How Healthy Is Asparagus And Can Make Us The Raw Asparagus Tired?

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Healthy eating asparagus? Can the raw asparagus make us tired?

How many types of vegetables can you remember actually, which are popular for athletes as well as the usual Vegetable Eaters? Certainly, you would not infinitely many answers to this question. Asparagus is a possible.

Asparagus – healthy and low in calories

asparagus healthy food Spargelsaison Sparge Lund

The different types of asparagus

Whether asparagus is healthy, you can not as easily clear answer. The reason is that there are actually a great many varieties of asparagus. Accordingly, each has their own, specific properties. Actually, we have the 3000 discovered varieties.

The asparagus season is just around the corner!

asparagus healthy food spring asparagus season

Do not get panic! You must meet all, to understand the relationship between health and asparagus. Because only three are offered on the market. There are white, purple and green asparagus.

Asparagus types on the market

asparagus healthy eating asparagus types on the market

The three types of asparagus on the market

All Kinds of asparagus are harvested in the fourth year after installation.

White asparagus – This strain is estimated highest in Germany and the Scandinavian countries. The white asparagus are grown in the shade and be unsheathed immediately once the tips emerge above the ground.

White asparagus

asparagus healthy food types white asparagus asparagus

Violet asparagus – this variety you have to wait a little more. You reap the asparagus as soon as they get a purple color. This they would have to remain issued his and a bit longer the Sun compared to the white asparagus, for example.

Purple asparagus

asparagus healthy eating asparagus violet asparagus species

Green asparagus – This type of asparagus is characterized by high and ultra slim stalks. They are popular in France and Italy. There are ample productions of in South-Eastern Europe.

Green asparagus

asparagus healthy eating asparagus species green asparagus

The asparagus and its history

The asparagus cooking has a very long history in the bourgeois cuisine, as well as in the upscale cuisine. This vegetable has been shown even on the sarcophagi of Pharaohs from the ancient Egypt. The Romans saw a connection between asparagus and health, both in the physical and spiritual aspects. Frequent eating asparagus protects from diseases according to their opinion, but also against black magic and the misfortune of following.

Fresh asparagus in the garden

asparagus healthy food garden plant asparagus plants

The great properties of this vegetable are not escaped also Louis the great. Quite the contrary! Its time you learned exactly how you can cook asparagus.

The long history of asparagus

asparagus healthy food garden plant asparagus species

Now more specifically on the relationship health and asparagus

We came up with this aspect already to talk about, but here are some more details, which is certainly also important. The asparagus vegetables is proven rich in potassium, calcium, sodium and iron. Significantly, it promotes the functioning of the kidneys.

Asparagus juice and smoothies with asparagus, cucumber, lemon, and parsley

asparagus healthy food and drinking asparagus season asparagus juice Smoothie

Liver and lungs are also very encouraged

Explorers in South Korea have discovered that the asparagus extract is very effective against Kattersymptome. Also, the liver against the destructive effects of pollutants is protected as a result.

Healthy effect of asparagus

asparagus healthy food recipes with asparagus spring asparagus season

The asparagus also have a mushroom effect and protect against inflammation

Be careful!

In addition to the beneficial health effects, the asparagus could affect the health of some people. They contain the substance of aspartic. He is very upset and can greatly irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Side effects are sometimes also possible

asparagus healthy eating asparagus species green asparagus of white asparagus

Keep asparagus

You also have the possibility to store the asparagus. To them, would have to be left wrapped in a damp cloth in refrigerator. At best, this should be done in the produce section. They should not remain there longer than three days. So they are too tight and too many threads.

Properly store asparagus

asparagus healthy eating asparagus storing in glass

Also deeply frozen in the freezer they might be kept. You will not lose their good properties for a long time.

Asparagus in the freezer store

asparagus healthy food green asparagus retain

The experts recommend following special preparation methods – blanched, steamed and pressed with butter or olive oil. The water in which they were cooked, can be used on wonderfully well for soups.

Cook asparagus soup

asparagus healthy food recipe cooking asparagus soup products

Asparagus with pregnancy and heart problems

The asparagus are highly recommended for pregnancy and heart problems. It contains folic acid, known as vitamin B9. It is of fundamental importance for avoiding damage to the neurological system of the small child. Protecting you is therefore also against cancer. The other positive ingredients also act as antioxidants and protect the immune system. Cholesterol levels are controlled by the good material in the asparagus.

Delicious asparagus – asparagus with lemon and Parmesan

asparagus healthy food recipe asparagus with lemon and Parmesan

Fried eggs with asparagus

asparagus healthy food recipe scrambled eggs with asparagus

Gourmet food – green asparagus in foil with salmon fillet

asparagus healthy food recipe asparagus with salmon

Steamed asparagus with Bacon

asparagus healthy food recipe asparagus cooked with Bacon

Asparagus Salad with noodles

asparagus healthy food recipe Asparagus Salad with pasta

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