Hydrangeas – The Attractive Accent In Every Garden

Posted on Jun 05, 2017

“It is salutary to be surrounded by colored things. What pleases the eye refreshes the eye
Mind, and what refreshed the mind, refreshed the body”

Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) American journalist

Do you want to refresh your mind and body? Then you can be guided by the quotation written above, take up this idea and surround yourself with colored garden flowers. These bring special color accents into your outdoor area and often leave your soul dangling. As usual, all gardening friends have their hands full in spring and summer. Just in this time, all the flower fans are trying to make your garden as beautiful as possible, so that they can enjoy the colorful beauty of nature in the month. Do you want to experience this unlimited charm with all your senses and experience it first hand? They are then obviously right here with us, because we show you today how you can do this with colorful hydrangeas. Stay with it and get inspired to a new garden design!

Do you need unusual accents in your outdoor area?

Garden plants unusual ideas for the glare protection

Knowledge about hydrangea

The hydrangeas are garden flowers, which are sought after by their attractive flowers. These are dyed in all possible natural tones. The hydrangeas grow in shrubs up to 2 meters high or as climbing plants. About 80 species are known worldwide, which are widely distributed in the Far East, South and North America and now also in the warm regions of Europe.

Her botanical name Hydrangea comes from Greek and can be translated into German as”water can”. The German term comes from the Latin word”hortus”, which means”garden”. No matter what name you prefer, one thing is important: these impressive garden flowers require a lot of water. They grow in the garden best in half shade, although some varieties also like the full sun. The soil should be moist and humus rich, with pH values ​​between 5 and 6.

The color palette of the hydrangea leaves almost no wishes open

Garden plants hydrangea in diverse shades as a beautiful garden decoration

The interesting thing about these magnificent flowers is the fact, their color depends on the pH value of the soil soil. By suitable fertilizer you can change the pH value of the garden earth and get flowers in new colors. As a matter of principle, these gardens are blossoming from the end of May to mid-June (depending on the weather) and the flowering season lasts until September. The flowers are spherical and their delicate leaves are colored from white to pink to violet and purple. At a low pH of the soil, the hydrangeas may be blue. The entire color palette of these attractive garden flowers leaves nothing to be desired and turns the hydrangeas into a true pleasure for the eye and soul.

The blue hydrangeas fall immediately, they always attract the attention

Hydrangea garden design with beautiful garden plants

Care tips for hydrangeas

Before we go to the Pflegetipps, let us emphasize once again: there are numerous hydrangeas, which are well-watched in Germany in Germany and are used as garden flowers nationwide. The most popular hydrangeas are the farm hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), the variety”Endless Summer”,”Hydrangea arborescens”,”Hydrangea panicolata”,”Hydrangea quercifolia”and”Hydrangea serrata”. If you want to make your house facade a special view, you can plant the hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) at the house and let the facade meterhoch climb. Before deciding on a particular variety, we advise you to keep a close eye on its characteristics and care.

Otherwise the following tips for all hydrangeas are valid:

-Select a half-shaded site for your hydrangeas

– You need a humid and humus rich soil

– The basic principle of hydrangea care is: daily watering and fertilizing once every two weeks

– The different pH values ​​of the soil give different colors of the flowers. The values ​​lie between 5 and 6. Blue hydrangeas thrive in the acid soil.

– The shrubs must be cut in the spring. You can find out more about this in the attached video.

– The hydrangeas can be propagated in the early summer by cuttings.

– Secure your beautiful garden flowers the necessary winter protection! If the frost persists, you can cover it with fir or a winter fleece.

– In the retail trade you will find the preparations which protect against diseases and pests.

The colorful hydrangeas turn your summer garden into a true flower sea

Hydrangeas in various colors decorate the exterior

Gorgeous decoration for indoors and outdoors

The hydrangeas are very strong in every outdoor area due to their large spherical flowers and their enormous color brilliance. They are the perfect decoration for half-shaded and well protected places. The magnificent shrubs can be used on the house in planting strips or in groups. These natural beauty also grow in tubs and decorate numerous terraces and balconies throughout Germany. Its decorative value also comes into its own in the house – splendid flowers arranged in a large vase are the best jewelery for your own four walls. Even dry, the flowers can be used as decoration. Let your imagination run wild and you will find many new design ideas with hydrangeas!

A well-sheltered place at the wall of the house is the perfect place for the beauty of the garden

Gardening hydrangea in white embellished the exterior

Pass the colorful splendor into the house with colorful hydrangeas in the vase!

Garden plants hydrangeas in vase decorate the home

Hydrangeas as potted plants decorate the balcony and terrace

Hydtensien as a kitchen decorating balcony and terrace

The hydrangeas are about 2 m high

Horticulture horticulture Horticulture horticulture in various colors

The climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) is always eyecatching

Garden plants climbing hydrangea in white decorated the garden fence

The magnificent hydrangeas fill your summery garden with lots of color and a good mood

Hydrangeas in pink embellish the exterior
Gardening hydrangea in the outside brings color and joy
Garden plants ball hydrangea in light green
Garden plants hydrangea in lilanuancen
Garden plants in fresh colors Rispen Hydrangea
Hortensien beautify the garden fence
Gardening plate of hydrangea white flowers
Hortensia bushes in the garden for serenity

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