Green Air Purifying House Plants In Portrait

We all have our favorites among the green flatmates of our homes. The topic of houseplants and their care is also of interest to most of our editorial staff, so today we decided to write a review about it again. This time, we have examined 9 green air purifying houseplants, which not only fulfill purely decorative functions at home, but act as perfect air purifiers. Yes, in the following we present you these houseplants, which best clean the room air. These always enchant us with their green foliage and are at the same time easy to care for.

Air purifying indoor plants for your home

Air purifying houseplants good arrangement greenery clean air

It is well known that all plants release oxygen during photosynthesis and refresh the air around them. But there are special plant species that can even purify the indoor air at home. A NASA study found that several indoor plants, which we call ordinary and undemanding, have this remarkable property.

You can actually remove carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air and make the room air much cleaner. In addition, air purifying houseplants bring a green touch to your home and make the atmosphere even more comfortable. With these green roommates, you can create a beautiful indoor garden even with the skilful arrangement. Maybe your four walls need just that, right?

Arrange your favorites so that you enjoy your eyes at all times.

Green air purifying house plants in portrait

Number one among the air purifying houseplants!

Fern number one air purifying houseplants lot of lush greenery

  • Ferns – the most popular houseplants in Europe

Ferns are”old acquaintances”, they have been growing on Earth for about 400 million years. Today, they thrive just as well indoors and outdoors. A lush fern in a pot looks just as good as its green neighbor outside in the garden bed, where it turns into an undisputed eye-catcher. These evergreen plants prefer a shady spot where the sun rarely shows. Often there is a pot of fern in the hallway, but also in the living room and bedroom, where the plant feels really good. The antler fern (Platycerium) is well suited for traffic lights and can decorate any bathroom nicely. The room temperature should be between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. Ferns can remove more formaldehyde from the air than any other plant. That’s what makes them the best air purifier among indoor plants.

The fern likes it moist and shady.

Air purifying house plants fern lush greenery outside

Ferns are typical easy-care indoor plants , which bring with little care and effort a strong green note in the house. All you should do for these house plants, according to the experts, is to water them regularly, spray the fronds with a cloud of lime-water and cut them off from time to time. Some species of fern, for example the Venus hair (Adiantum) broke in the winter rest period, and then to surprise again next spring with its lush grass-green foliage. Choose this fern species that you like best and enjoy clean air at home.

Palm trees are also air purifying indoor plants, they need a warm location.

Palm in pot air purifying indoor plants warm location

  • Palm trees are always green highlights in the room

Here are some palm species very popular and often bought in the flower shops. Do you know, for example, the small species such as the mountain palm (Chamaedorea) or perhaps prefer the gold fruit palm or the palm tree (Raphis)? Create good living conditions for your favored palm at home and she will thank you with lots of greenery. The room temperature should be between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius. It should be warm and moist, because the palm likes it. Choose a sunny place for the green beauty. Water them regularly and fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer. Under these conditions and with little care, every palm tree thrives well and can excellently also fulfill their air purifying function.

Gorgeous green decoration that cleans the room air.

Air purifying house plants greenery splendid decoration

Do you also have a rubber tree at home?

Air purifying houseplants rubber tree beautiful figure in the pot green leaves

  • Rubber tree and dragon tree are very good air purifiers at home

If your home office is shaded most of the day and looks pretty dark, you can refresh the ambiance with green plants. A rubber or dragon tree will certainly introduce the desired green note there. Or do you want to have two air-purifying houseplants right now? No problem, these two grow a little slowly, but good with little sun and little care on your part. Well, they are also suitable for plant beginners!

Nature is the greatest artist, as evidenced by air-purifying indoor plants.

Air purifying houseplants rubber tree green leaves slightly shiny

The leaves of the rubber tree (Ficus elastica) are rich green and slightly shiny. The plant should be watered regularly and fertilized once every two weeks. A lot of natural aesthetics are guaranteed by the dragon tree (Dracaena). We know about 50 subspecies. These can be well differentiated depending on the shape and color of the leaves. Generally it can be said. They are all green, but have white, reddish or light green borders. The rubber tree and the dragon tree are extremely easy-care indoor plants, refresh and clean the air in the room and always stand out due to their splendid foliage.

