Geraniums – Lasting Beauty For Garden And Balcony

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If you drive through Germany during the summer months, you will be impressed by the colorful natural beauty of countless gardens and balconies. Geraniums in various flower colors and shapes adorn the outdoor areas nationwide. Then we go! Their natural charm can be enjoyed for a long time, from May to the end of September. It will be quite clear to the Germans to put on the classics and to cultivate their favorite garden and balcony flowers really. The geraniums are by no means the number one favorite when it comes to beautiful flowers. Its enormous flower splendor transforms every garden and balcony into a colorful wellness oasis. They grow in boxes, buckets or pots, some varieties could also be breed in the bed. If you are a fan of these beautiful flowers, you can find here today a lot of interesting things about geraniums. We will report on practical tips for their care in the next article. Have you already been curious?

These are the must-haves in every German garden

Geraniums in flower heads enhance the stairs

Worth knowing about the geraniums

In the Volksmund, these colorful garden and balcony plants are called geraniums, but their proper name is called Pelargonien (from the Latin word Pelargonium). The magnificent plants originate originally from South Africa and belong botanically to the large family of the storks, in Latin Geraniaceae.

The scientific names are derived from the Greek words geranos (crane) and pelargos (stork). The name refers to known birds and points to the kinship within the storks. Unfortunately, it is not known when and how the pelargoniums came to Europe, but at the end of the 17th century they were already there. Nowadays, they are widespread in the Mediterranean, but they can also overwhelm us well. There are more than 250 varieties, including new breeds. The varieties, which are well represented in Germany, are divided into three groups: geranium geranium (Pelargonium peltatum), upright species (Pelargonium zonale) and fragrance geranium.

The geraniums belong to the large family of the squirrels

Geranium in pink beautiful garden plants

All geraniums are characterized by their magnificent flowers in various, powerful colors. One can see these real natural beauty in white, pink, blood and wine red or violet. They delight the eye and refresh mind and soul. Its flowering period lasts for months – from May to the first frost in the late autumn. This is still a good reason to admire the whole blossom splendor and natural beauty of the pelargoniums all summer long. The pelargonia grow rapidly and bushy, forming long shoots, usually between 25 and 40 cm. Only the hanging geraniums form very long shoots, which reach up to 150 cm. But they bring their blossoming splendor to their best advantage, and their flower cascades enchant the pre-eminent.

Our tip: Pelargoniums are beautiful and harmless to humans. But they are poisonous for some animals! For example, you should keep hares, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs away from these flowers!

Hanging geraniums form striking flower cascades

Garden plants geranium in blumentopf brings freshness to the outside


As we said, we report in another article on care tips for geraniums. Here we will discuss further reasons for their use in the garden or on the balcony. One of the reasons for many gardeners would be the beauty of these flowers. Undoubtedly, they can transform any outdoor area into a colorful sea of ​​flowers. On the balcony they adorn large flower boxes and attract many glances. On the terrace, the geraniums are usually cultivated in large vessels, but the traffic lights with these colorful flowers always steal the show. If you want to embellish your outdoor seating, then you know which balcony and garden flowers you can put on.

Nourish classic classics that charm

Combine geraniums with other plants

The geraniums can easily be combined with other garden plants and always give a wonderful look. They stand perfectly beside verbenes and form a breathtaking harmony. The Queen of Flowers, The wonderfully scented rose , Does not mind having nice geraniums near her. Outside, endless flower combinations are possible – geraniums can also be combined with herbs (sage, rosemary, lavender) and with other gardening qualities such as margarites. Experienced amateur gardeners can be sure of this, they get an excellent view.

The delicate scent of geraniums keeps mosquitoes and wasps away

Garden plants white geranium in flower head

In addition to the natural charm of the pelargoniums there is yet another argument for their use on balcony and in the garden. There is a group of these flowers, the so-called fragrances. Their flowers are rather unobtrusive, but their leaves contain essential oils. They spread a wonderful scent, which drives pests and insects. That is, the natural beauty also has purely practical benefits! We want to conclude today’s article and wish you a wonderful summer full of wonderful flowers and fresh fragrances!

The geraniums bring a colorful change into your outdoor area

Geraniums in different colors are beautiful eye-catchers

The color diversity of the pelargoniums is endless

Garden plants in flowerpots as decoides for the garden and the balcony

The geraniums bloom until the first frost in autumn

Garden plants for outdoor window decoration

Here are the classics for sumptuous balcony boxes

Garden plants dekoideen for the balcony geranium

From white to pink and red to violet – with the geraniums numerous flowering colors are possible

Geraniums different colors and styles

Most varieties are long-flowering and resistant

Geraniums in red in the blumentopf beautifying outside area

Geraniums definitely represent the most popular balcony and garden flowers of the Germans

Garden plants geranium decorated the entrance
Geranium flower bed in the garden with stones decorate
Garden plants Pelargonium zonale in red
Garden plants geranium for the balcony plant

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