Modern Garden Design: The Best Use Of The Colors

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The Modern garden design Is sober, serves as an extension of the living space and often acts monochrome. That is, the splendid appearance in many different nuances is not so common in the modern designed garden as in traditional concepts. Nevertheless, the colors remain of great importance for modern garde design. Today we are dedicated to this topic. In general, the rules of the interior must be used outside. Through the colors, you can create a monochrome background. With this, wonderful accents can also be set.

You will learn how to use the shading effectively and trendy in the next few lines.

Do you want a monochrome or a colorful color palette for your garden?

Natural garden with many colors

Carefully plan the color palette

Just as in the interior design, you should carefully plan the color palette. Which background color do you like best? Do you want to emphasize certain zones with certain shades? Or would you like to set these accents. Would you insist on fluid transitions between the different shades or long for contrasts?

Imagine all these questions before you begin planning.

Give yourself the color splendor of roses in different colors

Roses of different colors

Modern garden design: Determine the turning points with colors

Through the colors you can create dramatic effects and interesting turning points. Just plant different”patches”with different flash colors. Let the contrasts of nuances and texture come into their own.

If you plan to have the garden properly, you can enjoy it in different colors every season

Green and other colors

Consider the changes of the seasons

Famous blossoms Different flowers at different seasons , Also the color of the bars and the leaves change. Plan your garden design so that there are enough dramatic colored effects throughout the year.

The colored garden design can be easy to maintain

Fiery nuances of the earth and stones

Customize the garden design to your everyday life!

When do you most enjoy the garden? Is it the most beautiful morning or evening? Bright colors will wake you up immediately after getting up. Ideal for the evening enjoyment would be silver leaves and white flowers. At night, these wonderful shimmers spread.

Orange, yellow and other bright shades provide more light in the garden

Many different fiery colors

Brighten the garden with fiery nuances

With fiery colors like red, yellow, orange and others, you create great accents. Furthermore, thanks to this each garden is brighter and thus more inviting. That is why one should not forgo the warm colors in a modern outdoor area. Especially important is the use of such colors in the shady corners of your garden.

Monochrome plant beds give the whole depth and fullness

Groups in color strategy

Gardening in layers

Put on the layers in modern garden design, lend this depth! With this method, the garden design itself becomes lush on a small area.

Magnificent vertical garden design

Vertical garden with small flower heads

Vertical planting

Do not underestimate the potential of vertical planting. Modern garden design is becoming more and more practical. This allows you to enjoy the green nature and at the same time beautify your façade.

The neutral colors make the shapes look elegant

Brown and green and pastel

The boundaries between art and nature are blurred

Do not cut too hard between art and nature in the garden. Make them a unified concept. You can achieve this by the colored design of the outdoor furniture or the choice of colors in the plants. If you do this cleverly, you will get together a fabulous and perfect unit.

A small colorful detail can make a big difference in the garden

Flowers in different colors

Set a high value on the details

When you are done with the great planning, you can create surprising color accents here and there. This will individualize your garden and give it a uniform appearance.

In general, we find in modern garden design that the plants themselves play a subordinate role. Their choice is designed to set the outdoor area as an extension of the living space. On the theme of”color”, this becomes much clearer.

Flower colorful in the forest
Flower pots and other

Colorful vertical garden
The facade by green and pink beautify
One and the same flower with color
Colors on the fence

Colored garden design with planters
Fiery on dark green

Textures in the garden
Green garden colorful leaves
Green garden with colored flowers
Green yellow purple
Green with yellow with blue

green and blue
Green and blue and green
Green and fiery
Warm colored textures
Green and yellow
Green and yellow in various nuances
Green and yellow and natural colors
Green and pink

High bed with many different nuances
Colored spots on green lawn
In the center natural garden with many colors
Blue flowers and yellow
Bright colors in the garden
Picturesque illustration with great colors
Several colored accents in a garden with rough appearance
Several colored bushes
Several different tulips
Several white and fiery blossoms
Modern colors in the garden

Natural garden with water source
Natural garden and several shades
Neutral and delicate pastel nuances
Orange pink red
Parks as models for the colored garden design
Pink purple purpure

Gentle pink appears against this background as an accent
See the deco and the colors as a uniform concept
Stones and green lawn make a monochrome design
Various flowers different green areas
Various colors different flowers

Many flowers in front of a house
Many nuances of gray

Water source many flowers
White as a radiant accent
White comes radiant before the green to the geltung

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