Garden And Landscape Construction In Virginia-a Trip Into History

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Garden and landscaping in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the United States

Looking for some great inspiration for the summer, we want us today virtually on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the United States. The historical part of the garden was restored in the 18th century. There are many fascinating concepts from the field of garden and landscaping. There is also a great garden in Danish style.

Concepts are no less enchanting but for simple visitors also the gardening and landscaping.

There are countless tourist attractions in Williamsburg

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The gardens are well known with their diversity

garden and landscaping view herbs

Authentic gardens from different periods

The garden and landscaping has a historic character, which has been restored according to reliable sources in Colonial Williamsburg. It is interesting that in the colonial era only very wealthy people could afford, to have different gardens for vegetables, spices and flowers.

So, you can see about Larkspur and Foxgloves in addition to the various spices, which are then used in the kitchen.

Another typical characteristic for the garden and landscape design in this region was that the gardens were very well organized and absolutely symmetrical.

The visitors had a very authentic Northern European presence

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and has the opportunity to learn a lot about everyday life and culture of the local inhabitants

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Kitchen and medicinal herbs are lovingly cultivated in Williamsburg

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Low fences

The low fences are very typical for the separation of gardening and landscaping. You are in turn divorced by routes, which are covered with broken shells. Certainly, it is located on this kind of design that the era of colonization shows pronounced romantic character a in the area of the nursery. But behind another truth. Most people of this time have dispensed with the care of own vegetables or driven them in a very modest amount.

The style is reminiscent of the Danish architecture

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To make a trip there, enriches your life

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More interesting ideas

And large, one learns from the garden and landscape design, that in today’s context the historical establishment can be really charming. Because here really strictly drawn by this rule. Even the tools with which to work, date from the colonial period. But that makes the whole thing somehow all the more charming.

Magnificent herbs and flowers surround the visitor

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The Williamsburg attractions go far beyond the garden and landscaping

garden and landscaping view tulips House attraction

The views are lovely and the scent of the flowers is mind-boggling

garden and landscaping view tulips House carnations

Place for rare and wild plant varieties

It also has a number of plants, which were typical for that time and are today more likely to fall into oblivion. Also, you can see poppies and other plants that grow wild in nature. Here, they are restricted in areas which have the character of a meadow to a large extent.

This is undoubtedly a paradise place

garden and landscaping view tulips

America shows a very sympathetic and authentic way of life

Garden and landscaping view tulips House

Reuse and useful shopping

Do you think that the Recycle and reuse is something new? HM, that you are actually wrong. It has covered certain floor areas at that time already with broken bricks and aesthetically enriched the garden and landscaping.

Also you can buy here a basket, and it can be quite being satisfied as with the industrially produced.

We wish you lots of fun and a pleasant stay!

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