better results, you should mix the seeds with coarse sand and insert into the Earth.

Lubrication rolls with Aronia jam

Apple Berry jam fruit and vegetables healthy eating recipes

The jam tastes really good!

Apple Berry jam fruit and vegetables healthy eating

More ideas for gourmet

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Small tart Apple Berry

Apple Berry recipes tarts baking fruit fruit and vegetables healthy eating

Chokeberry with ice as a refreshing summer drink

Apple berry juice drinking healthy eating of coctails with chokeberry

Bio chokeberry

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3 litres of juice of organic

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