Make Weed Killers Ourselves – 3 Ecological Alternatives To Salt And Vinegar

As beautiful as grasses are, we do not want them always and everywhere. This is especially true of weeds. These annoying grasses simply sprout up every year in our gardens despite sidewalks and pavements. A simple grip to the chemical leg is rather undesirable and best avoided. Home remedies such as salt, vinegar and vinegar cleaner are used by some gardeners, but should actually be avoided. Because these agents salty and pollute the soil and cause the death of many important insects and small animals, which also the balance of nature is destroyed. For the groundwater, salt and vinegar in larger quantities are also not safe. So, you should think of something else against weeds. In the next few lines, we will give you 3 great alternatives for how to make ecological weed killers yourself.

Make ecological weed killers yourself or weeding regularly

Paving joints greening against weeds

Make weed killers ourselves – 3 alternatives to salt and vinegar

Instead of salt and vinegar or vinegar cleanser, you can still use quite a few home remedies as weed killers that are harmless to nature. These still give satisfactory results and often save you from constant weeding.

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Opt for natural weed killers

Paving joints plants against weed ground cover ideas

# 1 Use pasta, rice or potato water

The starch contained in these ingredients works wonders if you want to do ecological weed killers yourself. This, in combination with hot water, causes the death of the pores in the lower epidermis of the plants (stomata) and so the weeds infiltrate. Simply cook the selected ingredients, sift the water and spill it onto the weeds. This home remedy is particularly effective on sidewalks or pavement joints. Of course, you should be aware of which materials were used for the paving and make a small test on a difficult-to-see location as needed.

# 2 Stinging nettle

weed killers make themselves from nettles

With stinging nettles or, to be more precise, with a slurry of it, you can also be very successful at controlling weeds. This remedy applies not only in this case, but also against aphids and white fly very effective. Because the stinging nettle is very acidic and toxic to the weeds. And how is this weed killer being prepared? Very easily!

You need 1 kg of fresh nettle and 10 liters of water. Mix the two ingredients in a large saucepan and allow to stand covered in the sun for about 2 weeks. Now and then, stir the manure well. After two weeks, sift the liquid and shake it over the unwanted weeds. It is best to repeat this procedure several times to achieve optimal results.

Attention: For drinking water wells or garden fountains in general you should not use the nettle manure in the vicinity. Otherwise there is a risk that the water will be contaminated.

# 3 Soda or baking soda

make soda baking powder weed killer yourself

Miracle remedy Natron is also very effective at weed killer making. To do this, you should dissolve 3-4 sachets of baking soda or 4-5 tablespoons of soda in 5 liters of water and use as water over the weeds. This works best on a sunny day. After evaporation of the water, the active ingredient remains on the weeds and lets it dry up slowly but surely. As with nettle manure, this natural weed killer should be used several times.

Extra tips: Particularly suitable against weeds in pavement joints or on terraces are: flames with the gas burner, infrared weed killers from specialist retailers, stone dust or joint scrapers. For garden beds bark mulch or wood shavings as well as a conventional weed fleece are suitable.

Bark mulch also spreads a very pleasant scent in the garden

weed killer make mulch itself

Proceed with weeding against the right garden accessories

weed killers make high bed weeding ourselves

Weeds from the pavement fixing Of course, scratching always helps

joint scrapers paving joints weed killers ourselves

And regular weeding is the alpha and omega of environmentally friendly weed killing

weed killers ourselves make household remedies

Some weeds such as dandelion are even very healthy and can be prepared deliciously

weed killer make himself against dandelion