Cilantro Plant Aromatic And Healthy

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So we can plant coriander successfully at home

Passionate gardeners know: In the fall, many tasks are available on the task list. On the one hand, a number of spring varieties must be inserted already. Furthermore, the high time to take care of the plants in your own winter garden is now. There, we have to get in many plants for the winter, which give us more freshness and health during the winter season.

The cilantro should not be missing in your culinary herb collection

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In the next few weeks, the speech will be by some such. Would you today like to know how to plant cilantro! That’s pretty easy and the benefit is certainly very great.

Why is coriander for us it important to?

Fresh spices and herbs such as coriander are particularly important for the winter season. Now, our immune system is severely challenged and we need as many useful nutrients as possible, to stay healthy. The coriander plant provides us with many such. These are about calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A and K.

The whole plant can be processed for human consumption

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Due to these ingredients, the coriander plant has a strong action against viruses, fungi, and inflammation.

Home to grow cilantro

This time of year and our climate we can plant coriander only at home. This works successfully, if you know the right steps.

Coriander seeds can be sown in a flower pot

coriander plants flower pot

A suitable vessel

First, you must select a suitable vessel. He should be around 45 cm wide and 20-25 cm deep. The coriander plant may not be implemented. For this reason, choose a larger vessel, in which the plant can grow large.

or be eaten with

coriander plants seeds in the Bush

Plant the seeds

Insert a drainage layer in the container and then fill with sand. You can add some fertiliser for request. Pour plenty of water until the soil is properly wet. Spread the seeds evenly on it and cover it with a layer of soil.

The fragrant sprouts are pretty quick to young plants

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The coriander plant needs lots of light

The coriander plant grown best in a bright place where natural light is. Therefore you must place this on the southern Windows or next to it. If you do everything right, you will see the first germs after 7 to 10 days.

Improve your mood on the spot the scent of fresh coriander leaves

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The soil should remain still moist

The first rule for the proper care of the coriander plant is that the Earth is still wet. You can best use a sprayer, so that you can more evenly distribute the water.

The seeds of coriander calming affect on digestion

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Enjoy the results

Once the bars between 10 and 15 cm reach, you can pick them. Once a week, you can tear off 2-3 leaves of the plant. So they promote the growth.

Finally, we want to communicate you with an interesting fact about the coriander plant. Use necessarily this spring in the garden, if you want to attract butterflies there. Namely, they love the coriander.

The leaves of the plant freshen your breath

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You can take the coriander to garnish like parsley

coriander plant carrot soup

The enjoyment of coriander is unparalleled as a green salad in combination with macadamia nut

coriander plant salad

The compilation of chilli, ginger, lemon and fresh coriander is an exotic Thai touch your food

coriander plants Thai cuisine

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