Garden Plants And Culinary Herbs That Keep Mosquitoes Away In Summer

Posted on Mar 21, 2018

The topic of nature is very important to us. Therefore, while researching our website, you can find many interesting articles that cover countless garden plants and useful medicinal herbs. Today we want to continue the theme and show you such garden plants and culinary herbs that on hot summer days and pleasant evenings repel mosquitoes and other insects. The little beasts always come when the temperatures rise outside and in most cases are a real scourge to fight. But before you get access to possible sprays and other chemical insect repellents, we want to present the most natural remedies that keep the mosquitoes away from your outdoor area. Some are typical ornamental plants in the garden, others are well-known garden herbs that are used in kitchen and household. Thanks to these garden plants you can keep your good mood all summer long and your most desired relax on the terrace, veranda or directly in the garden can never be spoiled.

Some freshly picked stalks of lavender smell much better than any bottle of insect repellent.

Garden plants against mosquitoes lavender

  • Beautifully fragrant garden plants keep mosquitoes and other insects away

Scientists and entomologists know best: annoying bloodsuckers stay away from lemon fragrance and essential oils. This must be clear to every garden owner. So you can cultivate in the garden and around the house such garden plants that can fight the mosquito infestation in the summer.

The scented geraniums and Duftpelargonien are our favorites in this regard. Their leaves contain essential oils that the mosquitoes do not like. These garden plants exude a fragrance that is wonderful and fresh for us humans, but which drives out insects. For this reason, scented geraniums are also known as”mosquito shock”and are marketed as a useful insect repellent. Their delicate flowers are real eye-catchers in the garden, but they attract mainly butterflies.

Fragrance geraniums can keep insects away, so it can not hurt to plant some near your patio, right?

Garden plants against mosquitoes Duftgeranien

Scented geraniums bloom from May to October. They like a lot of sun and need to be watered regularly. You can put these garden plants directly into the bed or plant in window boxes. Hanging varieties are often treated in traffic lights. The different varieties differ depending on their intense scents of mint, roses, lemons or spices. Well-known is the robust variety Lillibet, which smells pleasantly of lemon and successfully keeps mosquitoes and wasps away.

The scented lilium Lillibet not only looks beautiful, it should keep the mosquitoes away from the balcony and terrace.

Garden plants Scented pelargonium Lillibet mosquitoes from balcony terrace distribute

The yellow marigolds are a natural ornament in the garden and drive away the mosquitoes.

Yellow marigolds beautiful garden plants

The beautiful yellow ones Marigold decorate our gardens and at the same time have a practical value. With their intense scent they deter mosquitoes and wasps. Also the lavender sells the little stinging beasts and fights off moths. Also the Floss belongs to the same group of garden plants from which mosquitoes prefer to fly away.

The common liver balm has delicate, light blue flowers and a specific aroma that the insects do not like.

Common liver balm

Originally from India and Sri Lanka stammente lemongrass can cover large areas in the garden. There is a good reason for this – this garden plant contains many essential oils, has an intense scent of lemon and distributes insects from the garden.

Lemongrass in the garden – so green and pleasantly scented!

Lemongrass in the garden green garden plants

  • Typical kitchen herbs fight the mosquito plague

Although we are constantly informing you about the healing properties of garden herbs, we would like to mention those that are effective against the little tormentors today. Typical kitchen herbs like Rosmari n, basil . peppermint . Lemon balm and clove contain essential oils in their leaves. They emit an intense scent and thus distribute mosquitoes and other insects. Very effective against annoying bloodsuckers is the Catnip. Their leaves smell a bit like lemon, so the insects go around the catnip-covered area. Here, however, a little caution is needed: The same scent attracts cats and has a bewitching effect on them.

Catnip is a real eye-catcher in the garden! But mosquitoes hate the scent of this beautiful garden plant!

Garden plants Catnip

Tip from the editor: To achieve maximum benefit from the garden plants and herbs just described, one must crush their leaves and rub them on the skin!

Picture 12: The peppermint has health-promoting properties, a pleasant smell and contains essential oils that ward off annoying pests

Now you know the garden plants and herbs that keep mosquitoes away. To stay up to date, search our website further. You can do that garden herbs butt, which bloom beautifully and taste good. Or maybe you’re looking for a completely natural way how strong you are Relieve headache or the Detoxify the body can? Then you are exactly right with us, because we have something to offer you in this regard. But also much more!

Inform yourself in detail and stay healthy and alert!

The strong lemon fragrance of lemon balm rejects insects.

Garden plants herbs lemon balm

A few basil leaves on the dining table refresh every meal outdoors and are very helpful against the mosquito infestation.

Garden plants herbs leaves basil

Mint leaves can help keep mosquitoes out. In addition, their essential oils help to soothe insect bites.

Mint garden herb garden plants a must in the garden many pluses

In the evening, around the fire in the garden? And here comes the mosquito infestation! Then throw some stalks of sage into the fire. The fragrant smoke will keep those annoying creatures away.

Sage Garden herb Garden plants keeps annoying creatures away

The yellow marigolds can be dried and used to make tea and homemade cosmetics

Yellow marigold garden plants

Well proven natural method against mosquitoes are the tomatoes planted near the house.

Garden plants growing tomatoes in the garden

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