Popular Houseplants – Beautiful, Easy-care Plants

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Aloe flower pot indoor plants Dresser table lamp black

Popular, easy to grow pot plants refresh the whole apartment

Consider the opportunity to enlarge your collection with potted plants or need information on how to maintain them?  Here, we have compiled the most popular indoor plants that can be seen in each apartment. Many of which are easy to clean.

Popular houseplants

green Lily popular houseplants small

The Green Lily green Lily popular houseplants types

Green Lily
Botanic/scientific name: Chlorophytum comosum

The Green lily is easy to clean and very popular in many countries. More than 200 years it is preferred by many housewives as a houseplant. This plant can be very easily build and maintain, therefore it proves to a very well known and current choice.

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants health beautyrefreshing drops Aloe Vera potted greenpopular houseplants Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Botanic/scientific name: Aloe Vera, Aloe barbadensis

The Aloe is a succulent plant species which is known for its health and beauty benefits. It is native to Africa and is cultivated in many homes, as she thrive easily

Peace Lily and her beautiful cute flowers

Peace Lily popular house plants potted plants flower

Easy popular species

Peace Lily popular house plants potted plants beautiful
As table decorations outdoor
Peace Lily popular flower pot pot plantsPeace Lily
Botanic/scientific name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

It has a minimalist look and charming, white flowers, what turns them to into a popular choice. Plenty of sunlight and water are harmful to the flower. The green leaves have a shimmering gloss.

Fleshy foliage

money tree fleshy leaves

Ivy tute

money tree spiked houseplantsIvy tute, spiked tree, money tree
Botanic/scientific name: Crassula ovata, C. argentea, C. portulacea

The Ivy tute is another popular houseplant, whose Blätter have oval, transparent form

African violets
popular houseplants African violets purple
Saturated, bright colours

striking African violets popular houseplants velvet

Benjamini popular flower pot

Most people prefer to build well known plants, because they appear very easy to care for and are found in every flower shop
Some of the presented types require more care than others – that’s why we advise you to choose appropriate plants for your home
Beginners should acquire at best really easy-care plants – such as Aloe and the Green Lily. Thus, learn very quickly if you have enough lust and desire, to make an indoor garden at home.

The Peace Lily in the kitchen Peace Lily popular house plants potted white

Rich, lush foliage

green Lily popular houseplants lush

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