Greening Pavement Joints: TOP 10 Plants That Are Perfectly Suited For This Purpose

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Forget about scratches and constant weeding of the weeds! Simply green the pavement joints of your terrace or garden paths with the appropriate plants. In principle, flat upholstery plants and low perennials are suitable for this, which are robust and resistant to treading. Many of the walkable ground cover of course also belong to it. Fortunately, there are lots of great plants that not only tolerate drought and sun, but also shade plants make a good figure in the garden. Today we present our TOP 10 ground cover for your paving joints. Depending on your own taste and specific conditions, you can then choose the right plants for your greening. Then there are a few more important tips to help you keep your paving joints clear of any weeds. Everything, of course, completely environmentally friendly and natural, because chemical weed killers have lost nothing in your private garden anyway.

The paving joints of weed free also goes with the appropriate plants

Paving joints greening against weeds

Our TOP 10 pavement plants

All plants from our list are easy-care, resistant and suitable not only for the plant joints, but also generally as a fragrant, colorful lawn replacement. Learn more about each individual plant below.

# 1 star moss ( Sagina subulata )

Sternmoos sagina subulata irish moss pavement groves

The star moss belongs to the group of evergreen, hardy plants. Because of its star-shaped, white flowers in summer, the plant was named that way. But it is actually not a real moss, but belongs to the family of the Nelkengewächse. The star moss is also often called peacock. The plant loves a sandy or loamy soil and is pad-forming and low growing. In addition, star moss can also be used as a green roof or grave planting as well as under planting or dry stone walls.

# 2 Sand Thyme ( Thymus serpyllum )

paving joints plant ground cover thyme

Very sturdy and winter hardy, this wonderful herb gives us not only heavenly scent, but also magnificent, small flowers in purple. As the name suggests, the plant likes sandy soils. All types of thyme are easy to maintain and tolerate good dryness and sun. They are mainly used as Pflasterfugen greening or as ground cover in rockeries, natural or heath gardens as well as living bed surrounds.

# 3 Roman camomile ‘Plena’ ( Chamaemelum nobile )

Chamaemelum nobile roman chamomile as groundcover for paving joints

The queen of domestic herbs, the chamomile, has quite a few subspecies. One of the most suitable for your paving joints would be the Roman chamomile ‘Plena’. This creeping perennial grows up to 25 cm high and has a fairly good tread resistance. The white flowers dissipate a gentle fragrance and pamper the eyes at the same time. The camomile tolerates sun as well as shade and is resistant to all vermin.

# 4 feather padding ( Cotula dioica and C. squalida )

green cushion Cotula dioica paving joints greening

This easy-care ground cover, which has brown-green leaves and greenish-yellow flowers in spherical shape, is clearly one of our favorites in terms of pavement greening. The plant grows best on dry to fresh soil and likes both sun and shade. Step and pavement joints and embankments are ideally suited for planting with feather padding. Also as a grave planting or in rock garden the plant is often seen.

# 5 Dwarf-silver-rue (Artemisia schmidtiana)

Artemisia schmidtiana dwarf silver rhizome as paving groves greenery

This fine plant thrives best in sunny places and is relatively slow-growing. The dwarf silver diamond was not called that for nothing. Its fantastic, silver color can be perfectly combined with all other plant colors and therefore the dwarf silver diamond is not only well suited for paving joints, but also generally for all perennial beds. However, this pillow-like beauty has a catch. She is not really hardy and that is why she should be protected in the cold, z. B. with leaves on it.

# 6 carpet verbena ( Phyla nodiflora) from Japan

Phyla nodiflora 'Summer carpet verbena as pavement greening

This wonderful wonder plant is so tender and robust at the same time, that it is perfect not only as Pflasterfugen greening, but also as lawn replacement. Dryness and wetness do not bother the plant. The growth is quite dense and you do not need to mow. The carpet Verbena also grows very fast and has almost uninterrupted beautiful flowers. The remarkable plant from Japan is not called”Summer Pearls”in Germany for nothing.

# 7 Creeping savory ( Satureja repanda )

Creeping savory Satureja repanda as paving greening

As an edible, native wild plant, the creeping savory is highly recommended for a stone or aromatic garden, of course, for the pavement joints in general. It tolerates good sun to partial shade and is quite resistant to pests. The savory is hardy, perennial and blooms with gorgeous white flowers in fall.

# 8 Napping sorrel ( Oxalis pes-caprae )

Oxalis pavement greening against weed ground cover yellow flowers

The nodding sower clover is also called lower sorrel. The plant is a member of the sorrel family (Oxalis) and although some species are more commonly considered weeds in the garden, this tender sorrel species is very suitable for planting your garden paths or terraces. It is perennial, has delicate, yellow flowers and spectacular, two-lobed leaflets in heart shape. The plant originally comes from South Africa and was brought to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. Especially among tree crops, the pitching sorrel thrives magnificently, but also the sun and dryness do not bother him.

# 9 Hunger flowers ( Deraba Verna )

hungerblümchen Deraba Verna as pavement greening

More specifically called: Spring-hunger flowers. This is a herbaceous flowering plant that is native. The leaves of the plant are oblong to oval and form a rosette on the ground. The stems are delicate and leafless. The flowers are tiny and each have four petals in white or very rarely in pink. The spring-hunger flower usually blooms from March to May and loves a lot of sun. Low-nutrient and dry soils are perfect for the plant.

# 10 The sharp stonecrop ( Sedum acre )

Sedum acre sharp black pepper groundcover as paving greenery

The spicy stonecrop, also known as hot pepper or peppercorn, is an evergreen, robust ground cover with beautiful, lemon-yellow flowers. With its small, fleshy leaves the spicy stonecrop is reminiscent of a succulent plant, but it is not. The plant is quite sturdy and gets a maximum of 15 cm high. The soil can be sandy to rocky. Dryness and sunshine are very welcome in Stonecrop. The beautiful flowers with pointed petals then bloom from June to August. The plant is resistant, easy to clean and frugal, therefore perfectly suitable for greening the pavement joints in the garden.

Other popular pavement plants are:

Houseleek, cat paw, saltwort, brownelle, golden strawberry, barbelwort and pennywort.

Extra tips for greening your pavement joints

  • The paving joints should already have sufficient depth for the plants to thrive in it.
  • As a base, after removing the weeds, is best sandy sandy garden soil from retailers, which is permeable enough.
  • The soil should be nice and easy, so sprinkle it over the joints and then simply turn them in.
  • For narrower paving joints (less than 2 cm wide), it is best to use a specially purchased seed mixture of suitable plants.
  • For wider joints are recommended rather different flat upholstery plants as joint filler.
  • Regular watering of the paving joints in the first two weeks after sowing or planting is highly advisable.
  • Afterwards simply cut back the plants occasionally.

Little effort, big impact!

Pflasterfugen greening Ground cover perennial plants

Lavender and thyme are top of the list for bedding and plaster joints

lavender and thyme groundcover plants paving greenery

Alys Fowler: paving

These magnificent medicinal herbs also pamper us with a wonderful scent all summer long

moss and lavender against weed paving joints planting groundcover plants
Paving joints against weeds planting groundcover plants
Paving joints Ground cover plants against weeds

Succulents, as robust, easy-care plants, are also a successful choice for paving joints

sukkulenten paving joints planting ideas groundcover plants

Star moss, carpet verbena, thyme… the list is long

pavement grouting greenery with groundcover plant landscaping

The choice is ultimately up to you

Pflasterfugen green weed fight ground cover plants

Turn your gardens and terraces into fabulous places to dream and linger!

Paving joints plants against weed ground cover ideas

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