Eucalyptus – Loved Koalas And Healthy People

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

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Eucalyptus – loved koalas and healthy people

Today, it’s about the favorite food of Koala bears. And at the same time, around a tree, which is among the highest in the world. It’s about the eucalyptus tree, which was already appreciated by the native population of Australia for its healing properties.

Eucalyptus tree in the great outdoors

eucalyptus tree in the nature effect

The favorite food of Koala bears

koala bear eucalyptus Koala nutrition healthy eating

Description of the eucalyptus plant

It is an Evergreen plant. Whose home is Australia, but it is very widespread in Asia and Africa. Here, we mean especially China, India and the Mediterranean. There are 500 different species and subspecies. In terms of healing properties, there is no huge difference which you used. Because they have all the ingredients of Cineole.

Various species of eucalyptus trees

foliage tree healing

Externally, the Eucalyptus species differ from one another, but all are healthy

tree foliage and effect

Content of the eucalyptus plant

We now look at up close, which contains all the eucalyptus plant. Besides the Cineole, which accounts for 80% of the beneficial properties, there are still camphene, Terpienole (recognized for the very strong antibacterial action), as well as tannins.

Eucalyptus plant

healthy life eucalyptus oil effect spices and herbs

As I said, you know from experience for centuries, that the eucalyptus has a healing effect. But deep deeper only conducted exploration since the 60s of the last century. It has out assigned himself that not only surface wounds this can be cured. It is thus able to cure many different diseases.

Eucalyptus has a healing effect

leaves tree healthy life effect


Eucalyptus takes an essential part in modern therapeutic strategies with flavor. To reach very good and fast results for treating colds and respiratory difficulties. You can have also a huge practical benefits. Fleas, ticks, and many other insects are very successfully driven out by its smell.  It is also super for disinfection. You can solve it in a little water and thus successfully edit the surface against bacteria.

Aromatherapy with eucalyptus

aromatherapy bath relaxing effect

Can relax in the shower

aromatherapy shower eucalyptus effect

A beautifully fragrant bouquet of flowers in the living room

decoration ideas tree healing

Decoration with candles and Eucalyptus leaves

decoration ideas decoration with candles

The effect of the eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is also very well known. While this is definitely not alone on the beautiful smell. You have an extensive health-promoting effect. It shows itself in the following areas:

Eucalyptus oil

healthy life oil bottle effect

→ Regulation of cardiac activity

→ Improvement of blood circulation

→ Heating at the rub

→ tempering of pain in muscles and joints

→ Strong antiseptic effect

→ Tempering of fever

→ Protect against tooth decay and other oral infections

→ Cures of acne and other skin problems

→ has a very pronounced calming effect

→ Dosage and possible disadvantages

Visit the market very easily in different forms for eucalyptus. Actually, you get these to pretty good prices. You should be this clear, that you need a lot of material for the production. You need 25 kilograms branches and leaves of the eucalyptus plant.

The effect of the eucalyptus oil

healthy life oil effect

Like everything else in this world, a compound that is used in large quantities may have eventually harmful side effects. Therefore, the appropriate dosage is very important also in the eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus plant in the bedroom

decoration ideas houseplants tree

You need a very small amount. You would have to comply is very strict on the signs at the various therapies. This agent can easily be too toxic.

The healing plant is also used as decoration

wedding bouquet floral healing

An original bouquet

healthy life bouquet decoration ideas with branches

In these cases you should not use the eucalyptus

In any case, you should use eucalyptus if you have an inflamed stomach. Rather, in liver problems, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, this leads to bad consequences. If you but not in this group, then you should benefit necessarily from the effect of the eucalyptus. This is very important in the cold seasons.

A lucky Koala

koala bear tree healing

A delicious main dish for the Koala

koala bear tree Koala food

Table decorations ideas with flowers and eucalyptus branches

table decorations ideas with branches effect

So you can package original also gifts

healthy life branches decoration ideas

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