Houseplants Flowers – Liven Your Home!

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flowering houseplants pot plant Orchid

Complete the coloured features of your home by blooming houseplants

Have you seen a blue Orchid? Did you think that they are among the houseplants? Like this, there are many flowering beauties. You must look only and is for the right examples keep your eyes open. Here are some examples that you should necessarily take into consideration.

Houseplants flowers – blue Orchid

flowering houseplants pot plant Orchid blue

Ultimately, this is also a wonderful way original, festive and fresh at the same time to equip the House for Christmas.

Great houseplants bring strong life in the House

The flower shops are always current and popular with many people. Because they’re alive. You must be there to make you feel good. In the interiors represented by us are increasingly flowering houseplants. Add colored every ambience.

But we look at them more as accessories. You deserve more attention in itself. We want to give where it today.

Many of the plants can survive equally well in indoor and outdoor areas. This means that you could make them depending on the case in a different location. The daisies and chrysanthemums are a wonderful example of such flowering houseplants.


flowering house plants potted Daisy

Coloured Chrysanthemums

potted indoor plants flowering chrysanthemums colored decoration ideas

Composition of flowering indoor plants in a larger flower pot

A winter garden can be also easily realizable dream! One buys a larger flower containers, watches that combine matching plants there. Affiliated to position all of this at a suitable place at home. At home we have a colourful corner. When you combine different shades together, this corner you can see home wonderfully!

There are also indoor plants that can thrive in many different shades. So these are around the cyclamen. These can be combined in a common plant container easily. They are then easy to clean and look beautiful.

Cyclamen cyclamen, still called

flowering house plants potted plant cyclamen cyclamen

The advantages of the latter are very many. First of all they need are irrigated all too often. In cold climates, you need not to do so. In addition these flourish again and again on the new. There are many great varieties of houseplants that are still flowering and easy to grow, on the market. So it remains only that you home well evaluate the conditions and discuss these with the Advisor in your nearby florist. So he can recommend the just the right flowering houseplants.

Hyacinth – an onion flower, to enjoy as a potted plant

flowering houseplants hyacinth potted plants

Purple Pelargonium

flowering indoor plants Pelargonium potted plant

The orchid is perhaps the Queen of flowering houseplants

potted indoor plants flowering Orchid

Christmas decoration with balls and a Purple Orchid

potted indoor plants flowering Orchid Christmas decoration

Japanese Camellia

potted indoor plants flowering Japanese Camellia


potted indoor plants flowering Saintpaulia

Christmas star

potted indoor plants blooming poinsettia

White flowering houseplants

potted indoor plants flowering white flaming Kate cyclamen

Red Begonia

indoor plants popular potted Begonia red

Flaming Kate

indoor plants popular pot plant Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana flaming Kate


potted flowering houseplants Anthurium

They call this flowering potted plant still Flamingo flower

potted indoor plants flowering Anthurium

Single sheet

flowering houseplants single potted plant

Gerbera as a potted plant

flowering houseplants Gerber potted plants

Uzmania Lingulata

flowering houseplants Guzmania Lingulata

Also available in pink

Guzmania Lingulata flowering house plants potted plants

Clivia Miniata, Klivie

Clivia Miniata flowers indoor plants Klivie

White Knight star and hyacinth

indoor plants flowering potted white hyacinths Amaryllis Knight star

Geraniums, geranium beaks

Geraniums Stork beaks indoor plants flowering potted plants

Schlumbergera, Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera flowering house plants Christmas Cactus

Amaryllis, Knight star

potted indoor plants flowering Amaryllis


potted indoor plants flowering azalea

Blossoming hibiscus

potted indoor plants flowering hibiscus balcony plants

Streptocarpus, turning fruit

flowering houseplants Streptocarpus Rotary fruit pot plants

A pink flowering houseplant with Asian flair, whose name we unfortunately do not know. And you?

potted indoor plants flowering pink flowers

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