The Geraniums – Typical Balcony Flowers With Charm

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balcony plants red Geraniums work brick facade

Geranium – fresh decoration in different colors and styles

Do you like plants? Then, the accumulation of flowers and colors gives you out huge pleasure! What say you about the beautiful collection of flowers, offering the beautiful Geraniums to the eye? Among the flowers, there are preferred plants, and some are even considered classics. The geranium can be described as a classic flower. Surely you know this garden flower well, but nevertheless we want to inform you like to have a few facts about! At least you can enjoy the magnificent photos, which we have collected for you in a beautiful image gallery!

By fancy flower pots and colorful plants beautify the garden

balcony plants Pelargonium of cool flower pot beautiful decorating

The Red Geraniums characterized wonderfully on this blue garden door

geranium red garden characters blue garden door

Wonderful purple Geraniums can radiate the garden

garden plants Pelargonium purple garden figures

Pelargonium with delightful coloring

garden plants Pelargonium white Orange beautiful Gartendeko

Who better than geranium known Pelargonium is popular balcony and garden plant. The variety of colours in which it occurs, makes them particularly popular. The geranium in Burgundy and the two-coloured geranium is highly questioned. If long throughout the summer your balcony or garden color and mood to give this long blooming flowers perfect for suitable.

Combine stones and plants in the garden

balcony plants pink beautiful Austrahlt Pelargoonien stones

Style decorate the garden with Geraniums

Geraniums flowers purple garden figures

The Pelargonium in a failed plant container plant

garden plants red Geraniums failed Pflanenbehälter

The proper soil and the right casting are important prerequisites for the long survival of Pelargonium. Beware that you select no wrong substrate. When the Earth stops too much water, it will harm the plant. Its great advantage is that Pelargonium for short periods without water may come out. The thick fleshy hanging Geraniums have even the ability to store water. That is extremely favourable, gone a long time from home and may not care for the flowers. In reality, the geranium but requires plenty of water what makes mandatory daily watering. Giving Africa as regards their origin, officially as the home of the most Pelargonium. In Central Europe, there are many cultivated species to meet.

Pelargonium in dramatic coloring

Geraniums unusual coloring beautiful Austrahlt garden

Sympathetic Pelargonium flowers in blue and white

Geraniums fancy flowers Blau Weiß

Dividing up the Geraniums in some groups: the Pelargonium Zonale hybrids, hanging Geraniums and scented Geraniums. What one can notice an interesting fact about the last group is as follows: the scent of essential oils, that are not present in glands in their leaves, blow out pests. Interesting, isn’t it? Of these oils, ingredients be removed also, which is used in cosmetics, food and medicine. The geranium has so many other applications than the decorative function…

Enjoy a superb aroma

Geraniums cosmetics use scented oils

Geranium in pot

Geraniums flower pot beautiful decorating

Combination of Pelargonium and Petunia

garden plants decorating of hanging Pelargonium and Petunia

Bring color into your garden

garden plants Pelargonium purple garden figures decorating

The hanging Pelargonium grows toward the ground

garden plants of hanging Pelargonium garden design decorating

Soft white Geraniums

garden plants white Geraniums garden figures

Flowers in pink

balcony plants Pelargonium balcony flowers pink flowers bedding plants

Fascinating blue Geraniums flowers

garden plants Pelargonium blue garden plants decorating

Decorate the balcony

Geraniums flower pot garden plant beautiful decoration

The Red Palargonie is to make many balconies

balcony plants Pelargonium red beautiful decorative garden plants

Fascinating gentle radiance

garden plants garden beautify white Geraniums

Beautiful purple flowers freshen the exterior

garden plants geranium purple flowers balcony beautify

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