Healthy Hair Care – The Miracle Plant Rosemary

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maintain Rosemary hair healthy hair care

Maintain the hair with Rosemary healthy tea

The properties of Rosemary, you know well? Millions of people appreciate them highly and use Rosemary much while cooking. He has a beneficial effect on our health.

Also the very practical benefits of Rosemary in the household should be well known how about keep away moths. Rosemary is used also in cosmetics. Because on our skin, he also has a very good effect. Rosemary protects against hair loss, dandruff and makes the hair and large living.

Do you maintain healthy so your hair with Rosemary? There are many possibilities.

Rosemary also can help as much tea

hair healthy care Rosemary tea

But the best one should create a lotion itself. So to make this…

Prepare Rosemary lotion

Two take handful of Rosemary leaves and put them in a pot with water. Cook 10 minutes approximately. Then let about 15 minutes pull the tea. Her Rosemary tea is ready!

First, you have to sift through the tea and then applying it to the hair. Wash your hair with shampoo, then rinse with clean water.

Rosemary butter

You could maintain healthy with butter Rosemary. Take a bit of the fresh plant and beat them with pressure. Then get the so processed Rosemary in a bottle and pour olive oil in it. The bottle should remain in the dark and cold room. Massage your head with some drops of this mixture.

Rosemary in olive oil

hair healthy care Rosemary olive oil

Rosemary in the garden

Do you actually have a garden?

hair healthy care Rosemary garden

Then you can grow this Mediterranean plant there. So, you can maintain healthy at any time by these two or other recipes with Rosemary.

Let’s start with the basic facts. The heyday of Rosemary is from April to June. Dry its leaves in the winter. The maximum height that can be reached is 1.5 meters. Very sunny and dry places to the plants like Rosemary. The ideal Office should also be sheltered from the wind.

You must pour rarely and in appropriate quantities. Be forewarned that Rosemary is a plant which can bear no low temperatures. That’s why you should maintain these best in a flower pot. So you would be able to put it when it gets cold out there far too easily inside. About 10-12 degrees would be the best temperature. The Rosemary plant can hold up to-5 degrees. In the spring and summer, the plant in a protected place should be placed.

The spread of Rosemary is done by cuttings

hair healthy care cuttings of Rosemary

Every two years should be transferred into a new vessel. It would be desirable if the Rosemary is then put into a new container. Fertilization doesn’t have to be.

How can you maintain are otherwise healthy by Rosemary

Let enumerate some great benefits of Rosemary to health care to us at the end. You can use these as Konservant for a number of products. Supported the work of the brain, improves memory, to cure this headache, stomach problems, nervous system disorders, low blood pressure. Still, you could cure some skin scars with Rosemary. Cold inhalations with Rosemary are recommended.

Fine essential oil from Rosemary

hair healthy care essential oil

Blue Rosemary flowers

hair healthy care Rosemary flower

Dried Rosemary

hair healthy care dried Rosemary

Natural cosmetics with Rosemary

hair healthy care Rosemary cosmetics

Rosemary – fresh plant

hair healthy care Rosemary plant

Fresh herbs

hair healthy care Rosemary recipes

A cold drink in hot summer

grooming hair healthy Rosemary summer drink

Nice bunch of Rosemary

hair healthy care Rosemary bundle

Medicinal herbs as potted plants

hair healthy care Rosemary potted plant

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