Solitary Plants – Plants Are Not Only Given Decorative Functions But Also Practical

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When designing a garden, you should pay attention to a few components: furniture, planting, irrigation and, of course, lighting. If one is able to do this successfully, a garden with a beautiful look is finally created. In the case of garden plants, there are a number of details which must be taken into consideration, since plants are the first to be caught by a visitor. Especially when it comes to solitary plants… Trees, bushes and flowers form a beautiful whole to present a pleasure for the eyes and soul. Depending on the garden style, you can also choose the appropriate garden plants. But when and why do you use solitaire plants?

Give the garden an exotic flair

Solitary plants are the focus in the garden

Solitary plants?! What’s this?

The solitary plants are plants, which are remarkable for their size. They prefer to be put on their own. One has the freedom to decide whether the solitary plants are present in the garden as flower beds or tubers. The interesting growth form and the unusual leaves, flowers and colors are characteristic for the solitary plants.

Various shrubs, shrubs or even trees appear as solitary plants. Evergreen beech trees, cypresses, juniper, yews, angels, oleanders, olive trees: evergreen plants that bring a fresh touch into the garden.

The olive trees emphasize by other shrubs and flowers

Solitaire olive tree combine with other plants

It is important to note that the solitary plants need enough space to thrive properly. This should be considered in advance, especially when planting solitary plants in garden beds. In the middle or in the background, these are the best, because only in this way do they correspond to the rest of the garden plants in the plant bed.

Cypress is a beautiful decoration for the entrance door

Garden plants Cypress in the plant container

Many solitary plants thrive in buckets. With these you can decorate the entrance or spice up the resort. They provide a fresh atmosphere and an unusual garden look. Some can be left outside in winter, while others can not be overwhelmed in the open and have to be brought into the house.

Sit on symmetry in the garden

Garden plants unusual solitary plant for the garden

Rhododendron refreshes the garden by its colored flowers

Garden plants Rhododendron in the garden in beautiful flowers

Typically, solitary plants radiate the other garden plants. To get a real look, however, these should appear alone. If you want to make the solitaire plants the center point in your garden, take care of a nice cut of the plants. From some plants you can even create super original sculptures.

Take care, however, of the size of the plants and ensure a harmonious overall appearance in the outdoor area. Always have it in mind: Too big solitaire plants do not look good in small gardens.

Unusual gardening protection with yew

Garden plants visibility from yew fascinates the view

Plants are the best decoration for indoor and outdoor use

Solitaire plants as a nice garden decoration in a residential area

Decorative garden elements with additional functions

Plants are not only beautiful optical highlights, but in many cases also find a functional application in the outdoor area. For example, some of the garden beauty has the great ability to expel annoying flies and mosquitoes. However, a large part of the plants can also appear as visual protection and thus also appear as a true eyecatcher in the outdoor area. Larger plants in flower heads also fulfill an attractive visual protection function.

The juniper looks outstanding in a plant container

Garden plants Juniper as a solitary plant

Plants separate areas

Regardless of whether you decide for fruit trees or for other plants, you can ascribe to them a practical function when they appear as pot plants: arrange them in the correct way to separate individual areas from the outside. If you have larger areas, you can make them look better.

The oleander and its beautiful flowers

Solitary plants oleander in blumentopf

Plants make the garden and solitary plants make a spectacular outdoor area. Take advantage of the numerous possibilities to upgrade your outdoor area!

Garden plants attractive flowers embellish the outside
Solitary plants oleander as a bedding plant embellishes the outside area
Solitary plants olive tree in bucket decorates the garden

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