Relaxed And Stress-free Start The Day – Three Practical Tips For It

Posted on May 30, 2018

In the morning many of us find it difficult to get out of bed and wake up properly. You need one or two cups of strong coffee and a fresh shower. It only takes you 20 minutes to relieve stress and start the new day in a relaxed way. Just follow our tips for a good start to the day! At least that helps to awaken the spirits. In the mornings, everyone is in a hurry and does not want to be late for work in the office. For this reason, stressful situations arise that everyone knows well. The big question is: can one avoid the usual hustle and bustle in the morning and always start the new day relaxed and in a good mood? Yes, that is quite possible, is our answer! But only if we plan and divide our time correctly. How this works, we show in this article. We have prepared three easy tricks to improve your mood in the morning.

Everyone wants to start the day relaxed and in a good mood.

Relaxed in a good mood Drinking coffee Laptop for a good start to the day

Sometimes the phone rings early in the morning. There are always small everyday things or bigger problems that we are constantly worried about. Unfortunately, these worries can add up and burden our well-being. To stay healthy and relaxed, you need a well-thought-out morning routine that invigorates you, creates a good mood and relieves your stress.

It does not take much time but is always very effective. In less than 20 minutes you can bring body and mind into harmony and start the day happily and relaxed.

It is quite important how you start the day.

Relaxed in a good mood drinking coffee breathe fresh air to start the day

  • Tip 1: Have breakfast outside

Start your morning with a can of Zen feeling by taking time for yourself. Leave your cell phone in the house and go out in the fresh air to breathe deeply and enjoy. Take your breakfast and go to the garden, the balcony or the veranda and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere there. Spending a few minutes there is enough. For a short time you will not look at your cell phone and that will make you feel really free and relaxed.

In the city, the small balcony is a plus. There you can enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Surely you have already designed a cozy seating area in your outdoor area, right? You do not need a lot of outdoor furniture, actually just a table, matching corner seat or some chairs with soft seat cushions. Be sure to add decorative pillows to make your little oasis outdoors more comfortable and cozy. Take advantage of every free minute to stay there, not only in the morning, we think, but also after work and on weekends. You will soon notice the difference in your mood and attitude towards life.

It would be best if you drink a cup of aromatic coffee outside in the morning.

Relaxed drinking a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning outdoors

A well-balanced breakfast is the alpha and omega of the good start to the day. Depending on your individual taste and style, you can eat a bowl of cereal or just fresh fruit and drink orange juice and coffee. The coffee will cheer you up and the orange juice increases your vitamin C content in the body. This improves your overall health and gives you new powers to start the day relaxed and stress-free.

A bowl of cereal with blueberries and bananas – this healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start your day

Muesli bananas Blueberries healthy breakfast for a good start to the day relaxed stress-free

In the morning you can spend some time with your green friends

In the morning, spend time outside with the balcony plants to start the day off stress-free

  • Tip 2: Spend a few minutes with your garden plants

Whether you have a garden or only a small balcony, in both cases you have enough space outside to create an outdoor oasis. Do you have a green thumb? If not, start with easy-care plants, such as succulents, which are usually undemanding. Our philosophy is: cultivate flowering garden plants or beautiful balcony flowers, great fun. Go outside to your plants after breakfast and immerse yourself in the green of your outdoor recreation area. The fresh air and the rich colors of the flowers will only set you in the right mood and their aroma will bring a smile to your face. Can you want a better mood early in the morning?

Create an oasis in your garden and go there just after breakfast to admire the greenery of nature.

create an oasis in the garden in the morning, relax and admire the greenery

  • Tip 3: Morning gymnastics relaxes and makes you fit

Anyone who has morning exercise on their morning routine will know it well: Stretching is an excellent way to reduce stress, improve mood and start the day in a relaxed manner. Take your yoga mat with you and let us start with the first exercises. The attached video shows easy exercises for beginners.

Make it your morning routine and start relaxed and well-tuned every day! Start today with the first exercises. You can be sure you are on your way to a happy life. It does not take much time to incorporate these light exercises into your morning routine. But after the stretching you will feel like newborn! So you can secure yourself a stress-free start to the day and stay relaxed all day long. Just follow our tips for your morning routine and stay healthy and happy!

Take your yoga mat with you and go to the garden!

Morning routine relaxes his yoga mat take a walk in the garden

A few yoga or stretching exercises outside bring body and mind into harmony.

Yoga or stretching exercises outside make body minds in line

Cereal bar and strong coffee for a good start to the day

Relaxed into the day cereal bar strong coffee

The healthy breakfast is a must for happy people.

Relaxed stress free being healthy breakfast happy people

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