Gardening In Autumn – What’s On Your To-do List?

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Autumn comes slowly and makes itself felt every day. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures fall, it rains often and the sun shines only occasionally through the gray sky clouds. But this is not a reason for hobbyists to hang their heads. But on the contrary! You know very well how beautiful the Autumn in the garden n can be! There you can admire the blossoms of the autumn flowers and look back proudly on your own work during the whole garden season. This is because the painful gardening work is now paying off. In the autumn, you can harvest what the yard and the garden have brought and try to store everything edible for the long winter. This means a lot of gardening. But what should be absolutely on your to-do list and what you should observe exactly in your garden, we want to reveal you in this article.

Gardening can not stop in the autumn, the to-do list is quite long.

Gardening in autumn

  • Rich harvest and gardening in autumn

For all amateur gardeners the fruit and vegetable harvest is the first priority and is their highest priority. The fruits and vegetables cultivated in the spring are now ripe and you have to collect them. But the matter is not settled. The best way to organize a dry and dark place is to keep the harvested during the winter months.

This can be the cellar or another room, but it must be airy and cool in all cases. Apples, pears and potatoes can be stored there. If the weather is good, the pumpkins can stay outside in the garden for a longer time. You can also use them for Halloween and create matching decor for inside and outside.

Decorate also the garden beds with pumpkins and welcome the autumn festival!

Gardening in autumn with pumpkins decorating

If you have many fruit trees in the garden and these are now sweet fruits, you can get the preserving jars from the cellar and get to work right away! Delicious, homemade jam from apples, pears or figs is appreciated in winter on every table. This can also be used to bake particularly tasty cakes when it is snowing outside. Placed vegetables are always usable, it tastes great especially in the winter.

Get the preserving jars from the cellar and get to work!

Gardening in autumn deko

  • Gardening in autumn means still to prepare the garden for the coming winter

We have already provided tips on how to prepare the autumn garden for the coming cold winter season. In this regard, such duties as onion flowers, hedge trimming, planting rose-sticks and much more must be at the top of your to-do list. Now let’s add something to it:

  • In autumn one can gather the seeds of one-year-old flowers and garden plants, place them in paper bags and store them in a dry and dark place until the next spring;
  • In the autumn months you have the possibility to go outside Garden herbs and to dry them. Then you always have something fragrant in the kitchen in the winter;
  • Perennials such as margerites and knight spikes can be multiplied by division;
  • Evergreen shrubs such as ivy can be planted in autumn, these are winter hard and can survive the low temperatures well outside;
  • Now you have to loosen the soil and enrich it with fertilizer:
  • In the autumn you have the chance to plant new trees;
  • Do not forget to mow and fertilize the lawn at least mid-October;
  • The foliage fallen on the ground must be collected and disposed of!

The fallen foliage must be gathered and disposed of in autumn.

Gardening in autumn leaves

How do you find the duties listed above? Yes, we also think that means a huge amount of gardening in autumn! Unfortunately, you can not take anything from this list, in principle nothing can turn out! Surely you would agree here, the goal of every gardening in autumn is to prepare the outdoor area as perfectly as possible for the next garden season. And that is a matter for any amateur gardener, is not it?

Gardening in autumn means cleaning and disposal!

Gardening in the autumn clean the garden

  • Gardening in autumn: keep the garden pool or pond clean

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to another aspect of gardening in the fall, namely the maintenance of your pool or garden pond. If you have one, you know exactly how much effort and work this particular highlight requires in the garden. Yes, but a garden pond or pool brings many positive emotions. It is the pure pleasure to sit outside the garden pond on warm summer summers and listen to the chirping of the birds. In the water pond thrive beautiful water lilies and other water plants, which in the warm months are a special eye-catcher in the garden. A pond gives your garden a definitely romantic touch and in most cases serves as a perfect relaxation zone in the open.

The garden pool must be kept clean in the autumn and prepare for the winter

Gardening in the autumn garden pool

And if you have a pool, then you can call yourself Gl├╝ckspilz. The bathing fun there is enormous in great weather and can not be measured with painstaking care. Now, however, you must act in a targeted manner to keep your water pool clean in the open. With a net you should regularly remove the leaves from the water surface in the autumn. Otherwise they soon sink to the bottom of the pond and form mud there. If it has already settled there, you must remove it before the winter. The garden pool is also not used on cool days, so you have to clean it now and cover it. Then he is to be used again next year.

Follow our advice today and prepare your garden for the coming winter and the next season in the autumn. Your gardening in autumn will pay off in a few months! Have fun!

The garden pond falls immediately and brings a lot of freshness in the outdoor area

Gardening in the autumn garden pond Fresh outdoor

In this oasis of peace you can spend hours outdoors and forget the time

Gardening in the autumn garden pond

In the autumn, you gather what the garden and the yard have brought.

Gardening in autumn - what's on your to-do list?

Now you harvest the ripe fruit, vegetables and herbs and must then store them properly

Gardening in autumn fruit vegetable herbs

Old, dry branches and branches must be disposed of

Gardening, tree cutting, shredding, chopping, gardening

The lawn you have to mow until mid-October

Gardening in autumn lawn mowing

The soil around the flowerbeds must be loosened and fertilized in autumn

Gardening in autumn soil

In the autumn you can plant roses or plant young trees

Gardening in autumn - what's on your to-do list?

If your harvest is so rich, then you are well taken care of in winter

Autumn in gardening

Decorate indoors and outdoors with pumpkins, autumn flowers and berries

Pumpkins decorate autumn flower berries

With creativity and imagination one can make tinkering with pumpkins great autumn decoration

Pumpkins autumn decoration

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