Every Dracaena style is eyecatching!

Green air purifying house plants in portrait

On ivory façades and garden fences the ivy climbs and turns into a real eye-catcher.

Air purifying houseplants ivy climbing plant indoors outside

  • Ivy and ivy people are also popular as an air purifying houseplant

The ivy has the ability to climb well, that’s why he likes to be used outdoors in the green decoration on house facades and garden fences. But also as an air purifying houseplant, it is perfect for the four walls. At home, the easy-care indoor plant decorates the walls and cleans the air in the room. Two in one, is not that great? Choose a sunny to partially shaded location for him and the ivy will delight you daily with its beautifully shaped leaves and let you feel nature close up! You can also find more information about the ivy on our website, if you like here or here click. Or maybe both links?

Did you know that the Efeutute belongs to the air purifying houseplants?

Air purifying houseplants Efeutute beautiful leaves lightly striped white yellow light green

Since we are just at the ivy, we also want to write a few words about the ivy people (Epipremnum pinnatum). This air-purifying, somewhat herbaceous houseplant also likes to climb and, with good care, can form up to 10 m long shoots. Their leaves are heart-shaped and have short stems. Often they are finely patterned with white or yellowish stripes. These are always eyecatching! The Efeutute can clean the air, is also easy to clean and beautiful. Water regularly and make sure the potting soil is always moist. So you will have daily a pleasure for eyes and soul!

Single leaf – enchanting beauty, which serves as a decoration for very practical purposes at home.

Single leaf delicate white blossom air purifying indoor plants beautiful room decoration

  • Peace lily – blooming beauty cleans the room air

The peace lily is one of the most popular indoor plants of the Germans. She can decorate any room and leave no indifferent with her delicate white flowers. The peace lily is often called a leaf, in Latin it is called Spathiphyllum. The plant radiates a lot of natural charm and attracts attention. Their white flowers are on the one hand very finely formed, on the other hand, they form a strong contrast to the dark green leaf dress. The peace lily likes a warm environment with temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees C. This blooming beauty must not be exposed directly to the glaring sun, it prefers shady to partially shaded places. The single leaf is easy to care for, but plenty of water must be poured, as the plant needs a lot of water and moisture. In addition, it will moisturize and clean the room air. The Peace Lily is perfect for the office, where it will certainly make a good figure.

Peace Lily – perfect for the office and home!

Air purifying houseplants peace lily perfect for the office and home

Extra tip: Attention! The leaves of the peace lily can be poisonous for pets and toddlers! Keep them away from the beautiful plant!

A chrysanthemum in a pot brings nature into the house!

Air purifying house plants chrysanthemum in the pot bring nature into the house

  • Gorgeous flowers show us chrysanthemums and gerberas in the pot

Do you want a little more color in the living room? Then get chrysanthemums and gerberas in the pot. These typical garden plants thrive wonderfully indoors in the box, bucket or pot. They enchant with their beautiful and colorful blossoms and quickly turn into highlights in the room. In addition, these indoor plants have the ability to rid the air of pollutants and make them much cleaner. Both natural beauties need a cool room, temperatures around 18 degrees C and also little care. However, you must pour and fertilize them regularly. Then the chrysanthemums and gerberas show their beautiful flowers.

These are our top favorites among air purifying indoor plants. Have you already selected your own?

Chrysanthemums in pots are not only beautiful, they clean the air in the room.

Chrysanthemums in pot air purifying house plants beautiful sight green leaves orange flowers

A Dracaena you need in any case!

Dracaena dragon tree air purifying house plants beautiful green makes room air clean

An Efeutute writes itself great in a rustic interior.

Air purifying houseplants are not inscribed rustic interior

Maintain air purifying indoor plants properly and they will thank you for that.

Carefully purify air-purifying indoor plants properly at home