The Bromeliwe Brings Exotic Charm Into Your Four Walls

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Do you want to buy an attractive flower that exudes a lot of exotic charm? Then we will help you and give you a good advice: decide for Bromelie! The exotic beauty has been out of fashion for many years, but now she is celebrating her big comeback! Since a certain time, the bromeliad is again highly trendy and is often offered in the trade. This strange-looking room-plant decorates numerous interior spaces nationwide and draws intensively all the attention mainly by its conspicuous flowers in bright shades. Not only is their appearance exotic, but also the care of this flower is somewhat peculiar. However, if you would like to have these exotics in your own home, you should get detailed information about the correct tips. If you do not know much about the bromeliad, then you are exactly right with us. In the following, we will just talk about it and motivate you to buy a Bromeliad.

This strange beauty introduces an exotic touch into your interior

Bromelie decorates the dining area and brings an exotic touch

Worth knowing about the Bromelias

Bromelia (Bromelia) is a typical tropical plant. Originally it comes from the rainforests of the southern regions of the USA. Many bromeliads grow there directly in tree tops, on branches and tree trunks. These are called epiphytes. There are also other species that are rooted in the earth, which are called terrestrial bromeliads.

In their natural habitat, these exotics do not absorb nutrients and moisture directly through their roots, but through their leaves. This particular feature has continued and plays an important role in the maintenance of these plants. From the tropical and subtropical areas, the plant spread across the Caribbean to South America and soon captured the hearts of millions of flower enthusiasts worldwide. Botanists claim that there are 2500 to 3000 species of bromeliads and new ones are constantly being discovered.

What makes bromelia so exotic?

Bromelie embellishes the bathroom in a spectacular way

The plants have, of course, a different appearance, although they all belong to the great genus of the pineapple plants. The individual species within this family differ in form and size, but they have much in common. All the bromeliads have no trunk, their leaves are sword-shaped, bent and form a rosette. On top of that comes the flower, which is always beautifully colored. Their heights turn reddish to orange and fall sharply. Because of this particular appearance, the bromeliads are also in demand in our house plants. Guzmania, Vriesea, Tillandsia are popular all over the country, but the varieties with the German names like Lanzenrosette (Aechmea), Zimmerhafer (Billbergia) and Erdsterne (Chryptanthus) are strong competitors.

One could marvel at the strange blossom splendor of these house plants

Rooms with beautiful flowers bromelie

Important tips for the bromeliads

Not only the appearance of the bromeliad is exotic, but also the care of this houseplant is somewhat strange. Here you do not have to pour as usual or fill the undercock with water. The bromelia does not absorb moisture and nutrients through its roots but its leaves directly from the air. It still needs to be cast, but the pouring takes place over the funnel formed between the leaves. If you want to have a healthy and flowering plant at home, you must follow these basic rules when taking care of this exotic:

For a proper care, the bromelia with its magnificent bloom will thank

Houseplants bromelias as a nice eye-catcher in the interior

– Look for a warm place for your bromeliads, where there is plenty of light. However, the harsh noon must be avoided.

– The bromeliads with very thin leaves must be protected from the sun, these with hard, leathery leaves keep more sunrays.

– In order for the bromeliads to bloom beautifully and for a long time, they need plenty of sunlight.

The spectacular flowering of the bromeliads delight the eye

Houseplants bromeliads are attractive eye-catchers in the modern apartment

– Pour with lime-free water, if possible, by filling the rosette with water.

– Wait for the next drought until the soil dries.

– If it gets too hot in summer, sprinkle the leaves with water.

– Every three weeks you can strengthen this plant with liquid fertilizer

– In winter, no longer fertilized, but the bromeliad must be kept moist

The Bromelia can be grown outdoors; it can bear temperatures around 14 ° C

Bromelie tips for watering and fertilizing

– Small planters are ideal for bromeliads, their globe must be kept as small as possible

– These exotic flowers are rarely repotted.

The multiplication takes place by Kindel

If you keep these tips in mind, you will have lots of fun with your bromeliads and feel the exoticism in your own home!

Bromelie for the interior with fancy leaves and beautiful blossom
Bromelie with many blossoms
Plants for the decoration red bromelie
Bromelie for the interior provides beautiful exotic
Bromeli in the living room makes the atmosphere fresher
Bromelie makes every home more beautiful

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