Small Greenhouse Itself Build – Mini Greenhouse From Plastic Bottles

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small greenhouse yourself building exotic

Make your own winter garden

In the winter, many gardeners opt for a small greenhouse. If such a greenhouse is not well heated, what plants can you indoor grow? Any plants – spinach, lettuce, Collard, Chinese cabbage, parsley, spices, onion, garlic, maybe? Most greenhouses have metallic construction, glass walls and roof made of nylon. Recently we created such made of polycarbonate panels. There are however many solutions but if you have a low budget, one looks for alternatives such as for example do it yourself. Yet the environment-conscious thinking is important here.In this case, we used reusable materials such as for example plastic bottles. Very often costs even more than the contents of the bottle. A known fact, it consumes more water for the production a bottle, as they may contain.

Build your own small greenhouse

small greenhouse yourself building design

You can use various new plastic bottles. Today we discuss it, how to build small greenhouse itself. The benefits of a greenhouse made of plastic are as follows:1. recycling of substances which are not thrown away2. the air in the bottle will keep warm and serves as a natural thermo coating3. free resources – you need only the bottles to bring together time

Compact design made of wood and bottles

small greenhouse yourself building idea

Often, such greenhouses made of wood are constructed. The walls and roof are all columns from each other plugged bottles, the bottom of which is cut out. The piles of bottles are attached with metal threads or rope. The column Assembly you can schedule in two ways – horizontally or vertically pierce the bottle necks.

You can still create colourful spots and figures so that the full magic light is. You can build not just greenhouses, but also dog houses or chicken coop from plastic bottles themselves.

For effective vision

small greenhouse yourself building plants

Roof made of plastic bottles small greenhouse yourself building roof

small greenhouse yourself building children all help

Improvised structure – miniature greenhouse

recycle greenhouse yourself original building

Firm and stable design

green transparent Plastiskflaschen greenhouse idea

Another example of this

small greenhouse yourself building winter garden

Build your own greenhouse

plastic bottle greenhouse greenhouse recycling

And here a picture of professionally and skillfully constructed greenhouse

greenhouse plastic bottles crafts wood rods modern

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