Naturally Combat Aphids- 10 Home Remedies And Fresh Tips

Everyone who loves his garden, spends a lot of time there. One cultivates all his garden plants lovingly and can hardly wait for the first magnificent blossoms to bloom. The gardener’s surprise is all the more evil when one day he finds his beloved garden infested with aphids. Quick you can drive to the garden center and the most effective remedy for this annoying and at first sight harmless pests take. Stop! Stop! How many of us have an idea of ​​how toxic some drugs are? Of course, they would serve their purpose and drive out the aphids, along with their eggs. What is the price for this liberation and how poisoned is the treated plant and the soil around it when we resort to conventional means? We would not find a really satisfactory answer to this question. But we have gone in search of good problem solutions that are harmless to us.

With these 10 home remedies you can of course fight the aphids

leaf louse naturally fighting white

One day they come out of nowhere and the whole garden is full of it

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The first thing you can do is manually remove the aphids first

leaf lice naturally combat by hand

Of course, aphids fight with these 10 home remedies

At a Infestation of aphids you should act lightning fast. The little critters multiply so fast that in no time at all they will eat up the fresh shoots of the plants. Today, we offer 10 natural home remedies that you can prepare yourself without complications. Surprisingly, most of the ingredients are found at home. To which ordinary and effective means it goes with us today, we betrayed the same!

With various hot or cold water extracts you can defeat the annoying pests

leaf louse naturally fights nettle

Choosing the natural predators of our enemies is a good idea

leaf-louse naturally fighting ladybug

1) Nettle extract

For a liter of water you take 200g fresh nettle or 20g dried leaves. The plant parts are doused with water and allowed to pull for hours without fermenting. Afterwards, the affected leaves and stems are sprayed with the undiluted extract.

Nettle is not only rich in iron and good for our health, but it can also chase away the aphids

fight against leaf lice of course

The plants should be treated several times with the chosen home remedy until you no longer see aphids

leaf louse natural fighting garden plant

2) soap lye as an agent against aphids

In order not to have a bad conscience, the gardener can use rubbed curd soap and dissolve it in the water. That would be the better alternative to the synthetic rinse And detergents and sells the persistent aphids. The mixing ratio is an EL soap to liter of water.

Do not come to me quickly to core soap , just use a few drops of dish soap with a little spirit, also diluted in water. First aid, should certainly go fast.

The soapsuds are among the most well-known remedies for aphids

leaf lice of course combat fighting agent

3) ladybugs and other predators of aphids

For large gardens is it worth some natural Predator of the aphids to know. Leave some ladybugs in your garden and they will solve the difficult task with the aphids in a natural way. It is worthwhile to”write off”more and more”tricks”from nature.

Leave ladybugs in the garden and garden them carelessly

leaf lice natural baekempfen leaf

4) Make the garlic broth yourself

If you have long believed that chemistry has nothing to do in your garden, you will learn a versatile and compulsory for every kitchen Home remedies – the Kno know blue.

From 100g of healthy toes, you can make a garlic broth yourself, with which you spray the infested plants. Pour 100g garlic into 3 liters of boiling water and leave to stand for 5-6 hours. Then filter the cold brew and transfer to a spray bottle.

Everybody should have their own garlic and onion at home, so that you can sell the aphids as well

leaf lice naturally fight garlic

Fresh, juicy and young shoots are quickly discovered by the aphids

leaf-louse natural combat tomato plant

5) Ordinary onion for aphids

Here the preparation is similar, as with the garlic. 40g of onion are poured over with 5 L of boiling water and min. Left alone for 4 hours. With this mixture Let the spraying leaves be sprayed for 10 days.

Onionsauce against leaf insects and for starched plants

leaf louse naturally fighting with onion sued

6) vinegar

The vinegar is really an all-rounder. To 100 ml of vinegar take 1L of water. This sprays all plants. Attention! Aphids can be carriers of worse diseases. Do not take the problem so lightly!

The all-rounder vinegar also helps us to save the infested plants in the garden

leaf louse naturally fought with vinegar

For about 10 days you should treat the sick plants and clean their leaves

leaf louse naturally fighting neem oil

7) Black tea is also good for aphids

A good tea not only tastes fantastic, but can also be used against aphids. Just cook Your tea and let it pull for about 15 minutes. When the tea has cooled, it can finally be sprayed over the plants.

The good black tea can taste except good, fight even annoying insects

leaf louse naturally fighting with black tea

With a strong infusion of black tea you are the aphids relatively soon los

leaf lice naturally fight spray

8) Oregano – the effective means

The oregano is not only popular in the kitchen. Except that the spice with its aroma provides culinary awareness, you can effectively combat the aphids in the garden with a decoction of the herb. To 100g fresh (or 10g dried) oregano leaves take 1L of boiling water. Let the tea simmer for about 15 minutes and then sift through. When the Oreganosud has cooled down, it can be decanted and used selectively.

This popular medicinal plant and culinary highlight can still effectively work against aphids

leaf louse naturally fights with oregano

9) bracken fern

Here again, the relationship between the fern and the water is 100: 10, or in other words take 100g of fern leaves and 1 L of water and mix them together. The resulting mixture can be used well against aphids and also strengthens the plants instead of poisoning them.

The fern leaves expel aphids and strengthen the infested plants

leaf-louse of course fighting fern leaf

10) Neemöl – the wonder weapon

Again, we should mix the home remedy with water. So that fat can dissolve in the water, you need emulsifiers. In this case, Rimulgan is recommended. The first solution can be used undiluted and consists of 1ml Neemöl, 1ml Rimulgan and 500 ml water. Pour all ingredients into a small spray bottle, close and shake vigorously. Shake before each use!

The effect of neem oil limits the reproduction of aphids. If you are looking for a better flavor a pure natural essential oil you should know that the oil also enhances the action of the agent against aphids.

With neem oil you can do many good things, including effective control of aphids in the garden

leaf louse natural baempempfen with orange blossom oil neem oil plant blossom

Neem can be mixed with other essential oils to increase the effect

leaf louse naturally fights with orange blossom oil neem oil
leaf louse natural baempempfen with orange blossom oil neem oil plant

To rediscover and apply the power of nature

It is actually nice, comfortable and also very advanced, that you can buy everything nowadays. Even better would be to take environmentally friendly home remedies that are effective and yet harm people and nature. We are not reinventing the world. We simply lean on the old knowledge of our grandparents and use it in the modern context.

Although aphids may appear harmless at first glance, they can be carriers of serious diseases

leaf louse natural baekempfen laus

Everyone should know best how he shapes his own life. Nevertheless, one must never forget that plants, humans and animals live in close connection. And even if it is unimportant for us how healthy our everyday life is, we must not disturb others with our way of life!

First, you wonder why his plants have turned so white and then you notice the small insects regularly distributed on the leaf

leaf lice naturally fight barely recognizable

How much you look forward to the heyday of the roses and then come the aphids, as if from nowhere

leaf-louse naturally fighting roses

There are good ways to deal with aphids without having to poison nature

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leaf louse natural fight green leaf