Planting Planters: Quick Guide And Best Tips For Permanent Planting

How can you properly plant a planter? Very easily! With the instructions and tips in the following lines, you will soon be able to fill not just one, but many planters with life. Create your own fresh oasis of well-being in the garden, on the roof terrace or on the balcony and enjoy the fresh floral and plant splendor.

Planting Flower Pots: The Instructions

In the first place you should already know that one of the most important things when planting a planter or even simple flower pot is the right drainage. This should prevent waterlogging and ensure a good fluid and air circulation. Below we show you different materials and variants of a good drainage. Stay with us if you want to know more about it!

Planting the right flower is not rocket science

flower boxes plant correctly

  1. The right one Flowerpot Take this: it should be frost and weather resistant and have a vent hole on the bottom side. If necessary, you can also drill additional holes to drain the water.
  2. Lay a so-called drainage grid or wire mesh from the inside of the bucket on the drain hole, so that later no excessive rinsing of the pot contents takes place.
  3. An extra layer off Expanded clay balls or mineral granules then come to the grid and ensure adequate drainage. The balls can even store water and so the waterlogging is additionally prevented.
  4. Before you put the soil on top, you need something that separates them from the expanded clay spheres so that the two layers do not mix. It is best to use a non-woven cloth for this purpose and place it on the drain in the flower box.
  5. Now it is the potting soil’s turn. Not only are the nutrients of fundamental importance, but also the structure of the substrate. It is best to always choose soil that is well permeable to water.
  6. Add some organic fertilizer to the potting soil to make it even more nutritious for the plants and flowers.
  7. Successively put the desired plants in the planter. Every single root system should first be immersed in a bucket full of water and watered well, so that this faster to the new Conditions in the planter adapts.
  8. Make sure you release a so-called casting wheel in the upper area of ​​the bucket.

Planting flower tubs with love and instinct

flower boxes plant permanent planting

Important tips for your permanent greening in planters

Over time, you will certainly also be much more experienced in planting flower pots yourself. So you will be able to give newcomers soon also different practical advice. But now the following tips from our article are meant as a useful help for you. Take a look at them in peace and profit as needed!

  • Combine perennial plants and flowers for the permanent greening of your flower tubs.
  • If possible, find the right inner container with irrigation set for your bucket – this is certainly already available from specialist dealers.
  • Also use a non-woven cloth over the potting soil to prevent the growth of weeds.
  • Insert a dedicated moisture meter into the soil of the already planted planter to prevent over- or under-watering.

Extra tip : Cover the transition between the plants and the edge of the flower box moss from. It provides extra moisture on the surface of the potting soil and it just looks great.

If desired, you can even give it a bit of mulch on earth

flower tub planting instruction

Of course, the short guide for planting planters also applies to Herbs …

flower tub lavender

… and vegetables

planting flower boxes plant vegetables

Find the right irrigation set for your planter

flower tubs plant terrace design

Other materials are also suitable for proper drainage in the planter

planting flower tub tips
gravel and crushed gravel in flower pots
planting ballast in flower tubs

You can even apply simple pottery shards

planting pottery shards in flower tubs

Prefer organic spreading fertilizers or your compost while fertilizing

fertilize flower box
plant compost flower box

Loosen the potting soil sufficiently before plugging in the plants

flower pots plant potting soil

Soon plants and flowers will thank you with lush freshness and extra flower splendor

flower tubs planting tips and tricks
flower tub plant roof garden