Raised Beds – ideas for your garden design in spring

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Enrich your garden this spring with perfect raised beds!

Are you starting with the garden design? Or would you like to spice up an already existing outdoor area? Do you feel somewhat unsure about your gardening skills? You might want to take the first steps of your new project a little more cautiously? The perfect solution could be the raised beds. They are, in many respects, more practical and simpler than the other forms of gardening.

The various garden beds

There are different garden beds not only with regard to construction, but also with regard to the material used for their construction. These made of stone are durable constructions. They are difficult to move or dismantle. They are not suitable for the beginners and they are accordingly no subject of our article. It is about smaller raised bed structures, which are suitable for learning and experiments.

Raised beds are functional and stylish idea for the modern and orderly garden

Flowering white vegetable planting gardening ideas

Bunk beds for the flowers

High bed design materials exterior ideas

Wooden raised bed gives the garden a natural look

Beech wood vegetable gardening

Modern garden beds are stylish

High bed materials garden plants

Plain upholstery made of wood on one level

In every garden center you will find such cheap and simple constructions. They help you create an area within a small garden area.

The idea is that, for some delicate plants, you should pour specially fertilized and prepared soil inside the raised bed. So you can maintain your garden beds easily, but they can still beautify your garden.

The raised bed is a good solution for an orderly garden

Gardenide high bed planting

Wooden garden beds and pebbles create a fresh exterior

Flowering garden plants gardening pebbles

Multi-stage Raised beds , Which can be positioned against a wall

The raised bed is sometimes designed in the form of a staircase. It has several levels – up to three usually. In this form, it can easily be positioned in front of a wall or fence.

Multistage and functional can be a raised bed

Flower garden ideas

Creative garden ideas for your flowers

Flowering garden plants

Very light raised bed constructions

More and more modern materials are used at the Design of raised beds for use. They provide the same as the traditional ones for easier plant care and better plant protection from outside conditions and insects. At the same time, they offer further advantages. They are quite light and can easily be moved from one place to the other. In addition, they can often be worked out in different colors, which gives us more freedom in the garden design.

Stylish idea for gardening

Gardenide flower bed planting

Protect your back

Gardening is in principle very healthy, because we move a lot and are also close to nature. However, this employment is very stressful for the back and this must by no means be disregarded. There are easy to install garden beds, which can also be adjusted in height. These ensure that you can do your gardening well without suffering painful back pain.

Functional garden beds facilitate gardening

High bed wood garden fashion ideas plants

Interesting shapes and stylish solutions

Modern garden beds can provide a chic appearance in the garden. They show different shapes – geometric, round or simple. They can be made of wood or a combination of wood and metal. You can find practical beds in all styles – from rural to retro, to modern and futuristic.

Practical table, planted with flowers

Gardenide high bed design

Plant container and bench in one combine

High bed functional garden design ideas garden bench plant container

Creative idea of ​​how to plant vegetables in his garden

Gartenideen hochbeet creative ideas

These garden beds are modern and stylish

Gardenide flower bed garden garden beautify garden stairs

Put stylish gardening into practice

Gardenideen hochbeet attach flowers pebbles garden fence

If you are a beginner in the garden design, or if you want to make the gardening a bit easier, then put on the flexible Raised beds . Experiment with their shapes and positioning. Perhaps you can build permanent, brick-built birch structures in your garden?

The garden bed is practical and elegant at the same time

Flowering garden

Make the garden practical and chic

Gardenideen hochbeet attach creative design

Metal upholstery embellishes the garden

High bed design garden design ideas

Make the backyard with garden beds

High bed design plant stone garden fence

Table beds are comfortable and practical

High bed design table wood

Put colored flowers in the raised bed


The raised metal bed looks stylish

High bed metal material garden design ideas

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