Farmland – Nature Is Now A Must!

Posted on May 25, 2017

If you have not been out in your country garden during the long winter months and have only recently found out, there nature is wild, then you do not have to hang your head right away. Here we have some clever tips and practical tricks for you to turn your farm garden into a modern country idyll. There you can spend the whole summer in the midst of a lot of green and beautifully fragrant ornamental and useful plants and explore the nature first hand. Farming gardens are currently back in, because this garden design style corresponds to the human striving to return to nature and enjoy its splendor, peace and romance fully. If you have the same formulated purpose, faithfully follow our practical design ideas and fulfill your farm garden with a romantic flair and new charm!

“Back to nature”- from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to today!

Gardenide with lots of color and fancy garden fence

Actually the farm garden is celebrating a real comeback! Because this garden style is nothing new in the garden design. Its origin is in a far-distant time, one is to look in the medieval”peasant”monastery gardens. At that time the self-sufficiency with food plants and healing herbs was the real reason for the gardening and maintenance.

In the course of many decades, the farm garden has been further developed and perfected, so that today it is considered a green oasis in the open air, where one can completely reduce everyday stress in the midst of lush vegetation.

The farm garden is characterized by its lush vegetation

Gardenide with beautiful stone path and colorful flowers

Tip 1: The farm garden needs structure!

The first step in the design of a farm garden is to look at the entire area and give it the required structure. How should we understand this? No panic, sometimes everything seems a bit more difficult than it really is. Here you have to start with the garden fence and surround your garden area. Wooden boards and / or plaited willows form the appropriate garden fence and make your farm garden look good on all sides. For a garden fence not only serves the visual protection, but also has decorative functions. A beech hedge would also be an excellent solution for the zaung design. There are also alternative evergreen plants like the Japanese holly (Ilex crenata), for example, which could decorate your garden as an evergreen hedge.

A garden fence made of wooden boards or plaited willows? No, better an evergreen hedge!

Gardenideen beautiful ideas for the garden fence

Then step number 2 comes and go to the actual zoning of your garden area. The classic farm garden has a rectangular floor plan and is characterized by a crossroads. This separates the individual areas from each other and creates an interesting garden look. You can then decide for yourself which zone you want to use for and how you plan to plant it. We just want to stress that it would be great if you had a visual center in the farm garden.

A trellis with fragrant climbing roses, a round flowerbed with flowering garden flowers or a garden fountain could serve as an excellent center and attract the eyes immediately. Then try to introduce symmetrical elements into this newly created garden structure. Beautiful potted plants in pairs can emphasize the front door or various garden elements and bring these visually better into the foreground. You can learn more about this here read. To make your farm garden stylish and full of natural charms. The paved garden paths round off the natural look.

Stone and gravel are the two most preferred materials for the design of the paths in the farm garden

Gardenide with stone path and stone figures

Tip 2: Beautiful garden flowers, green grasses and shrubs and many fresh aromas characterize the farm garden

Do you have a green thumb? Well, now you have the best chance to prove your skill! Because your farmhouse must be planted! There are no limits and you can express your creativity, taste and style through the garden design. Combine free vegetables and herbs and create beautiful looking and beautifully fragrant flower beds. In this way you get a great mix of colors and shapes and give the farm garden extra charm.

The garden you can see through shrubbery And to show evergreen plants better, in the shadow lying areas you can through suitable Perennial garden plants brighten. The list of beautiful garden flowers and shrubs for the farm garden is really very long, it begins with the first spring flowers, then goes over beguilingly fragrant roses And enchantingly beautiful gladioli and ends with the winter hardy flower varieties. Find out more about this and you will definitely discover a new world…. And many new design possibilities for your farm garden! And do not forget the flowers and garden plants attract small birds and insects, which is very beneficial for the wild life in your farm garden.

Lush grasses and evergreen shrubs are found in the farm garden immediately

Farmhouse unusual garden path and beautiful green lawn

Numerous flowers and garden plants decorate the outdoor area all summer long

Gardenideen a color mix makes the outside area more beautiful

Tip 3: The farm garden must be decorated!

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to the appropriate decoration in the farm garden. The garden furniture is made out of wood or wrought iron, which is an excellent example of an outdoor area in the rural style. If you would like to have time, you could create your garden furniture from pallets yourself and create something conspicuous and comfortable for the outdoors. These outdoor furniture create a natural and very cozy atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

Wooden garden furniture is a suitable option for a farm garden

Gardenide with wooden garden furniture and beautiful flowers

Surrounded by wildly growing garden flowers and plants, you can distribute a few antique items and create a definitely rustic flair in your outdoor area. In the basement, garden shed, on the roof or flea market, look for beautiful things that could decorate your farm garden. An old wheelbarrow, a pair of worn-out boots or a tinker can perfectly match your goal and soon turn into real gardeners. Homemade flower pots or old gardening appliances radiate romance and nostalgia and attract all eyes outside.

To emphasize the romantic look of the outdoor area, you could opt for a comfortable hammock, where you or your loved ones relax for hours. It fits perfectly into this rural ambience and promises many great moments of complete relaxation. And this is actually the main attraction of today’s farm garden: it brings us closer to nature and lets us recharge our batteries in a relaxed atmosphere amidst lush landscapes. Just relax and unwind!

Enchanting fragrances and fresh aromas fill the farm garden of today

Farm garden a beautiful garden with flowers and garden fountains

Accentuate the visual center of your farm garden in a Rosenspierier or round flowerbed

Gardenideen for the garden fence fresh flowers embellish the fence

Having a fountain outside would certainly be advantageous

Farm garden garden with fountain as eyecatcher

Stone paths underline the natural character of every farm garden

Farmhouse with beautiful stone path

Splendid color dabs in the flower beds are always eyecatching!

Gardenide with climbing roses and rustic wooden garden fence

The feeling of coming closer to nature is indescribable!

Farmhouse beautiful ideas with colored flowers

Ringblumen, Tagetes, Phlox and lush growing and beautifully scented climbing roses set the tone when planting the farm garden

Gardenide with climbing roses decorate the facade of the house

Create a colorful mix of herbs and vegetable plants in your farm garden!

Farm garden with herbs and vegetables
Farmhouse beautiful ideas for a pleasant garden with lots of green
Farm garden ideas for the design of a cozy garden
Farm garden creative garden ideas for a functional garden area
Farm garden vegetable garden with beautiful recreation corner with rattan furniture
Gardenide for a rustic look with watering cans
Farm garden beautiful garden design with shrubs and flower heads
Gardenide with round flowerbed and wall fountain
Gardenideen the outside area neat
Gardenide to achieve a rustic look
Gardenide with gravel and many flowers
Gardenideen for the garden in the peasant style many shrubs and flowers
Gardenide beautiful garden flowers and garden fountain
Gardenide with lots of green and water
Farm garden with flowers and vegetables
Gardenide for the garden in the farm
Gardenide with stone and gravel

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