Clear The Stage For The Christmas Star!

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Depending on the old tradition, we decorate our apartments and houses for weeks before Christmas and transform our four walls into a magical place full of cosiness, warmth and love. The Christmas decoration in all its variants plays a crucial role in our attunement to the largest family celebration in the world! With just one click of the mouse you can find endless creative decoration ideas for Christmas on our website and for many DIY and craft projects be inspired. As you know, home-made cooking is always the best, because it expresses your individuality and creativity. Today, however, we want to add a fresh touch to the Christmas decoration at home and report straight away about the most popular Christmas plants in Germany, which fascinate us with their beautiful flowers in the cold season. In the first place, of course, is the classic among the Christmas plants, the poinsettia. Placed on the windowsill or on a side table in the living room, he always attracts everyone’s attention.

The poinsettia is rightly the most popular Christmas plant, which you also like to give as a gift or as a gift

Christmas star

Then you will find more useful information about two other favorites of all Germans who bloom beautifully for Christmas: that’s the Christmas cactus and the knight star! You celebrate with the poinsettia which plant is the most popular with us. They all surprise us in the pre-Christmas period with their imaginatively shaped flowers in saturated colors and spread a noble festive flair through millions of homes.

All three flowers carry in their names a symbol of the festival (poinsettia, knight star) or an allusion to Christmas (Christmas cactus, poinsettia). And rightly so, because they are blooming at Christmas, hence their names. In addition to their high aesthetic value, they still have an important plus that should not be underestimated. During the heating season, these indoor plants improve the indoor air by absorbing pollutants and converting them into oxygen. This ensures a pleasant room climate and increases the humidity at home.

Classic in red

Poinsettia red

  • Poinsettia – the most popular houseplant in the Advent season

In the whole of Germany you can find the poinsettia in all flower shops in the pre-Christmas period. Its striking bracts are red in color and stand out immediately. But the dark green leaves of this plant are also finely formed and form the best background on which the reds come into their own. Actually, this is not a true flower, but attractively discolored bracts. The flowers themselves are inconspicuous. In the trade you can see not only the classic red poinsettia, but also plants with creamy white, pink or yellow bracts.

You can also find the enchanting poinsettia in other delicate shades, e.g. in creamy white or salmon pink

Christmas star classic red

The poinsettia is still under the name Euphorbia pulcherrima . Poinsettia or Christstars, Advent stars known. He is the most popular Advent plant in Germany for 100 years. Originally, the poinsettia was brought from Europe to Europe and enchanted millions of people by its filigree appearance. Its leaves look extremely tender, but the plant is actually tough and easy to care for. To enjoy your natural beauty at home for a long time, you must place the poinsettia in a bright and warm place immediately after purchase, where the rays of the winter sun do not fall directly. He needs humus potting soil and attentive watering. Waterlogging is to be avoided in any case, because the poinsettia does not like them. During flowering, you can fertilize the plant twice a week. Follow these easy care tips and you’ll be able to admire the striking leaves of your poinsettia at home for weeks!

Christmas cactus – the winter is exactly its season

Christmas cactus

  • Christmas cactus – from the inconspicuous plant to the enchanting splash of color

The Christmas cactus, also known as Schlumbergera, has encoded the festival as well as the Christstern in his name. And rightly so, because he is just in the Christmas time of a modest, unobtrusive greenhouse in a real eye-catcher. The Schlumbergera does not attract attention all year round, but at the feast it unfolds its beauty and shows us beautiful, delicate, red-colored flowers. Other strong flower colors are often found, ranging from pink to orange to yellow and white. The Christmas cactus is not only beautiful, but also easy to care for. In summer, the cactus plant modestly decorate the balcony or the terrace, but at temperatures below 10 degrees, you must bring him into the house.

Our expert tip: Reduce the watering from September, as the plant needs its annual rest period. Only after 6 to 8 weeks, when the first buds come, you can water again and fertilize. But do not forget, the Christmas cactus does not like it too warm, so never place it directly on the radiator or near radiators. He also needs more than 8 hours of darkness every day to flower properly for Christmas.

Plant lovers will enjoy the magnificent flowers of the Ritterstern in winter

Ritterstern magnificent flowers just for Christmas

  • Ritterstern – real beauty in the Christmas season

Our favorite number three among the most popular Christmas plants nationwide is undoubtedly the Ritterstern. This is a typical subtropical bulbous flower, also under its scientific name Hippeastrum known and still called Amaryllis. Actually, the botanical is not quite correct, because the knight star is originally from South America and the real Amaryllis is actually the African Belladonna. Both types of flowers were summarized years ago and further bred, so today there are over 600 breeding species. Of course, there are a variety of shapes, colors and sizes in these impressive flowering wonders.

The Amaryllis are available in different colors, but with delightful flower shapes

Amaryllis knight star red

All Amaryllis species have strong onions and form three-four flower stalks. Then come the magnificent flowers, which occur in different colors and various patterns. If you cultivate this plant properly, then the knight star blooms just before Christmas and immediately steals the show! Its flowers are really strikingly beautiful and bring new colors into your Christmas decoration. In the following video you can learn more about the beauty and care of this plant.

Now you know which are the most popular Christmas plants with us? Have you found your favorite among them? If this is the poinsettia, then find a suitable place for him at home and get ready for the party!

We wish you a beautiful and colorful Christmas!

The poinsettia is always an inseparable part of our Christmas decoration

Poinsettia inseparable part of the Christmas decoration

Give a Christmas star, give joy to the party!

Give a holiday star to joy

The Christmas cactus with pink flowers is a real eye-catcher

Christmas cactus pink flowers real eye-catcher

Nature is an ingenious artist – this is proved by these magnificent blossoms at first glance

Clear the stage for the Christmas star!

Amaryllis beauty of nature at home for Christmas


Just before Christmas, the Christmas cactus shows us its first flowers

Christmas cactus first flowers pink

Such a natural beauty can rarely be admired at Christmas

Blossoms eye-catcher for Christmas

Also in the vase makes the knight star a good figure for Christmas

Knight star cut flower in the vase eye-catcher

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