Garden Design With Dekokies Guarantees A Chic And Tidy Look!

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If you have your own garden is a proud owner of a unique outdoor living room. That is why he is a good fortune because he has the whole freedom to create his own well-being in the middle of nature. There are so many design possibilities that every taste can be taken. For those who want simplicity in the garden, their garden is minimalistic. If you want to create a romantic garden design, choose the Mediterranean garden design and who would like to bring a romantic flair to the outside, decides for a garden design in the Shabby chic style. But if you dream of a natural garden design, which distributes and inspires the effort of the long working day, the garden design with gravel is a wonderful solution. Gravel beds and gravel paths are wonderful eyecatchers in the modern garden!

Garden design ideas with dekokies and flower heads

Dekokies is a popular decorative element in the modern garden. It is used to decorate the edges of the beds, to create garden paths, or to lift the garden pond. If you decide to make the garden with gravel, you should pay attention to one thing: to calculate the right amount of gravel for your projects. Because gravel could make the garden a more beautiful place, but only if it is used appropriately and in an appropriate quantity. Fortunately there is Online gravel calculator to calculate the required amount of gravel , Which facilitate the gardening with gravel.

Garden arrangement with gravel and beautiful flowers

How to achieve optimum gardening with gravel?

With the use of gravel, the garden gets a stylish line. Doubtless he looks more tidy! All this makes him striking and attractive. The garden design with gravel is also easy to clean! For all these reasons the gravel garden enjoys great popularity among gardeners. How do you get an optimal garden design with gravel? Two things are decisive:

  1. Calculate the right amount of gravel
  2. To adapt the Dekokies to the environment

Garden design with gravel and green lawns

Nowadays an individual garden design is called for and gravel makes a big remedy. Be sure to pay attention to how much of the gravel you need! Since the design of each garden is quite individual. The auxiliary tool mentioned makes the design of a gravel garden much easier and faster. What must be indicated in order to measure the dimensions of the surface to which the Dekokies is to be applied:

  • The length, the width and the height of the garden
  • As well as the preferred type of gravel

Thus the required amount of Dekokies is calculated. You will also learn how much sacks you should purchase from the selected Dekokies.

What else is important for a beautiful gravel garden?

If one calculates the required amount of gravel, one should still take some things into consideration:

  • The distribution and arrangement of the plants in the gravel garden plays a huge role
  • The color of the stones should fit nicely to the house facade
  • Also the shape of the stones should correspond nicely with the environment
  • Better choose either gravel or gravel and do not mix styles and colors
  • Drainage layer is recommended before application of the ornamental gravel
  • It is better, if there are not too many laubs in the vicinity, because otherwise the collection of leaves becomes an annoying task

Garden design ideas with gravel modern area with many plants

What are the benefits of gardening with gravel?

Gravel gardens are attractive, but also quite practical, because a gravel garden is also suitable for nutrient-poor, dry or heavily compacted soil. You could decorate the whole garden area with gravel, but also decorate the front garden or individual garden parts with it. Other benefits include a gravel garden:

  • On very hot days the soil does not dry out so quickly, where it is decorated with gravel
  • The Dekokies protects against weed protects

So if you are looking to cultivate a garden that is both comfortable and fascinating, then you will not be wrong with a gravel garden! It’s trendy and practical! A gravel garden invites you to a long stay and makes the hours outdoors more pleasant! Only take the right amount of gravel under the lump!

Garden decorating with gravel garden path decorate

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