From the planting to the tulip bouquet – How to cultivate tulips correctly?

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“This flower has no smell just like the peacock no singing. The tulip therefore owes its glory to its beautiful colors, just like the peacock does to its magnificent plumage.”

Although the tulip is today considered the national flower of the Netherlands, its actual origin is in Asia. Their name is from the Persian word” Dulband” And literally translated “Turban” . The delightful spring blossom paved its way from Persia to Turkey, where it quickly became the favorite plant of the Islamic rulers. Many impressive, colorful flower carvings in the sunny palace gardens delighted the eyes of the Sultan and served as a viewpoint of his innumerable gourmet meals in this breathtaking atmosphere. In Europe, the tulip took its name only in the second half of the 16th century, when the Austrian embassy in the Ottoman Empire brought Tulpenziebel to the West for the first time. Because of its high price, the plant gradually became a symbol of wealth and nobility, and tulip cultivation was exclusively a privilege of the aristocracy. King Louis XVIII. Had a tulip festival held every year in Versailles, where the most famous gardeners exhibited their praiseworthy flowers.

Every year in April the International Tulip Festival takes place in Istanbul

Tulpenfest in istanbul

Fold the tulips and nurture them properly

Tulpenzwiebeln is to be buried in autumn – the temperatures must lie between 10 and 15 degrees, so the end of October is the perfect time for the planting. After the original excavation, the floor should be 30-40 cm. Organic fertilizer, peat moss or other substances rich in humus, then digging and watering it again.

However, tulips do not tolerate stunts, so the soil must be permeable! The plant depth should be 10-20 cm. , The distance between the individual Tulpenzwiebeln should be at least 10 cm. be. The flower needs a sunny to half-shady location and should be poured abundantly during the growing season. After flowering, the fruit stalks should be separated and only the stems and leaves should be left standing. Depending on the type of tulip, the bulbs may be left in the soil after the flowering season and covered with straw for the winter or excavated and stored in a dark, dry and cool place.

At the end of October or early November the spring flowers should be planted, as they need a cool climate

Tulips planting in the autumn

Tulpen and leave in between

Tulip Bouquet – Keep fresh cut flowers longer

  • Before putting the tulips into the vase, you should cut your stems straight with a sharp knife and shorten them by about 2 centimeters – a pair of scissors would not be a particularly good alternative in this case, since it compresses the stems and consequently supplies the flower with the Necessary water.
  • Remove the lower leaves so that the water stays fresh and clean for as long as possible and the plant can direct all its energy to the flower. It is best to choose a glass vase, then fill a third of it with cold water and change the water after a few days if necessary.

To remove the tulips from the stalk

  • Combine with different colorful flowers such as weidenweige, sour cherry or Japanese ornament. Under no circumstances are tulips and daffodils assembled, since the stalks of the daffodils secrete a special mucus which has a negative effect on the other flowers!

Combine with tulips

  • If you boil the water beforehand, allow to cool and finally add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and 1-2 drops of citric acid or vinegar, you will be able to enjoy the splendor of the cut flowers for several days. This procedure is also recommended for Easter bells, carnations and gladioli. The sugar serves as a fertilizer in this case, while the citric acid prevents the formation and spreading of bacteria.
  • The tulip bouquet could keep its freshness between seven and ten days. Since the flowers can only show their full splendor only in a cool, shaded and sheltered place, they have to be put out in an unheated room in the evening or wrapped in newspaper paper around their stalks!

A unique combination of bright colors, which brings a lot of atmosphere into the house and is great fun for Easter

Tulip bouquet in a glass vase

Tulip Bouquet – You have to refill the water regularly, as tulips are pretty thirsty are

Tulpenstrauss enjoys the view in the house

Let the spring bloom directly at your home!

Glass vase for cut flowers long stay fresh tulips care

The tulip bouquet stands as a symbol of the rebirth of nature


Enjoy some nice and interesting tulip bouquets in our gallery!

Tulip bouquet in the water in glass vase

Spring bouquet with tulips cut flowers keep tulips

Combine flowers and home

Colorful tulips in the flower shop

Yellow and red

Purple tulips with white flowers

Tulips in basket in cozy home

Keep tulips fresh in delicate pink cut flowers

Tulpen laenger keep cut flowers fresh

Tulpen grooming and long-term enjoyment

Tulips and coffee as a surprise

Different flowers

To easter bouquet

Tulpenstrauss care and enjoy

Cut flowers fresh preserve ideas

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