Roses Cut: Rose Back In Spring And Autumn

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Cutting roses is intimidating for many gardeners, but actually very useful for the plants. To cut back the roses completely, you need time and practical skill, but do not forget it is almost impossible to damage a rosestock by incorrect pruning. All the gardeners and experts agree that the Rose back Then when the roses grow wild and unrestrained.

Why do you get the roses to cut

  • To reach a full growth
  • The faded flowers and the dead branches
  • Improve the ventilation
  • The Rosebusch

Tools that one Is required

  • Tree shears
  • Long-stalked pruning shears
  • Gloves

Roses cut in spring and autumn

Rose blossom

Roses to cut: Basic knowledge

  • Use clean and sharp tools
  • Look at the whole plant on the whole, but start cutting from the bottom
  • Crop the bush so that you open the plant center for sunlight and circulating air
  • The cuts should be at a 45 degree angle
  • Make sure it is clean, not neglected and faded
  • Remove the broken, dead branches (all branches that look dry, black or shriveled, cut until the inside of the cane becomes white)
  • Remove all weak or thin branches that are thinner than a pencil
  • Remove the remaining sheet

Saturated red color

Rose back in the spring bush fresh

When do you have to cut the roses?

It depends on the type of roses and the zone where it thrives. The bush roses are usually pruned in spring. But if you do not have forsythia, wait until the leaf bud N to begin to swell.

Multicolored roses

Rose back in the spring bushes art

Dying branches

Roses cut in the spring bushy drought

Beautiful outdoor decoration from garden roses

Rose back in the spring bushes entrance door

Carefully cut the yellow rose

Spring bushes horticulture roses backdrop

Variety of garden roses

Rose back in the spring bushy garden fence

Fragrant garden roses

Spring, bush, roses, backdrop, horticulture

Lush bushroots

Roses back cover in springtime bushes green foliage

Bold, bright rose petals

Roses red back in spring buschrosenidee

Young gardener

Roses in the spring bushy girl

As a garden frame

Backgroud in springtime roses bush bushes

The useful refreshment

Roses spring springtime buschrosenpflege

Cute pink flowers

Roses backdrops tender colors in the spring bush pink

Blood roses are a proof of proper care

Roses spring springtime bushes red

Here the bushroots show velvet blossoms

Red rose bushes red beautiful

Use shears

Reed in the spring bush scissors scissors

Embellish the front garden

Roses backdrop canopy springtime bushes beautiful

Garden edge from bush roses shape

Red rose bushes in the spring

Further example on the subject

Red rose blossoms bushes front garden

Striking bush roses at the garden fence

Reed in the spring bush fence roses

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