Red Roses – Symbol Of Love And Passion

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“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

This world-famous quotation comes from the American writer Gertrude Stein and was from her poem Sacred Emily From the year 1922. She must have red roses in mind. In general, the expression means that the things are as they are. It is about the identity rule: A is A. Yes, today we are concerned about the undisputed”queen of flowers”- the red rose. Some things are simply timeless and never become a stereotype. We’ve all often been red [text content=””] As a gift. What did you feel?

Have you thought about the semantics of the rose?

Red roses water drops close-up

Let us begin from the beginning. The name of the rose itself comes from ancient Persian and was translated into Latin as pink adopted. The roses belong to the planting of the family of the rose plants. There are about 250 species of this flower known. This royal plant has been bred for more than 2000 years as an ornamental plant.

From its crown leaves the valuable rose oil, which is regarded as one of the most important raw materials of the perfume industry. In principle, the roses are shrubs. Some of them are compact and small, while others are high or commonly used as climbing plants. The flowers are usually five-fold. Roses love predominantly chalky soils. The genotypes of most cultivation roses originate in Central and South-East Asia. Nowadays it is very rich in rose areas in Central Europe such as the Swiss Jura and the alpine valleys such as Veltlin and Unterengadin.

Charming flower shrub

Red roses rose bush garden

It is true that a rose is a rose, no matter what color it has and in what way it belongs. We still believe that the archetype is the rose – the red rose. What does this beautiful flower queen really symbolize?

It is undisputed that the red rose is a strong symbol of love. But it also means beauty, bravery and respect, romance and passion.

The sensuality and the perfection of the red roses create creativity and give inspiration.

Thus the rose is a popular motif in literature and art

Red roses open book romantic beautiful

It is also a hip theme in the Haute Couture

Red roses popular motif lady's fashion

The summer collection of Dolce and Gabbana in for example is characterized by magnificent hair decoration made of fresh red roses. With a lot of sensitivity, the Italian designers combined the delicate femininity with the expressive expression of the roses.

The Dolce and Gabbana Summer Collection Summer 2015

Red roses designer collection women fashion dolce gabbana

Red roses always make for a great appearance, whether you give them as a single flower or as a bouquet. Look below to see what other occasions you can design with the help of red roses. Surprise your loved ones and introduce a bit more festivity into everyday life!

Royal beauty and sensual charisma

Red roses beauty feminine

A gorgeous addition to any gift

Red roses bouquet gift

Craft a rosary in heart shape

Red roses surprise heart shape

A faithful companion for the wedding celebrations

Red roses wedding romantic

Decorate the self-baked cake with it

Red roses cake decorate

For more romance care and decorate with rose petals

Red roses romance petals

Unconventional table decoration with roses and hearts

Red roses table decoration wedding anniversary celebration

Red roses bouquet passion surprise

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