Finding The Perfect Planter: That’s What You Should Consider When Choosing

In the garden or on the balcony, on the roof terrace or as a room divider in the office – planters are a real all-rounder when it comes to decorating and decorating with flowers and plants. Boring ceramic flower pots, which quickly get patina and break after the first winter, are definitely suitable. Modern planters in a variety of shapes, colors and textures are absolutely in. They impress with their versatile application, elegant design and extreme longevity and are perfectly suited for your indoor and outdoor permanent greening.

What distinguishes good planters?

While color, shape and size are more a matter of taste, the right materials are considered the most important criteria when buying a planter. Because of all that depends on their longevity and long-term beauty. You already know: If you buy cheap, you usually buy twice , And that does not have to be. That is why it is extremely important to choose quality materials and first-class production when selecting your planters.

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Especially for the Outdoor area planters should be optimally weatherproof, that is – have a good resistance to frost and UV and are also produced shock and unbreakable. Of course, flexibility and light weight are also very important, because this allows larger planters to reposition relatively easily. As a result, large plants, terraces or even interiors are restructured and refurbished.

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Below is a brief overview of the most common materials for planters and planters including advantages and disadvantages:

  • fiberglass – An innovative and extremely robust material, which is highly recommended for planters. This composite of synthetic resin and glass fibers is optimally weather-resistant and also very light. On the basis of rock admixtures can create a lot of visual effects, such. As terracotta, concrete, stone or clay.
  • zinc – Zinc sheet planters are reasonably priced and have a very light weight. They are very easy to reposition and can be painted in different colors. However, it is recommended that in painted vessels the weather rather avoid outdoor areas.
  • stainless steel – This durable, noble material was not called that for nothing. It is sturdy, always rust-free and can be processed in many different ways and look dull, shiny or scratched according to taste. Of course, excellence and high stamina also have their price.
  • plastic – very flexible and inexpensive, in contrast to stainless steel, this material is often preferred when buying planters. Mainly planter made of plastic by the so-called rotary production or by injection molding. High quality plastic has a high UV resistance, is quite durable and extremely easy to clean.
  • Polyrattan – This fabric is clearly one of the classics, especially when it comes to garden and terrace design. Its striking appearance and pleasant feel make it very suitable for the production of planters. In any case, make sure that the material is UV and moisture-resistant so that you can enjoy your planters longer.

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germany planters of the highest quality, with a test certificate and extended warranty.

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Use planter as decoration

Grays and black are currently very much in vogue when it comes to colors for modern planters. So colored planters look pretty noble, especially with a high-gloss finish or concrete look. Of course, you can also opt for a few fresh splashes of color in the garden or in the room and put on lightweight plastic planters. Maybe you prefer a certain look, such as: Stone, terracotta or clay? Then the robust fiberglass products are just right for you. Very trendy has become the so-called rust-optics lately. This is best achieved using stainless steel, also known as Corten steel. The plant and flower tubs made of it fit perfectly into any outdoor area as well as painted into the interior.

We hope we have been able to assist you in selecting your planter and give you an extra helping hand. Beautify your garden, balcony or terrace as well as your own four walls with fresh plants and magnificent flowers, which are stylishly set in the appropriate planters and enjoy the best quality and the highest aesthetics in one.

Rostoptik planter on the terrace
plastic colorful planter