Pansy – The Hot Blumentpp To Bring Home The Summer

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The frosty time lasts surprisingly long this year. This naturally has a negative effect on our favorite flowers. Many of them, which are typical for this season, can not yet be brought outside. Others are harder and harder in the garden Or on the terrace. This last group also includes pansies. With their planting, we can begin now, despite the frosty weather. Perhaps we’ll lure the summer even faster!

Some of the many colors of the pansies are delicate and elegant

This light blue super elegant

Pansies and horned violets

The pansies are often confused with horny violets. Both need quite different care. Pansies are two-year-olds. The horned violets Grow over several years. The flowers of the pansies are much more robust than those of the”little sister”.

They offer much greater color diversity. This allows you to”lay”a beautiful soft carpet in the garden.

The horny violets, on the other hand, are to be found in a few but very bold colors. They are smoother and more suitable for setting accents in the garden and on the terrace.

The beautiful plant can also thrive in good weather

Dramatic-color pansy

Where do we get the pansies from?

We can of course sow the pansies ourselves if we have a garden. So that this year will grow, we must have already done this last summer. If not, then we can get some from the market. They are there to find good prices and great variety. When buying, pay particular attention to the flowers. At least one or two should already be on. If the pansies are compact in the flower head, they have better chances of a splendid development. Not so well cultivated plants recognize the thin structure and the small size.

There are also black pansies

Black pansy

Move to the outside

When the young plants are grown, they can be placed in the garden or transplanted into a larger flower pot. In the second case, we would lie down under these little brushes. So they are well insulated and protected at lower temperatures than this spring.

The pansy can reach up to 25 – 30 cm and several blossoms grow in succession. This makes you radiant Colors in the exterior for a very long time.

The care

The care tips you should keep in mind are not many. The flowers are best developed in the full sun and a relatively wet soil. Halbschatten would also go. The soil should be humid and enriched with humus.

With pansies you can decorate the garden or the terrace

Chic black plant

The terrace or the garden with pansies shape

Those who love living decoration can find many ideas with pansies on the Internet. Create a monochrome”carpet”of monochrome pansies or combine several colors together.

The contrasts to the flower heads are popular and effective method. Pansies are often used in plant beds made of wood or wicker baskets, as well as attached to walls or walls.

For every occasion in spring, a cake with pansies would be perfect

Cake with pansies

Culinary pleasure

Pansies look and smell great. Your flowers can be eaten. You should of course not be injected before, because otherwise you endanger your health. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. They do not taste so special, but there are many combinations with meat or desserts.

So if you want to have a great summer feeling even in the cool weather this year, the pansies are a great idea. They look lovely, are also easy to maintain and robust, offer several design possibilities. You can also spoil your family and guests with a great surprise from your own garden.

Beautification of gravel roads

Enrich gravel paths

The combination of purple and yellow is very popular

Blue yellow popular

Sometimes you can also spread mysthik with these plants

Really mystical

Arrangements with pansies would be a great gift

A great gift

Yellow-orange pansies

Yellow pansies

Pansies in an effective flowerpot – great for the terrace

Glossy vase pansy

In the wilderness


For flowers, the flowers form a great contrast


A flower can have many colors

Beautiful colors

Terrace full of flower pots with pansies

Terrasse great flowers

On the market you can buy many variations of the flowers cheap

Many pansies on the market

Narrow the outdoor area in Blumenampel

Beautiful hanging plant

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