English Roses: Give Your Garden Royal Splendor

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The English roses are one of the most magnificent garden plants. Their existence is due to the breeder of English origin David Austin. They thrive well with other rosens. Within your kind you will also find one big variety , There are English shrubs, climbing, stem, Rambler and pot roses.

This variety is planted practically throughout the year. Exceptions are the seasons with deep frost or unbearable heat. In the following, we will give you an insight into the most beautiful variations of the English Rose. We then conclude with some tips for care and breeding.

English roses of the species Boscobel

The English roses of the species Boscobel are very compact. They distinguish them according to the salmon pink color. These roses have a long flowering. It ranges from spring to first frost. Boscobel is very often used for the decoration of entrance doors or fences.

The Generous Gardener

This English rose is also in pink, but its nuances are much brighter. It shows a cup-shaped flower and enchants with its extremely delicate aroma. The Generous Gardener can grow up to 3 meters high. This creates arched bushes.

Emma Hamilton with orange flowers

Lady Emma Hamilton

Another very popular English rose is the Art Lady Emma Hamilton. The outer leaves of the flower are dark red. Inside, they appear very often in orange. The aroma is strong and fruity. They grow very well in pots.

Claire Austin

The English roses of the kind Claire Austin are considered to be some of the most elegant. The buds have a very bright lemon color. When they rise, they become creamy. The flowers are very large and the aroma is a mixture of myrrh and vanilla.

Golden Celebration

One of the most essential features of the Golden Celebration are the large flowers. They range in diameter from 8 to 14 cm. The color is very saturated and reminiscent of egg yolk. With this shading, the variety is a wonderful addition to modern contexts. During flowering, it can show several more tones. These are often pink, peach, copper.

Gertrude jekyll bloom very close

Gertrude Jekyll

The majority of the flowers are in saturated pink. The tips are much brighter and to the middle one has a pale raspberry color. The aroma of Gertrude Jekyll is very strong. It is used for many fragrances and perfumes. Also suitable for festive bouquets.

Princess Alexandra of Kent several blossoms

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Also overly large and with a warm pink color. Princess Alexandra of Kent shows the noble splendor par excellence. Sometimes it looks like the flowers are shining from them. The roses have a pleasant and fresh tea flavor. The more they fade, the more clearly there is also a lemon accent in it.

Tips for the care of English roses

As already pointed out at the beginning, you should avoid the frosty and hot season during planting. Otherwise you can feel free in this respect. In the spring The English roses cut back become. The different species need different amounts of water. You should always inform you about this when shopping. As an orientation you need between half a liter and whole liters when irrigating. Pour the plants between March and May. For the young, this should happen two-three times and with the already grown-in once a week.

The distance is also important. Ideally this should be between the different plants by half a meter. For the best development the English roses need regular fertilization. This should be done in spring and then in late July.

With regard to the Landscaping They have a very large open space due to the variety of sizes and type of growth. Use this to add a very individual concept.

Learn more about how to care for English roses in a flower head in the following video.


Boscobel several blossoms

The Generous Gardener

The Generous Gardener climbing rose entrance
Great facade with English roses
The Generous Gardener climbing rose of different use
The Generous Gardener rose blossom

Lady Emma Hamilton

Emma Hamilton spice up the house facade
Emma Hamilton bright accent
Emma Hamilton with orange flowers

Claire Austin

Claire Austin on the wall
Claire Austin bloom
Claire Austin with other roses

Golden Celebration

Golden Celebration splendid grouping

Gertrude Jekyll

Gertrude jekyll in the corner

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Princess alexandra of kent bloom
Princess alexandra of kent bloom 2
Princess alexandra of kent bushes
Princess alexandra of kent in front of nature garden background

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