Overview Of The Latest Trends In Modern Garden Design

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The summer is approaching ever closer and thus also the actuality of the theme”modern garden design”is increasing. No time to lose? Here is an overview of the latest trends in this area!

A source of inspiration for modern garden design: travels to national parks and botanical gardens

National park trips inspire to naturalism in the garden

Travel therefore naturalism in the garden

Many people choose to travel in the midst of nature. They make holidays in or near natural parks and botanical gardens. It will Many world trips On this subject. The reason is clear: we are tired of the artificial environment and need natural experience for the better recovery.

Many draw inspiration from their own garden design.

This is becoming more and more creative in recent years. Also you can see Many exotic influences ,

Colorful color combinations and conspicuous shapes are currently in the modern garden design

Colorful colors and eye-catching shapes

Bright, bold colors

Through eye-catching colors garden designers create fantastic contrasts to minimalistic interior furnishings. Thus the natural experience is intensified. This also applies in part to the interior, especially when the interiors open outwards over wide window walls.

Hydrangeas are winterhart and very suitable for a prolonged garden season

Hortensien hedge winterhart

Extended garden season

Professional gardeners focus our attention Winter hardy flowers , Thus, the enjoyment of the beautiful design is extended. Many suitable plants can now also be found in your garden, on the threshold of the summer. Or the plants that change their colors. Green in summer, bronze, purple or orange in the next seasons. Plant species are so magical and it is worth to have more of them in their own garden.

Furthermore, the modern garden design is characterized by shrubs and trees, which in winter look beautiful without flowers. They are usually attractive thanks to the sculptural appearance and the charming garden greenery.

Naturalism is the most important trend in garden design for 2017

Naturalism water source

Extreme naturalism

Somehow this trend 2017 pushes everyone else into the background. The potential of naturalism is maximized in all its aspects of garden design. At first glance, you will notice this when selecting the materials. Stone and rock blocks are used almost exclusively.

“Edible”landscapes in the backyard are also modern

Edible landscapes

Edible plants in the backyard

To rely solely on visual aesthetics is now considered backward and boring. The modern garden has to spoil our senses. Among other things, this should stimulate the appetite for healthy own garden production. The use of edible plants in the backyard is a very logical trend in this sense.

Set boldly bright accents

Cytisus Spachianus plant

Striking accents

The modern garden design lives on the structure and the idea of ​​the extension of the living space. The plants assume a subordinate role. You have to emphasize the lines and the style of the whole. Used as accents, they break through the structure and thus make it more effective.

Combine simple and simple elements in the garden

Balance of luxury and simple garden elements

Luxury in the details

The extension of the living area towards the garden is done, among other things, by applying the same design rules and trends. Both inside and out, you can indulge in luxury in the details. In the case of gardening, one could allow for some more expensive but luxurious plants.

In modern garden design, balance is strived for at every level

Balance between exoticism and ease of care

Balance at every level

How can the garden design be exalted despite modern experiments? That works through the balance and it should be achieved at every level. For example in the care: Mix exotic and more complicated plant species with more easy-care varieties. This way, you will exceed the level of the amateur gardener, but at the same time keep the effort in moderation. This is also the case with the colors, with the complicated and simple DIY projects, etc.

The modern garden design trends us not only closer to nature. They do justice to the striving to become one with this. Relaxation, meditation, healthy everyday life – these are the main goals. Natural growth and not the effects of contagion are a priority. In this form, gardening seems to be more and more fun for people. We wish you a great summer!

Great ideas for the small garden in line with the latest trends can be found in this video

DIY ideas are often also wonderful accents

Accent diy art plants

Balance of several glare accents and neutrals

Balance of accent and neutral colors

With the same plant species many colored accents set

Well-known plant accents many colors

Different layers of colors, heights and textures

Several colors plant groups and heights

A few accents and different nuances of the green

small flash-accents-in-the-Green

Balance of naturalism and formality

Special and easy-care elements

Water source in naturalistic style

water source-naturalism

Textured naturalism in the backyard

Allow in-garden-wildwuchs-

The different geraniums are also suitable for the extension of the garden season

Winter hardy geranium three types

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