Chrysanthemums Glow In The Most Beautiful Autumn Colors

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Hello, dear flower friends! Today we want our series of articles on the most beautiful autumn flowers in the garden. We have selected an unrivaled beauty in the autumn garden for our present contribution and now want to present it to you. Because you know from your own experience, the garden must not look in the autumn in any case colorless. Everyone certainly has their favorite among the garden flowers, but for us the doubtless the chrysanthemums. They delight our eyes even when the nights get colder and the sun rarely looks through the clouds and mist during the day. Nevertheless, they bloom splendidly from October to November and charm us with their splendid blossoms. The chrysanthemums glow in the most beautiful autumn colors. Their range of colors ranges from snow white to yellow, orange and red to the autumnal copper shades. Their natural charm makes them simply indispensable in any garden in the coming autumn weeks until the first frost comes.

The chrysanthemums provide great color accents in the autumnal garden

Chrysanthemums glow in the most beautiful autumn colors

Worth knowing about the chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemums belong to the perennials and are known late blooms. They decorate the garden and the terrace until the end of November and create interesting color accents there. These garden features bear the Latin name Chrysanthemum and are considered to be the most popular autumn plants in Europe and all over Europe.

Originally, however, they came from the Far East, more precisely from China, where they were cultivated as ornamental plants more than 2,000 years ago. There, the chrysanthemums still belong to the four noble plants, besides orchids, bamboo and plum. They are regarded as a symbol of happiness and prosperity in the Far Eastern cultural tradition. The beautiful chrysanthemum is also still the national flower of Japan. It is called Kiku, which translates into”evening sun”. For the Japanese, the flower symbolizes immortality and perfection. In the far country it is even the official plant of the Japanese emperor.

The best jewelery in front of the house – yellow and orange chrysanthemums

yellow orange chrysanthemums in box

These beautiful garden flowers were brought to England by the English botanist Robert Fortune in the middle of the 19th century, from there they quickly conquered all of Europe and America. At first, only 30 varieties were known. Then, however, the gardeners learned how cross-breeding could produce new, more beautiful varieties, so that today about 10,000 varieties are spread worldwide. The late blooms are still called”winter asters”and”short day plants”. This is quite acceptable, because the chrysanthemums need only four hours of sunlight every day. They begin to form flower buds only in the last 10 September, when the lengths of day and night are the same. Only six weeks later the first flowers open and bring a true color spectacle into the garden.

The colorful color spectrum of these garden flowers is a real pleasure for the eyes and soul.

Chrysanthemum vase different colors

The popular garden flowers are highly appreciated because of their diversity of shapes and unique flower splendor. The flowers vary according to the shape – there are large, small, half-filled and filled. The chrysanthemums, whose flowers resemble pompons, are very special, but spider-like varieties are also found. In addition, winter hard chrysanthemums, which are s.g. Garden chrysanthemums commonly grown in the bed. They grow about 1 m high and have fist-sized flowers in bright colors – white, yellow, orange, red, pink. Also popular are the pot chrysanthemums, which can be purchased at the moment in the flower shops and at every flower market. Their flowers are small, very well shaped and their bloom is a real eye-catcher for balcony and terrace. These decorate numerous entrance areas throughout the country and welcome autumn!

You can also enjoy the flowers of the garden chrysanthemums at home

beautiful chrysanthemum vase

Give chrysanthemums, prepare joy!


The symbolic meaning of the flower colors of the chrysanthemums

As it is often and quite rightly said, matching flowers say more than a thousand words. So that every little gesture of attention succeeds well, it would be appropriate to know the importance of late bloomers depending on their color. But be forewarned: the symbolic meaning of the flowers often varies and varies from country to country! Nevertheless, the following info does not hurt at all:

This unique beauty comes directly from nature!

white chrysanthemum

  • White chrysanthemums symbolize holiness, happiness and bliss. But be careful with them, for in many cultures they stand also for death and sorrow;
  • Yellow flowers symbolize eternity and timeless happiness;

This chrysanthemum is to symbolize fidelity and endless happiness.

yellow chrysanthemum groom

  • Red chrysanthemums stand as a sign of deep love;
  • Blue express boundless fidelity.

Our tip : For best information on the importance of the flowers before you go to a festive occasion with a bouquet of flowers. So at least you will not get into the fat!

wine-red chrysanthemums

Important tips for the chrysanthemums

The popular late blooms are, in principle, perennial, hardy perennials. They feel quite comfortable in a bright, sunny and wind-protected location. They prefer humus rich and well-drained soil soils. Stunts must be avoided in any case, which can be lethal to the root ball. These garden flowers defy cold and frost and can overwinter outside in the bed. They can be propagated by sowing or cuttings. It is best to put them in the ground at a distance of 50 cm from each other. The garden chrysanthemums attain a height of 1 m and their flowering season is at the end of October. They need a lot of water but little fertilizer. These flowers need only a few hours per day of sunlight and can also successfully decorate your garden with its brilliant bright colors for weeks.

Enjoy the flowers of the garden chrysanthemums for weeks

Flowerpots garden chrysanthemums ideas

With us, most amateur gardeners prefer to dispose of garden chrysanthemums after flowering. That is, they treat them as annual plants. In this regard, we would like to emphasize again that these are winter hardy, unpretentious garden flowers and can overwinter outside. Only in the spring do the new shoots come and wilted ones must then be cut back. The pot chrysanthemums are also easy to care for. Choose a well-sheltered place on the terrace or the balcony, or rather before the house entrance and the flowers regularly. Buy them as slightly as possible, so that you can admire their flowers for a long time. Their flowering period is usually between 20 and 40 days. If you want to cultivate these, you should put the flowers in the ground and protect their roots well. Next year, your care will pay back and the late bloomers will thank you for their beautiful flowers and eye-catching colors!

Decorate your home and the porch with beautiful autumn flowers

Autumn flowers decoration home decoration

Enjoy the brilliant flowering of chrysanthemums in the garden or pot and have a wonderful autumn!

Stylish floral arrangement is always a highlight in the room

stylish floral arrangement

It can be modest but nice

Flower arrangement modest beautiful

Invite the autumn to your home with these bright colors of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums glow in the most beautiful autumn colors

Green chrysanthemums – incredible, but true!

green chrysanthemums

Put your autumn beauties on the scene….

Chrysanthemums vintage style

… and admire this natural beauty for as long as possible!

Autumn flower arrangement

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